Condition soil and create clean spoil piles with the latest upgrade to the ABI Force  

For those in the infield grooming industry, the ABI Force is a tool widely known for precision grooming and versatility on sports turf, but many are also aware of how indispensable the Force has become in the landscaping industry. The Force is a time and labor saving machine that makes contractors’ lives easier and gets leveling, grading, and renovating work done more efficiently than any other equipment on the market. And it’s about to get even better. 

Why the Force Is the Best Machine For Landscapers And Infield Groomers 

Before we get to what’s new, let’s recap what’s been working for infield groomers and contract landscapers over the last decade. The Force empowers operators with the control needed to groom, prepare, and renovate dirt. Whether that’s an infield or a lawn, the Force allows for precision with laser grading and because it’s a zero turn machine, it works perfectly in tight areas. Operators can prep the ground for seed, get all the cracks and corners and finish the job with picture-perfect results. The Force provides agility and nimbleness that you just can’t get with a skid steer or tractor. 

The edging tool in particular is a favorite for turf and landscaping, because you can edge the lip on a baseball or softball field, and you can flip the blade to create garden or flower bed edges. At the 2022 Equip Expo, Co-founder of ABI, Scott Holmes, talked with landscaping extraordinaire Pete Denny about the labor and time he saves when using the Force. Speaking about the edging tool in particular, Denny said, “It took literally eight to nine minutes to do a two hour job, it was that much time saving.” It’s experiences like this that have made the Force a machine landscapers nation-wide trust and rely on. 

How Can the Force Empower Landscapers Further?

A pain point that often comes up for landscapers on the job, is piles of dirt getting pulled up when they are trying to get out rocks and vegetation. With a machine that can turn on a dime, there’s a huge opportunity to create cleaner spoil piles, so you can get that unwanted debris out of the way without piling up dirt that you’ll have to rake back in.

That’s why our engineers at ABI have developed conditioning attachments that can pull up rocks and other debris, create clean spoil piles, and condition the ground. With our new sifting teeth, landscapers can dig aggressively into the ground to remove roots and rocks, while still allowing soil to flow through. Operators have adjustable options, to lock the tool into a deeper digging mode, or let it float for top level conditioning. 

We’re also rolling out a new roller attachment, to smoothen dirt and press in seeds. The curve of the twisted basket keeps it on the ground, minimizing bounce. The tough steel allows the roller to crush hard clay and provide a smooth roll.

Better, Faster Landscaping Work Starts Today 

For contractors who already use the Force, these new additions will be a game-changing way to get landscaping work done faster, better, and with less labor than ever before. And for those who haven’t seen the Force, first hand, allow us to make an introduction. 

For more information on our upcoming attachment options, or to learn more about the Force here or call a Product Specialist today.