ABI Workman ATV Trailers – 3D Spin

When does your ATV go from being a toy to being a tool? When you add a Workman dump trailer behind it from one of the world’s most innovative tractor and ATV attachment manufacturers comes the most impressive and functional ATV dump trailers on the market today. The Workman dump trailers from ABI.

Sure, you can find other dump trailers on the market, but none with the quality features and incredible pricing of the Workman trailer line. If you’re needing to haul firewood, gravel for driveways, manure from stalls, feed for livestock, or if you work for a parks and rec department or landscape contractor, the Workman dump trailer is a must have for you and your company.

The single axle Workman and the dual axle Workman XL. Both offer a dumping bed, made of 14 gauge steel that is easy to operate. The Workman features a dump assist handlebar that eliminates the need to manually lift the entire load like so many of our competitors. And the Workman XL comes standard with electrical power ram lift with a handlebar remote. For the XL, there’s even an optional wireless remote. How much easier can it get?

When it comes to the dumping action, the tailgate of the Workman trailers have three positions. First, you can release the top of the gate for a traditional dropdown tailgate. Secondly, you can release the bottom hinge to allow material to flow like a standard dump pad. Or finally, you can remove it altogether.

The Workman dump beds are supported by torsion bar axles for independent suspension, which means these trailers are far more maneuverable and can handle rougher terrain than our competitors. These axles are not the cheap walking beam axles, but true independent torsion suspension axles that make the Workman trailers the best ATV dump trailer in the world.

The frames of the Workman trailers are made of two inch tube steel in both the bed and the frame are powder coated for a long lasting and tough paint job. The Workman’s twenty five inch ATV all terrain tires are the largest on the market and give these trailers an 11 inch ground clearance so they can be taken almost anywhere your ATV can go, no matter the ground condition.

Both the Workman and the Workman XL, have a tail light for safety at night and on the Workman XL, it doubles as a brake light for the standard electric brakes, which help you manage really heavy loads. Name another trailer that has this many features for the money.

So, regardless of what you need to haul or where you need to haul it, the Workman trailers from ABI will get the job done and done right. And since the Workman trailers have a construction that has made the last, more features that are competitors, an incredible price point and a company that stands behind its products with real people and a real warranty. You can’t go wrong by putting a Workman trailer behind your ATV or small tractor.

To purchase your Workman trailer from ABI, you can either go to our website at, or call our toll free number at 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our qualified product specialists.

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