85 ft³ PTO – Mid-Sized Manure Spreader
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Tractor 85 PTO Manure Spreader
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85 ft³ PTO – Mid-Sized Manure Spreader

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85 ft³ PTO Drive Manure Spreader

The ABI 85 cuft PTO Driven manure spreader is ABI's mid-sized and incredibly capable commercial platform manure spreader. This 4-speed Power Take Off (PTO) driven spreader can be pulled with a compact tractor and is ideal for farms with up to 15 horses. With ease of use, serviceability, and safety already built-in by design, the ABI Classic Spreader offers standard features such as 10-gauge COR-TEN steel, fully welded box frame construction, 4-speed variable flow control, 3 beaters for both inline shredding and spreading, a protective box liner, and poly-lumber flooring. From the ground up, the ABI Classic Manure Spreader is truly a superior spreader for hobby farms and horse stables. Offered with 5 assurances in writing: 1) AttachMatch Money-Back Guarantee* 2) 10 Year Apron Chain Limited Warranty* 3) 10 Year Spreader Box & Frame Limited Warranty* 4) 3 Year Mechanical & Construction Limited Warranty* 5) Lifetime Poly-Lumber Flooring Limited Warranty* - *See Documentation

Simply Works Better

The easy-to-engage levers and pull-ropes, swing-away jack stand, durable apron chain, and safety bumper make the Classic Spreader by ABI a cinch to use. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that it’s designed to not only be easier to use, but work better than any of the competition! Our innovative variable speed spread and shredding bars ensure a finer, better spread-every time-for a long time!

Built Tougher to Last Longer

We built the Classic Spreader to be tough as a tank, with heavy welded steel construction, rust-resisting coaltar epoxy lining, Commercial-Grade Coating AUE-370, and heavy duty components. Beyond that, we designed the classic spreader to be easy to maintain and service, ensuring it’ll be working hard for many years! And just in case, each Classic Spreader is covered by a hefty warranty!

Healthier Pastures

Manure is an integral part of a healthy farm, and getting it out of the stable and into your pasture is made even safer and easier with the Classic Spreader. With our innovative shred-and-spread design and variable-speed operation, manure is spread more evenly and finely. A finer and more even spread gets the manure’s rich nutrients back into the ground as quickly as possible, which ensures your pastures are safer and healthier for your horses!

Manure Spreader, 85 cu ft PTO Line Drawing

Gauge Steel


Beater Bars


Flow Control Speeds


Limited Warranty

3 Year / Lifetime

Built in Lancaster Pennsylvania, by highly skilled craftsman with decades of spreader building experience, these spreaders are crafted for daily farm-use-conditions and made of the most durable components we know of. Materials such as grade-5 bolts, greaseable bearings, oil-impregnated bronze bushings, heavy-duty size 60 roller chain (nearly 1″ wide), T-Rod apron chain, and hardened sprockets ensure longevity. You can judge a spreaders materials and components quality by its overall unit weight, the heavier the better. The ABI spreader weighs nearly 1/3 more than equivalently sized competitors spreaders. Now that is tangible quality you can feel!

4-Speed Variable Flow Control

Unlike most competitors, all ABI Classic Manure spreaders feature the ability to control the flow rate of manure being applied to the ground with 4 different speeds. Flow control is accomplished by speeding up or slowing down the apron web, that feeds manure to the back beaters, independently of ground speed. The speeds are adjusted via the front lever and enables the operator to either empty the manure as fast as possible or apply controlled amounts of manure to specific areas to maximize its’ fertilizer value. Variable flow control also enables this spreader to handle a wider range of manure, as manure consistency can change depending on manure type, bedding material, stage of decomposition, and weather, without causing damage or additional maintenance to the spreader. And finally having 4-speeds encourage an eco-balanced pasture by enabling a slow manure feed rate and high beater spin rate for fine shredding and spreading.

Manure Spreader, 85 cu ft PTO Beater Bars

Shreds & Then Spreads - 3 Beater Bars

The 85 cu. ft. model is equipped standard with 3 beater bars. Two designed to shred manure and the other designed to spread it evenly. The shredder beaters, with 100 shredding blades, is geared slower than the wide spread beater to maximize shredding power. The spreading beater is expertly designed to further breakdown the manure and evenly distribute it on the ground. The 85 cu. ft. manure spreader has 8 large wide spread paddles. Shredding before spreading and then evenly spreading over a wide swath, exposes more manure surface to sunlight which allows it to dry and decompose far more quickly. Owning an ABI manure spreader that both shreds manure before it spreads and also controls the amount of manure being applied to the ground, enables the horse owner to help maintain an eco-balanced pasture. An eco-balanced pasture can help reduce colic, increase pasture turn efficiency rates, help produce more vigorous grass growth, and reduce odor & flies around the farm.

