You live in a reality where every minute of your day counts and the farm responsibilities you carry could easily add up to a full time job. What you need is less pressure to get things done and more time to enjoy the horses and land that you’ve come to love. You need an attachment that will partner with you, and one that actually makes a difference in the safety and performance of your horses. And, you need an attachment that works as well on the maintenance of your property as it does in your horse arena. Welcome to the Arena Rascal Pro from ABI. The world’s most effective arena drag mat and property maintenance, pull behind attachment.

The Arena Rascal Pro is America’s best selling ATV and UTV arena drag. Its versatility enables it to professionally drag horse arenas, grade gravel driveways, prepare seedbeds, and even breakup manure in the pasture.

The Arena Rascal Pro is built with patented technologies that give you unprecedented control over its grooming depth and aggressiveness. The patented profile blades give you the confidence that what you and your horse see on the top surface is also what your horse feels throughout the entire profile of the arena footing. At ABI Equine, we know that by properly preparing your footing, your horses will stay sounder, perform better and last longer as your horses travel throughout the arena. They compress the footing to the point where there are hard inconsistencies that you cannot see. But your horses can feel simply dragging a harrow or an s-tine drag over the surface, only smooths out the hoofprints and does not address the real issues below the surface. It’s these inconsistent hard spots that keep a horse from giving itself to training, and that cause many of the soundness injuries that bring on a lot of vet bills. ABI Equine’s focus on properly preparing arena footing has led us to some of our most innovative features.

So let’s take a closer look at the Arena Rascal Pro from ABI Equine. At the heart of the Arena Rascal Pro is its commercial grade, welded frame for rugged and long lasting life. Supporting the frame is the patented wheel lift system. Available in a manual crane, or easy electric lift configuration.

The stabilizing wheels of the Arena Rascal Pro raise and lower the frame, giving you the ability to either transport the Rascal, or provide precision, depth control. The Arena Rascal Pro profile blades properly prepare the entire profile of the footing all the way down to the base of the arena. The profile blades slice through the footing, right above the arena base, breaking loose the compaction and eliminating all the ridging that can be felt when using a drag with perpendicular loosening.

The scarifiers, or ripping teeth, loosen hard, compacted ground when the profile blades can not be effective. Because of the stabilizing wheels, you never have to worry about these ripping teeth getting into the base of your arena. And yet, there is no footing material that these teeth cannot penetrate. Many equine disciplines require different footing depths, and every footing material is different. To account for this, both the Arena Rascal Pro’s ripping teeth, and the profile blades, are adjustable from zero to seven inches to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth. In addition to arena footing maintenance, the ripping teeth of the Arena Rascal Pro make it the ultimate property maintenance tool.

The final ground engaging component of the Arena Rascal Pro is its innovative pivoting rake. This rake is made up half inch thick, hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in one foot sections. The purpose of the finish rake is to pulverize and break up clumps of material, and leave a beautifully smooth signature finish behind. But that is not all. This finish rake can be pivoted up to 90 degrees, giving you the ability to actually grade an arena, or gravel driveway. The ability to put this finish rake in any position makes it perfect for all kinds of arena footing and gravel road material.

The Arena Rascal Pro has three popular options. The optional electric actuator provides easy transport and grooming depth control from the seat of the tow vehicle. The optional rail blade is a big time saver as it removes the buildup along the rail or wall of the arena. And the optional three point conversion kit, transforms the Arena Rascal Pro for use with a subcompact tractor for even greater efficiency. Once installed, this design allows for quick-swapping between ATV and Three-Point tractor connections.

ABI Equine stands behind the Arena Rascal Pro with our 30 day money back guarantee. And we know that in those 30 days you will find that not only is your arena properly prepared and safer for your horses, but you will find more time to enjoy the horses and land that you’ve come to love. So there you have the Arena Rascal Pro from ABI Equine.