User’s Guide and Parts Manual

ABI continuously and rigorously updates our products to meet changing customer needs. Because of this commitment to innovation, our support materials change frequently. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date instructional resources while reducing paper waste, all support materials are located online.

Visit to access a complete list of resources for your Manure Spreader, or click the links below to view the most recent User’s Guide, Parts Manual, and other helpful links.

What are these extra bolts?

When you receive your spreader you will find some ¼” x 1 ½” grade two bolts attached to the front hitch/tongue. These are the replacement shear bolts for your spreader.

Maintenance, Adjustments, & Overview

This video walks through basic maintenance, adjustments, and overview of the ABI PTO Spreaders. The spreader in the video is a 185cf model, but the basic principles apply to all spreader sizes.

Classic Spreader 185 PTO Maintenance

Optional Accessories

The optional manual end gate can be purchased to help prevent manure from flowing to the back while in its down position. While the end gate is in the up position you can protect yourself slightly from the rogue manure being flown forwards occasionally.

The optional fines pan helps collect the manure that did not get put through the spreader which then would fall to the ground.

Warranty Information

ABI Manure Spreaders are covered by ABI’s Performance Guarantee and a 3 Year Limited warranty.