USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex

USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex

Multi-purpose stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


At the Softball Hall of Fame Stadium, head groundskeeper, Chuck, oversees the stadium field where the Women’s College World Series is played and three other auxiliary fields in the complex. Their season starts the first week of March and runs until mid-October. During this time they average 25 to 30 events annually for all different age levels for both fast and slow pitch tournaments

USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex
USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex
USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex
USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex
The USA Softball Hall of Fame Story

During the year we have a two man full time crew with additional part time members to help us during events that are held at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium. For the WCWS we have a crew of 12+ to meet the demands of this national event. On a four game day we have 13 minutes to completely take out the field and put it back in game ready condition for the next game. It is a choreographed effort where every person has a job and a half of responsibility.

Goals of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium

The goal of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium is to provide the best and safest playing surface on all fields, no matter the event, so that the players can perform at their best at all time.

USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadiums most important lesson learned the hard way

Never assume that things will stay the same, the one constant is that you must expect change and be prepared to act immediately. Sometimes it is weather that causes delays and impacts the field conditions at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium. My first year it was so wet we had to use two tarps to cover the field just to keep the field surface playable. Sometimes it may be and extra inning game the throws off the schedule and you have to make us time lost. You are constantly on call looking ahead to possible interruptions to the schedule.

Hall of Fame Stadium

When most people come to our field they immediately comment on how nice the grass looks, what they don’t understand is the we spend 85% of our time working the dirt surface because that is where the vast majority of the game is played. The dirt surface takes a beating during a tournament event and we have always struggled with ability to put the dirt surface back in playing shape given obstacles of time, man power, weather conditions, loss of material, etc. When you lose a game to weather you lose it because of the dirt surface not the grass surface so our priority focus is always dirt surface.

The ABI Force is the great equalizer for us! With this one machine we spike the field whether wet or dry, laser the field to replace the material back into the spot it is supposed to be and create a safe level playing surface and finish drag for a game ready surface. To my knowledge there is no other infield groomer that has so many capabilities to assist you build and maintain a top level dirt surface. It’s a game changer and a time saver for our staff. This machine is our MVP!!!!

USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium Go-To ABI Tool and why?

The stadium at the Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City is undergoing a two year renovation project. The first year was the construction of a new three story press box to better serve sports information, TV and radio broadcast teams. Year two of the construction project is the addition of an upper deck and 4000 new seats bringing the total capacity from 5000 to 9000 permanent seats in the stadium. In addition to the new seats we are installing a new LED field lighting system from MUSCO, a new sand base field, new underground drainage, new irrigation system and a new hybrid bermuda grass to upgrade the playing surface. The goal for Oklahoma City and USA Softball is to make the Hall of Fame Stadium the premier softball venue for women’s softball.

ABI Force Z-23S & Z-23SLT - Four Winds

ABI Force Z-23 – for Sports Fields

  • Zero-Turn Infield Groomer & Laser Grader
  • Purpose built to groom, prepare, and renovate, creating safe & playable surfaces.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Events Hosted

Womens College World Series

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