Kristy Lee Cook

Outdoor Enthusiast


Amarillo, Texas

Highest Honor

Top 10 on American Idol season 7
The Most Wanted List


Double Dan Horsemanship, Punk Carter

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Kristy Lee Cook is an American country singer who was the seventh place finalist on the seventh season of American Idol.   Cook was born in Seattle, Washington, to Larry and Carlene Cook.  She is the youngest of three children.  Her brother-in-law is American football quarterback John Dutton of the Arena Football League. She lives in Amarillo, Texas. with her husband Lee Orr and son Tillman.

In 2005, Cook released her first album called Devoted. In June 2008, Cook signed to 19 Recordings and Arista Nashville. She released her post-Idol album, Why Wait, on September 16, 2008. This album has produced her first chart single, “15 Minutes of Shame”, a Top 30 hit on the Billboard country charts. Her first single for Broken Bow Records, “Airborne Ranger Infantry”, was released on October 16, 2012.

Cook was involved in a number of TV shows after appearing on American Idol.  She was the host of a show in the Outdoor Channel called Outdoor’s 10 Best in 2010.   She appeared as a judge in the same year in Wanted: Adventure Host.   She was also the host in the series on hunting on the Versus channel, Goin’ Country,  in 2011-2013.   Cook is currently the owner and Host of the top 10 TV show The Most Wanted List, which is currently filming season 6.  

What qualities do you value in a horse?

I value a lot in a horse. I love a horse with heart. I love a tough horse that isn’t afraid. They are hard to find but once you have one they are unstoppable. I also love a horse with personality.

Mares or geldings?

This is a question I have yet to figure out ha. I started with stallions, then went to mares, and now I have 2 mares and a gelding. I miss my line up of studs, mares are so temper-mental. Geldings are hard for me because you can’t breed them and if they get hurt you are stuck with a pasture ornament. My luck I’d have 100.

Your go-to ABI Tool?

It’s hard to just pick one ABI tool. The two favorites around the farm is my arena rascal for my side by side. I work my driveway, planted grass in my pasture, work my round pen and arena dirt and it is such a quality rig. The manure spreader is my second favorite I use it once a week. It’s such an awesome tool to have around the farm and I fertilize the neighbors wheat and milo fields as well.