PTO Manure Spreader, 50 cu ft – Small Manure Spreader Drive System

Advanced PTO Drive System

Unlike many other spreaders, the ABI Manure Spreader provides constant power to the apron chain and beater bars via an advanced PTO drive system. This system utilizes durable chain instead of a belt that wears out over time. Belts slip minimizing power to the beater bars and apron chain and performance diminishes with time. With the ABI Classic PTO Manure Spreader, you are assured maximum power for the heaviest of loads even on soft pastures and slick wintery weather. The entire system is driven by the tractor?s PTO, unlike a ground driven spreader, the spreader wheels are free spinning. The PTO shaft is included.

PTO Manure Spreader, 125 cu ft – Horse Manure Spreader End Gate

Hydraulic End Gate

The Hydraulic End Gate is designed to close off the back end of the manure spreader to prohibit spillage out the back of the spreader into the barn aisle or during transport. The end gate is raised and lowered hydraulically and serves to additionally help deflect flying manure away from the operator and tow vehicle while spreading.

PTO Manure Spreader, 125 cu ft – Horse Manure Spreader Fines Pan

Fines Pan / Litter Pan

For those that leave nothing to chance, the Fines Pan prevents small fines of manure from falling off the back of the spreader and to the ground without first being processed by the beater bar. The pan has a release for easy cleaning and is replaceable. The Fines Pan can also assist in preventing manure from falling out the back of the spreader during loading and transport. A fines pan is highly desired when spreading dry material such a saw dust bedding, wood chip bedding, or dry compost; any type of material with small fines.

ABI spreaders are fully-welded with COR-TEN steel to be tank-tough through and through. Our extremely thick COR-TEN steel provides tremendous longevity without the ridiculous expense of stainless steel. So yes, our spreaders aren’t shiny like your kitchen appliances for good reason: stainless steel is not as structurally sound as COR-TEN. Below we have detailed out why our spreaders are built to outlast the barn; and the competition.

Manure Spreader, Horse Manure Spreader

Corrosion-Resistant Steel

We start with extremely thick 10 gauge corrosion-resistant COR-TEN steel construction. Unlike most spreaders, the Classic Spreader is a longterm “one-time” investment which has a fully welded box frame, using thicker steel, for worry-free durability. COR-TEN steel may be exposed to the elements, even unfinished, and rust will not perforate it for decades. With COR-TEN steel, you get the longevity and strength required to build a world-class spreader, without the unneeded additional expense and structural weakness of stainless steel.

Spreader Liner

Protective Body Liner

The inside of the spreader body is coated with a Coal-Tar-Epoxy liner. The Coal-Tar-Epoxy liner adds an industrial seal to protect from the severe corrosive effects of urine filled manure. Coal-Tar-Epoxies are commonly used to line underground sewage tanks and pipelines, and even protect the hulls of barges in salt water.

Spreader, Flooring

Lifetime Poly-Lumber Flooring

The bottom flooring is constructed of extremely thick tongue-and-groove polyvinyl lumber that will never rot, rust, or need replacing. Even better yet, the tongue-and-groove construction prohibits the individual poly-boards from warping, preventing excessive wear or damage to the apron web. This is a premium maintenance free flooring that will last and comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty.

Manure Spreader, 85 cu ft PTO

Superior-Quality Craftsmanship & Components

Built in Lancaster Pennsylvania, by highly skilled craftsman with decades of spreader building experience, these spreaders are crafted for daily farm-use-conditions and made of the most durable components we know of. Materials such as grade-5 bolts, greaseable bearings, oil-impregnated bronze bushings, heavy-duty size 60 roller chain (nearly 1″ wide), T-Rod apron chain, and hardened sprockets ensure longevity. You can judge a spreaders materials and components quality by its overall unit weight, the heavier the better. The ABI spreader weighs nearly 1/3 more than equivalently sized competitors spreaders. Now that is tangible quality you can feel!


Commercial-Grade Coating (PPG AUE-370)

All steel components are sand-blasted before painting to prime for perfect adhesion. A special commercial-grade coating (PPG AUE-370), a black gloss acrylic urethane paint twice as thick as Rust-Oleum is then applied. Unlike powder-coating, this paint is easy to repair and touch-up and moisture cannot get behind it which eliminates the possibility of rust forming under the finish layer.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Enhanced Standard Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

Enhanced Standard Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.

