I’m Patrick Smith world champion team roper from Lipan, Texas. My roping career started out a little bit different than most. I wasn’t raised in a in a family that was in the western news industry at all. It’s a competitive sport. You have to have a competitive spirit and that’s something that I’ve always had. I love to compete. I love the game. If you want to compete at the rodeo at the top of the rodeo you better stay in the practice pen because when you’re talking about being. You know competing against the best in the world there’s somebody out there always striving to be better. When I fell in love with team roping I feel all the way. And that’s all I’ve had. I spend all the days and hours of my day with my horses and with a rope in my hand. Part of my preparation is making sure that my horses are safe.

That goes to my gear to my saddle is the horse boots my ground my arena and my cattle everything that I have. And part of the preparation for me is the ground. And I think the ground is one thing that gets overlooked more than anything else. You know if those horse take take one wrong step or anything like that they can be out for six months a year or more and lose their entire career and the ground is a big factor in all of that. I want to protect these animals but I make a living this is how I put food on the table for my family is with this and I need every competitive advantage I can get in the best way for me to do that is have the best prepared ground the best prepared gear and everything else going into the practice pen because I’m able to cut the clock down and shave you know tenths of a second off the clock.

I mean that’s a that’s an edge for me and I’m only going to get that in my practice pen and I’m not going to get that once I get to the rodeo. You either have it when you get there or you don’t.

I’m excited to be part of the ABI family. I know they’ve done a great job in the industry. They’re coming out with the Trevor Brazil E-Series TR3 Drag. I mean it’s designed to where you can adapt it to any type of ground that you have and that’s something that I’ve been excited about for my arena. I know Trevor is excited about it for his. We rope together we roped together for 11 years now.

I think it’s really important that we pay more attention to the ground and the protection of our horses and making sure that that is prepared the way it needs to be and this thing has so many different options for me to be able to go in there and critique it for exactly what I need for my horses. Nothing is better than making sure that before I run a steer. But I have my gear my ground and myself ready to compete at the very best we can.