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Reflections on Coach Bronco
As I swung my leg over the saddle of a chestnut quarter-horse and locked eyes with Bronco Mendenhall I thought to myself, “life is so surprising.” I grew up with pretty typical American football exposure – my dad watched games every weekend while I played at his feet and absorbed bits and pieces of the […]
Manure Spreader
Efficient Manure Management Plans
As a horse or livestock owner, we all know that manure is something that just comes with the job. Whether you’re picking stalls daily, weekly, or even cleaning up pastures, you have to develop a plan of what you’re going to do with the manure once it is collected. After collection, the plan needs to […]
Water Trailer
“Watering Down” The Truth! – Water Tanks on a Cat-I Arena Drag
Think about the last time you rode in a dusty arena. Did the dust bother you after a few minutes into your ride? The answer probably is, yes! That is because you are continually breathing in dust particles. Now think about it from your horse’s perspective, who can take in up to 600 gallons of […]
Profile Blades
Profile Blades Help Create Consistent Arena Footing
What components make for a good riding arena? There are multiple different factors in regards to your footing such as: moisture, depth, and compaction that affect how well your horse works. Many times there are underlying issues below the surface of your arena, that are not visible to your eye. However, these issues will cause […]
Details are in the Footing!
At ABI, we understand that getting your arena footing right can make you feel a bit like Goldilocks, too hard is not good, too soft is all wrong, but then there is just right. When all of you think about a “just right” arena or the “perfect footing,” what do you guys think of? I […]