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5 Spring Projects to Do Around Your Property
Most of the time, when fall and winter weather hit, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting your equipment cleaned up, fixed, and put away like brand new. I know I worry more about getting back inside my warm house, where I can start to dethaw my hands and feet! With the warm spring […]
Reflections on the Stoney Ridge Farmer
I needed help. Sure, I grew up on a dairy farm. But we sold out when I was just 12 years old and I never made the jump from farmboy to farmer. It was the mid 90’s and dropping commodity prices forced our family off the farm before I could make it my livelihood. More […]
Better than a Box Blade
First things first, what is a box blade? A box blade is a type of implement that is used on tractors for tending the land. Typically, a box blade is almost always an unpowered machine, which makes you manually adjust the settings and is connected to the tractor via a three-point hitch system. The components […]