My name’s Link Baumann. I got the Deebar cutting and performance horses, and just today we’re gonna talk about the Priefert walker we purchased about seven years ago. I think it’s the first one ever to be up and running in Australia. And we’ve been real happy with it. It hasn’t give us one day’s trouble and it gets work nearly up to five to six days a week. So it has a fair high workload, and it’s been a real positive to our business because it saved us just one staff member. So that’s a advantage to us here. And it’s cost effective. And another thing that it’s done for our businesses. Our horses are a lot sounder out of it because we’ve got our horses warm before they start work and we’re able to cool them off after they work. In the other business, I’m a professional farrier, so we get to see a lot of high profiles, thoroughbred farms and training facilities and done a lot of research before we purchased the walker. And we’ve found that the Priefert walker design was the best design. By size and as well as the way it was made and fabricated. So a lot of the other walkers are rubber lined and very hot, and in our conditions we don’t need that for a horse to be hot, because they’re saddled. And plus we can actually see and watch your horses go around us as we work on our horses and a lot of the other models that you can’t do that. So that was the aspect that we looked at. And the thing the bay size is a big thing for us because we saddle and tie a horse’s heads back while they’re on the walker. And that was a selling point for us.

The maintenance on this walker was quite low. We only have to grease it once or twice a year. And then the main thing is the surface in the walker. The sprinkler system is pretty unique. It’s just runs around the inside of the the alleyway and then dragged its plenary geared this walker. So we’re able to put a substantial drag and keep the surface absolutely schmick. I can stand on the drag, it drags me around. A lot of these other walkers are belt driven so they can’t drag the actual surface. This was all a plus when we made the purchase.

The uses of the Priefert walker are quite simple. I’ve got a nice remote control that we can use so we can actually adjust the speed on it from even from the outdoor arena. So we can usually have it on a 30 minute rotation, 15 minute walk and 10 minute trot and then back down to the walk.

Another good feature of it is the electric gates. Its a good profile on it because they don’t lay back on them and the gates fully electric so they don’t get into any bad habits. The thing with the the panels I like about, the horses can still look out. They’re not claustrophobic, can become trying to put the head over the side of the fence. So you end up with some nice disciplined horses out of it, and go on, do their work. And and the feature of it. It’s very quiet. It doesn’t got no noises where it freaks horses out. So the horses are quite willing to work on it and come off, relaxed, ready to go work.

If anybody’s got any inquiry about the Priefert walker, I’d be glad to to help out and answer any questions. We’ve probably had the Priefert walker the longest in Australia, so we’ve got seven years of knowledge behind us.

So if you were to go on our website We’re happy to answer any questions or call us on 0427-898510. Thank you.