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    Infield Grader for the Mower

    The ABI Infield Grader is a performance oriented, yet cost effective, infield maintenance groomer designed for use behind a riding mower or zero-turn with a rear hitch. With an ABI Infield Grader, every baseball and softball league can now afford safer and more playable infields.

    Infield Grader for the Mower

    You want the best quality materials, the highest quality workmanship, and you want your attachments made in the United States of America-and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations. This attention to detail and commitment to U. S. manufacturing creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work-day after day.

    ABI’s attachments are sold direct to the customer and shipped via a common-carrier truck straight to your property! By working directly with our customers, our professional and knowledgeable Product Specialists can answer any questions you may have. We think this is a better way to do business, as it offers our customers direct access to the people who design and build our attachments.

    ABI Infield Grader

    Grader Box


    Loosening Depth


    Base Unit Weight


    Limited Warranty


    ABI Sports Turf is an infield maintenance equipment manufacturer known for innovative designs specifically crafted for infields. This innovation enables the ABI Infield Grader to reduce surface compaction, evenly grade low and high areas, and properly groom infields achieving the playable results teams need all with one tool.

    ABI Infield Grader Features

    The ABI Infield Grader’s innovative design is packed with features specifically crafted for baseball and softball infields.

    The 3 Primary Design Goals:

    1Achieve lawn mower compatibility
    2Minimize hand labor
    3Create safer & more playable infields

    When ABI’s engineers were challenged with finding a way to enable a lawn mower to get real infield grading work done, they knew that overcoming the natural traction limitations of mowers would be a struggle. But after much research and development, ABI invented patent-pending “Controlled Force” technology to answer this challenge.

    Controlled Force

    On-The-Go Weight Control

    In grading, the heavier the implement, the better the grading result. However, when the tow vehicle is a traction limited mower, too much weight will cause the operator to get stuck with spinning tires. So, instead of adding static dead weight via cinder blocks, a water tank, or other common methods, “Controlled Force” technology adds active “On-The-Go Weight Control”, which enables the operator to transfer weight from the tow vehicle to the Infield Grader as more or less weight is needed for the job!


    No Slip Spring Technology

    Utilized in combination with On-The-Go Weight Control, the No Slip Spring Technology may either be locked out for precision grading within an 1/8, or allowed to retract making general grading an easy process for league volunteers. This spring retraction allows the mid-mount attachments to slightly release under higher than average pressure so the mower does not lose traction. The operator may start a job with spring retraction enabled, then end the job with the springs locked for the final finish.

    Mid-Mount Attachments

    The ABI Infield Grader comes with a 48″ wide mini grader box with loosening teeth that is mid-mounted between the mower tires and the implement’s gauge tires. This “underbelly” positioning enhances leveling capability and ease of operation. A pitch adjustment, controls the depth of the loosening teeth in relationship to the mini grader box.


    Mini-Box Grader

    With wireless control of the electric actuator powered “Controlled Force Technology”, the operator can quickly and effectively use the mini-box to spread and level loosened material and collect loose debris & rocks with precision and ease. It can effectively reset the grade around home plate, sliding areas, along basepaths, and warning tracks.


    Loosening Teeth

    The loosening teeth ensure the surface has been properly decompacted to level. The adjustable and replaceable teeth can loosen the infield skin from 0″ up to 1-3/4″ deep depending on the application and conditions. The operator may lock the depth in place and remove every other tooth as desired to accommodate material flow.


    Reversible Blade Edge

    The 1/2″ thick grading blade is shipping with a smooth edge for precision grading, however it may be flipped over to a serrated edge for more aggressive action. The smooth edge is best for infield mix leveling, whereas the serrated edge is best for gravel and other more coarse materials.

    Rear-Mount Attachments

    6' Finish Broom

    The available Fine Finish Broom is 6′ wide and offers 3 replaceable rows of bristles. The Fine Finish Broom creates a pristine finish in both high and low moisture conditions. The broom can also raise and lower with the grader box, there’s no need to manually lift it off the ground for transport.


    6' XD Dragmat

    The XD Flexible Steel Mesh Drag Mat is 6′ wide by 1.5′ long and is the most extreme duty drag mat on the market. It is ideal to finish and reset the surface to be ready for play after maintenance work. The steel mesh is made of extremely thick rust resistant galvanized steel. The rods are an impressive 6 Gauge and the ends are welded to protect the edges from fraying as it hits bases, fencing and other obstacles.

    Ease Of Use


    Travel time between fields is a breeze with the set of wheels & finish attachment carrier. The wireless actuator provides the ability to raise the tool out of play allowing for ground clearance to move from field to field. Roll up your mat and place it in the carrier or watch the broom raise off the ground as you raise the tool with the actuator.


    Wireless Actuator

    The ABI Infield Grader comes standard with an electric actuator. The ABI actuator is commercial grade, has an 8″ stroke, and is weather sealed for longevity. Using the wireless electric actuator’s downward force on the springs and grading box, the hitch of the Infield Grader tops out against the mower using the weight of the operator and mower to put applied force to the loosening and grading action. The actuator can be connected to your mowers battery or to an onboard battery. (The onboard battery is not included)


    Manufactured Right Here

    You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

    Tow Vehicle Req.
    Vehicle TypeMower, Lawn Tractor, Zero-turn
    Min. Power14hp, 300cc
    Max. Power27hp, 550cc
    Min. Vehicle Weight350 lbs
    Max. Vehicle Speed5 m.p.h.
    Weights & Dims
    Base Unit Weight283 lbs.
    Shipping Weight250 lbs.
    Unit Dimensions54"W x 70"L x 24"H
    Shipping Dimensions56"W x 56"D x 25"H
    Working Width48"
    Hitch TypeTow Behind - Adjustable Pin Hitch
    Tire Size12" Diameter x 4" Width x 7" Rim
    Tire TypeAir Filled
    Grading Box
    Grading Width48"
    Cutting EdgeSerrated or Solid (Replaceable)
    TypeRigid Shank - Replaceable
    Scarifying Depth0" to 1-3/4"
    # of Scarifiers15
    Electric ActuatorYes
    Wireless RemoteYes
    Controlled ForceYes
    Coiled Spring ActionYes
    ActuatorWireless Remote Electric Actuator
    Battery & ChargerNot Included (Not required)
    Direct Wire To VehicleYes (Only if no battery)
    Recommended BatteryUB12180 - 12V 18AH
    Recommended Charger12V Charger / Maintainer
    Batteries/ChargersBuy Online
    Ball Diamond Use12 Months
    Commercial UseYes
    Attach Match Guarantee30 Day
    Assembly RequiredYes
    Assembly Time30 - 60 min
    XD Drag Mat Unit72"W x 18"L x 1"H, 45 lbs.
    XD Drag Mat (Installed)72"W x 109"L x 24"H
    Finish Broom (Unit)72"W x 12"L x 8"H, 43 lbs.
    Finish Broom (Installed)72"W x 81"L x 24"H


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