  • Mechanical: 3 Year
  • Box & Frame: 10 Year (Farm & Ranch) / 3 Year (Commercial)
  • Apron Chain: 10 Year (Farm & Ranch) / 3 Year (Commercial)
  • Poly Floor: Lifetime


Classic Spreader 85ft3
Heaped Capacity 85 cu ft
Struck Capacity 47 cu ft
# of Horses Up To 15


Classic Spreader 85ft3
Platform Commercial Ag
PTO Driven: Yes
Steel Type: COR-TEN
Steel of Gauge: 10
# of Beaters: 3
In-line Shreddding Beater: Yes
# of Spreading Paddles: 8
# of Shredding Blades: 100
Flow Control Speeds: 4
Speed Adjustment: Pull Rope
Spray Shield: -
Bed Liner: Yes
Poly Lumber Floor: Yes
Jack Stand: Skid Plate
Tires Floatation
Ratcheting Hubs: -

Min, Vehicle Requirements

Classic Spreader 85ft3
Tractor Type: Compact & Utility
Min. Horsepower: 25 hp
Min. Hydraulic Pump: -
Utility Vehicle Type: -
Min. CC: -


Classic Spreader 85ft3
Unit Weight: 2,095 lbs
Shipping Weight: 2,095 lbs
Empty Tongue Weight: 150 lbs

Unit Dimensions

Classic Spreader 85ft3
Total Length: 200" (16' 8")
Total Width: 72" (6')
Total Height: 59" (4' 11")
Box Length: 100" (8' 4")
Box Width: 40" (3' 4")
Box Height: 20" (1' 8")
Box Flared Width: 45" (3' 9")
Loading Height: 43" (3' 7")


Classic Spreader 85ft3
Mechanical 3 Year
Workmanship (Farm & Ranch): 10 Year
Workmanship (Commercial): 3 Year
Poly Lumber Floor: Lifetime

5 reviews for 85 ft³ PTO – Mid-Sized Manure Spreader

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1 star
  1. Craig Barton

    We have been very pleased with the 85 we use it weekly to spread our stall clean outs for over a year and it has been very durable and does and excellent job. we have had no issues would buy again.

  2. Arne Myrabo

    Purchased not quite a year ago, no problems whatsoever. We use a 25 hp compact tractor, and it is perfectly acceptable for this application. We have three horses, and fill the spreader about every 7-8 days. Since it gets to be well below zero here, we don’t leave manure in the spreader. Obviously, when manure is frozen it does not get broken up finely, but it does indeed leave the spreader! We do keep a tarp over it when not in use – again due to freezing weather (or hot sun in the summer). Four bungie cords and a 2×4 the long way over the top sheds both snow and rain quite well.

  3. Kevin Pinkerton

    Excellent quality. For the past 50+ years we have used a 110 bushel New Idea ground driven spreader, designed exactly like this spreader. Exactly the same beater configuration and the same drive ratios. We have many skeleton dinosaur versions of the New Idea that have been used for parts to keep one running. Last year we purchased this spreader. I can say without a doubt that this is the best money I have ever spent on farm equipment. Quality everything. Heavy duty and I would easily have spent much more to get this quality. About the only thing I did was replace many of the grease fittings with angled one so that I could easily get to all of them. I also added a small piece of steel to cover the very back gear on the distributer bar better. We use a 60 year old Farmall 200 (25hp new) and it drives this loaded spreader like a dream. We absolutely must have the top beater bars for our manure, and none of the other brand spreaders, in this class, provided that.

  4. Suzanne Ippolito

    As a horse owner, I absolutely love this spreader. As a 73 yr old woman, I am having increasing difficulty pulling the arm to attach the pto to my tractor.

  5. Ernie Vaughn

    I just received my 85 cubic ft spreader this morning and was very impressed with the workmanship of this product. I won’t get to actually use it till next week because of all the rain we’ve had. I was really hesitant to purchase sight unseen and it took me 3 months to make a decision. What made me decide yes was several things. First, my sales rep Casey was awesome. He was patient with me, didn’t push me, answered all my numerous questions, and helped me in every way possible. Plus he has a cool sense of humor which is important to me. Everyone I dealt with was awesome which sometimes is hard to come by. The guy that delivered it (Don and his wife) were also very awesome. It took about 3 minutes for him to completely walk me through the operations of the equipment; the off load was so fast and easy. My dealings for 3 months A-Z has been a totally great experience. Thanks to all at ABI for the Manure Spreader, 85 ft PTO.

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