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An ATV/UTV dump trailer might just be the unsung hero of small farm equipment and Matt’s here to give you 5 reasons why.For more information on these or other attachments visit us at or call a Product Specialist at 877.788.7253

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Hey, everyone. Matt here with ABI Attachments. Welcome back to the ABI Dirt. This is our first dirt of the new year. I hope you have all kicked off 2023 with a bang. And I’m sure, already, you are tackling those to-do lists, which as you know is why we’re here on the ABI Dirt, to help you tackle those projects around your small farm or property. Or if you’ve got furry animals that need taken care of, we’re here for you. And today, on our first episode of 2023, we want to talk about kind of the… Like the unsung hero of the equipment world when it comes to property chores needing to be done. So I’ve got today compiled for you, five reasons that the ATV or UTV dump trailer could potentially be the back-saving tool you need this year. Let’s check it out.

1. ATV Transport for Firewood

First reason that you maybe should consider a dump trailer around your property this year as a back-saving device is for firewood. Now listen, I know it is technically still winter, and winter means different things to some of you than others. For some of you, it’s like, “Oh, maybe I need to like, one more button on my flannel shirt.” And some of you are buried in snow still. So I get it, winter is different across the country. But if you need firewood, maybe just for aesthetic, maybe you want that nice fireplace to be looking nice and crackly. Or maybe you rely on a wood burning stove for the heat for either yourself or for the barn. One of the easiest ways to get firewood in/out of the woods, or across the property from the barn where you’ve got it stored and partially cut up to the house is an ATV trailer. I know, you guys are… You’re tough. You are tough and you can handle it by yourself with a big old carry bag, but an ATV dump trailer might save you a lot of sweat and effort there.

2. ATV/UTV Trailer Animal Supplies and Food

Number two reason why an ATV dump trailer might be an ideal fit for you, if you need to move food or animal supplies across the property. If you’ve got animals on the property, those animals might be located, and you might be feeding them in the place were different from where you store your feed or store your hay. Depending on the size of dump trailer you’re looking at. And you can find some dump trailers that work great with smaller ATVs, but still have the capacity to hold quite a few pounds. So if you need to move round bales across the property, or if you need to load up with a number of 50-pound bags of feed, you can do it with the right size trailer and the right size tow vehicle and it’ll make that chore of getting that feed to your animals a whole lot easier.

3. ATV or UTV Dump Trailer for Gravel 

Third reason, an ATV or UTV dump trailer might be the right fit for you this year, is to move gravel around your property. Now, this is especially important for those of you in the climates where there’s a lot of freeze and thaw back and forth throughout the winter season, because if when you’re in that space and that topsoil, the top layer of your ground is always freezing and then thawing, that’s actually what creates the washboarding and potholes along the driveway. So before you just throw gravel around, take a look at some gravel graders that might help work out those potholes. But if you do need to put additional gravel down, you could throw gravel in the back of your UTV, but then you’re standing beside the UTV and they’re higher up and you’re using the straight rake or the shovel to push it out. But if you’ve got a dump trailer, with an electric actuator capable of lifting the amount of weight that you need for that gravel, you can just take a drive and oh yeah, by the way, some ATV dump trailers have an optional remote that you can just hit a button from the seat as you’re driving and you can gradually drop that gravel right where you want it.

4. UTV/ATV Trailer To Move Horse Arena Equipment 

Number four in the list, if you are maintaining or managing horse arenas. And you’ve got jumps, or standards, or barrels, that need to be moved around to the arena, or out of the arena, or from one arena to another arena, or from an outdoor arena to an indoor arena, or any movement of any kind for jump standards and barrels, doing so by hand can be done or doing so by the bucket of a skid steer tractor can be done. But a lighter footprint and a whole lot lighter load on your back would be with an ATV jump trailer that you can load it into the trailer and get those jump standards and barrels around the property exactly where you need them.

5. UTV Dump Trailer For Small Farm 

And number five on the list, of reasons why the ATV dump trailer might be the right fit for you this year, is actually my favorite reason. Is random crap. You all know that if you’ve got property that things end up places and you have no idea how they got there, and it’s a pain in the butt to make a special drip just to go clean it up. So whether it’s wondering why that bucket is still leaning up against the edge of the barn, or wondering how that spare tire got there, or maybe there’s a bundle of fencing that never got brought to where it should be brought so it’s all put away. You’ve got an ATV dump trailer hooked up, you’ve used it for one purpose, and you swing on your way back to the barn, and you grab what needs to be grabbed so that you can keep the property tidy, and that’s just more enjoyable for everyone. So those are just five of the ways that you can use an ATV or UTV dump trailer around your property. There are so many more ways that these tools can help you get your work done. Again, kind of the unsung hero of the equipment behind. So if you’ve got questions on how you could possibly use an ATV dump trailer around your property, give us a call. We’re always happy to answer questions. You can also just subscribe to the channel, because we love giving tidbits of information like this to all of you throughout the year. We’ve got some great content coming out this year. And we look forward to working with you. Take care, everyone.