ABI Drag Patterns

  1. Standard Pattern
  2. Standard Pattern: Reverse
  3. Alternate Pattern
  4. Wall Blades and Corners
  5. “Spinning” Technique

All of the patterns described in this video may be performed with all ABI products.

Remember when dragging your arena: Inconsistent speed can cause undulations and unevenness in your footing.

1st Demonstration: Standard Pattern

This is the standard drag pattern, which we will demonstrate with an animation using a 10′ Dragmaster. In general, you want to keep the corners as smooth as possible, but there are two corners on each pass that can be made sharper because they will be covered by a later pass. Because the Dragmaster is a pull behind arena drag, it does not get caught in the corners of arenas or along walls like 3 point arena drags often can. If you get stuck it is much easier to get away from the wall than a 3pt attachment.

Note: The speed that the tractor and tool are moving in these animations does not reflect the speed that is appropriate in your arena. The animation is sped up to show the patterns quicker.

2nd Demonstration: Standard Pattern (Reverse)

Changing the direction of your pattern every time is important to work the dirt in a different direction and work out more hard spots.

3rd Demonstration: Alternate Pattern

WARNING: If you have an established crown in your arena, NO NOT use this pattern because it will remove your crown. This is an alternate pattern, demonstrated with a 10′ Edge. It is the same idea as the standard pattern, but works the footing in a different direction and can be helpful in getting material for the sides of the arena to the center.

The standard drag pattern can be done with all arena drags, as this alternative pattern.

4th Demonstration: Corners and Optional Wall Blade

This demo depicts a pattern for use with the optional wall blade. It also addresses the corners of a rectangular arena. For this demo we use a 10′ Dragmaster, but this same technique applies for the Edge, Arena Rascal Pro, and TR3 Rake as well. With the Dragmaster, because it is a pull-behind attachment, you must straighten it out along the wall. With All tools you must raise the tool out of the footing, and back into the corner of the arena. Once in the corner, lower the tool and drive along the wall.

Because of the way the wall blade is made, it can only be used along the walls of an arena. It must be removed to drag an other part of the arena. The TR3 Rake is the only tool where the wall blade may be left on for dragging the rest of the arena.

5th Demonstration: Spinning

This last demonstration is a technique called spinning. The purpose of this technique is to re-level your arena if it has many undulations in it. Undulations are often caused by inconsistent speed when dragging your arena. This is most common when using an ATV. This demo uses an Arena Rascal Pro.

The speed of the ATV and tool in this animation is drastically exaggerated. These circles should be lazy circles. Divide your arena into two separate sections and spin down one side, then back up the other side.

Remember, inconsistent speed is the cause of undulations, so the more constant you can keep your speed, the better conditions your arena will be in.

Once again, if you have a crown in your arena, make sure that you do not drag over the middle of the arena as this will remove the crown.