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If you have a lawn tractor, you know that your machine can do more than a typical lawn mower. In fact, many homeowners use lawn tractors to accomplish necessary work on their property. Our attachments help you maximize the power of your machine with attachments that will help you get your work done faster with better results. 

Manure Spreader for Lawn Tractors 

Lawn tractors are versatile tools for property owners, but they’re also great on small farms, especially when paired with a mini manure spreader implement. The ABI 25, 50, & 65 cuft compact manure spreader is ABI’s mini manure spreader for sale that can be pulled by an ATV, UTV, small tractor, lawnmower, utility golf cart, or–you guessed it–a lawn tractor. 

Ground Driven 

Large implements need significant power for operation, but because the manure spreader is built for lawn tractors and other small vehicles, it’s ground driven. 

With fewer necessary components compared to a PTO or hydraulic system, you’ll enjoy less maintenance and less cost. 

Get the Right Size for You 

Shreds Before It Spreads 

Manure does break down naturally over time, but it takes a while. Most estimates range from 3-4 months to a full year depending on weather, whether the manure is piled, and the manure chemical contents. But as you may know, you don’t want your horses or other large animals on a field that’s been recently treated with non-shredded manure. 

Large manure clumps can contain parasite eggs that hatch and contaminate food stashes, your water supply, and potentially your horses. You’ll still want to give horses time away from a field with shredded manure, but when shredded, manure does break down much more quickly and with much less risk of a parasite invasion. 

ABI Compact Manure Spreaders features a 2-Stage Inline Shred and Spread System that shreds manure before spreading it with a controlled, consistent flow. 4-Speed Application Flow Control empowers operators to control manure spreading application volume and enables the spreading of various livestock manure types, bedding materials, and stages of decomposition.

Benefits of Shredding and Spreading Manure 

By evenly applying the manure to the pasture or paddock, this lawn tractor manure spreader can keep your hobby farms, horse stables, and animals healthy. 

  • Eliminate vegetation smothering manure clumps
  • Build fertile soil
  • Increase pasture turn rates
  • Reduce undesirable flies and odor around the farm

When you shred before you spread, you give your property and your animals the best chance to thrive. 

The Toughest Built Manure Spreader for Lawn Tractors 

12-Gauge Thick Construction

Manure corrodes, and fast. As a mix of moisture, organic acids, ammonia and ammonium compounds, sulfur compounds, and microbial activity, it’s easy for manure to burn through equipment. Our manure spreader for lawn tractors is built from high-strength, corrosion-resistant COR-TEN steel. This corrosion resistant steel does not bend or break easily thanks to its mix of copper and chromium.

Leak Free

The spreader’s box is fully welded and internally coated with an impermeable and severe abrasion-resistant protective industrial liner so your spreader stays in tact and you won’t have to deal with leaks, waste, or manure wherever you don’t want it. 

Easy Cleaning 

The floor is made of quality tongue and groove lifetime poly lumber so when it’s time to clean out the crap, it’s simple. 

Totally Protected

Finished with i premium chemical, corrosion, and impact resistant 2-ply rust-inhibiting protective coating, the manure spreader is ready to weather environmental storms, remain rust resistant, and serve as your manure spreader for years. 

Driveway Grader Lawn Tractor Attachment 

For homeowners with a lawn tractor, our most sought-after tool is the ABI GRAVEL GRADER®.

Used for maintaining and renovating gravel driveways, this tool digs deep to even out and level your driveway. This lawn tractor attachment is legendary for helping you shape, maintain, and even renovate your gravel driveway at home, at the park, or wherever you need it. 


Gravel roads are always prone to corrugation, or washboarding, over time. Poor gravel quality is one cause of washboarding, but even the best gravel can corrugate when exposed to too much dry weather, heavy vehicles, and high speeds. Because this washboarding effect makes actual ripples in the road, driving becomes bumpy, unpleasant, and even unsafe.

Keep Your Gravel in the Center

The Material Recovery Wing allows material outside of the box width to be pulled to the center of the tool. The wing can be adjusted and set to below grade in order to grab loose debris on slopes

Crown Control

The crown of your driveway is the high point in the center that slopes gently downward on each side. Without a good crown, the driveway won’t drain properly. Sitting water leads to potholes, and potholes lead to problems. A proper crown helps minimize recurring potholes and the washboard effect. The ABI Gravel Grader’s exclusive-to-its-class Crown Control mechanism can pull loose gravel from the edges of a driveway and properly re-establish a crown.


Standing water ruins gravel driveways. The proper shaping we discussed earlier helps create positive drainage that prevents standing water and pothole problems, but like everything, even well-crafted gravel driveways need maintenance over time. 

Deep-Digging Teeth

If your crown is compromised or you’re dealing with washboarding or potholes, you want a tool that can dig deep to fix the root of the issue. The ABI Gravel Grader’s ripping teeth will loosen up to 1¾” deep. Since most competitors only loosen 1/8″ of an inch at a time, this depth is a massive advantage. This ensures the driveway has enough loosened gravel to properly grade, producing a smooth driving surface.


If your driveway is in rough enough shape to need a total renovation, you’ll need a forgiving piece of equipment that can handle the washboarded conditions while fixing the issues. 

Coiled Springs

The patented Coiled Springs of the ABI Gravel Grader allow the forgiveness needed to pull through tough areas. When using the wireless remote, the actuator will transfer a measured amount of downward force, from your mower, to the grader box. These Coiled Springs give you an exact amount of grading action without “spinning out.” When other grading attachments leave you stuck in the middle of a job…the Coiled Springs of the ABI Gravel Grader guarantee you, and your gravel driveway, success.

Let’s Talk Lawn Tractors! 

The right attachment can maximize the power of your lawn tractor and make your daily chores happen in less time, with less sweat. Talk to a product specialist about the right implements for your application. Whether you’re looking for attachments for lawn tractors, lawn mowers, sub-compact tractors, or something bigger, we have attachments that can help you get work done faster. 

Lawn Tractor Attachment FAQs

What are Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors?

While lawns are bigger than gardens, garden tractors are bigger and more powerful than lawn tractors. On their own, both are used for efficiently cutting grass with clean lines, but when paired with attachments, they’re able to take on many additional tasks. Both lawn tractors and garden tractors are bigger and more powerful than riding lawn mowers, which are only built to cut grass (even though some can pull a few attachments).

Is a Lawn Tractor the Same as a Mower?

No. Even though both can cut grass, lawn tractors are more powerful than lawn mowers and are capable of pulling more versatile, larger attachments.

Do These Lawn Tractor Attachments Also Work for Mowers?

The baseball attachments and driveway graders do work for riding lawn mowers. However, we do recommend higher powered equipment like a lawn tractor for the manure spreader.