Getting the Most Out of Your Water Trailer

Whether you’re a  hobby farmer, homesteader,  or someone who owns property, a water trailer is a great asset for your land. But if you only have one or two jobs you plan to use it for, you might be wondering if you really need to buy a dedicated water trailer. To help you see the versatility and value a water trailer provides, we’ve compiled a short list of ways your water trailer will make chores,  projects, and odd jobs around your property easier than ever.

ABI Products Shown In This Video
ABI Equine 550 Water Trailer

550 Gallon Compact Water Trailer

  • Farm Use: Compact Tractor
  • Min. Vehicle Weight: 2,400 lbs. On Flat Ground, Towing Capacity 5,200 lbs. On Uneven Terrain
  • Starting At: $174/mo.*
Tractor 1000 Gallon Water Trailer Arena Management

1000 Gallon Water Trailer

  • Farm Use: Large Tractor or 3/4-Ton Truck
  • Min. Vehicle Towing Capacity: 10,200 lbs., Dual Axle, Commercial Platform
  • Starting At: $285/mo.*
1600 Gallon Water Trailer

1600 Gallon Water Trailer

  • Farm Use: Large Tractor or 1-Ton Truck
  • Min. Vehicle Towing Capacity: 16,020 lbs., Dual Axle, Commercial Platform
  • Starting At: $480/mo.*
Truck Hauling Potable Water Trailer

Potable Water Trailers

  • 500, 1000, & 1600 Gal. Available
  • On-Road or Off-Road
  • Starting At: $215/mo.*

Hi, everyone. Matt here with ABI Attachments. Welcome back to another episode of the ABI Dirt. On the last episode, we were talking about water trailers and specifically, water as a tool in your horse arena to bind your arena footing together and to provide an excellent surface for your horse to train and perform on. But some of you, and I know who skip last week’s episode, was kidding, I don’t know, skip last week’s episode because you don’t have horses or you don’t have a horse arena. And that’s okay, but you might have property and seeing water as a tool around your property is the topic of today’s episode. So this one’s for you.

When you think about water as a tool around your property, I want you to think about your property the way you think about you engaging water. When you engage water, primarily you’re using it for two purposes. You’re either keeping yourself alive, or you’re cleaning yourself with it. Now we have fun in it every now and then too, but primarily, you’re keeping yourself alive or you’re cleaning yourself with it.

Using a Water Trailer for Irrigation

So in thinking about what needs to be kept alive around your property with water, do you have landscaping that your irrigation system doesn’t get to? Or maybe you don’t have an irrigation system. Do you have a garden that’s just a little bit further away from the house and the hose is kind of cumbersome and it’d be helpful to have a large quantity of water available to transport out to that garden? Do you have a freshly planted tree row? And some of you love to see the trees for decoration and some of you are trying to plant some legitimate barrier, put some space between you and the neighbors. Those young trees need a lot of water and embedding that it’s a bit further away from the property than the landscaping right up close by that your current irrigation system can get to. Do you have animals or livestock in the back 40? Now even if they have water access, you may have troughs in pens or pastures depending on what your rotational grazing looks like, when do your animals have access to water and how often are they trying to keep those troughs full. So you need access to potable water.What needs to be kept alive?

Water Trailer Fire Defense Uses

And on kind of the un-fun side of things, if you’re in an area that is struck by drought on a regular basis, if fires are ever a risk, do you need to put large quantities of water down in spaces to help with fire barriers? Or you throw the occasional bonfire, who doesn’t like the occasional bonfire that is contained, that is safe, but you’d like water close by to wet the area down in order to keep yourself and your family and your loved ones safe during a fun night or on the bonfire. So that’s the first category, what needs to be kept alive? What do you want to care for with water?

Water Tank for Cleaning

Second category as you think about water as a tool around your property, what needs to be kept clean? Are there buildings that need to be washed off? Is there equipment, tractors, attachments, wink, that need to be washed off? Do you have stalls? Do you have barns? Or do you just have a driveway that gets all dusty and you need some water for dust abatement? Those are all ways that you can keep things clean or organized, or in the case of that dusty driveway, keep it tidy with water around the property.

Now I know that was a laundry list of water related chores around your property. And a lot of you have been trying different DIY hacks for years of hose systems and pump systems, irrigation systems and different water tanks strapped down to a trailer. There’s a lot of ways to tackle the problem. And around here, shameless to say, water trailer is one of our favorite ways to tackle it. So next episode, when you come back next time, and I’d love to see you again, after you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss this, right? Going forward. We’d love to talk about the specific features of the water trailers that we have here in API Attachments and how we have specifically designed these trailers with you, the property owner in mind because we love to help you get your work done.

So if you have any questions about kind of that laundry list of water related chores that I ran through, or if you have a need for water, a task for water, a chore for water that I didn’t list, and it’s kinda unique, drop us a comment below. Drop us a line, ask us some questions, we’d love to get back to you, and remember, we’re always available by phone as well. But until next time.