ABI Attachments, the world’s leading arena drag manufacturer, and Premier Equestrian, the world-renowned arena footing experts have partnered together to meticulously craft a family of durable, dependable synthetic footing drags, engineered to create professional-level results. The SportPro line of groomers was designed with equestrians and their horses at the forefront with a focus on infinite adjustability and comprehensive blending.

SportPro M1

  • For Golf Carts, ATVs, Small UTVs, or Utility Tractors
  • 67.5" Width
  • Starting At: $111/mo.*
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SportPro M3

  • For Large ATVs, UTVs, Compact, or Sub-Compact Tractors
  • 67.5", 83.5" Widths
  • Starting At: $159/mo.*
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SportPro M5

  • For Compact or Sub-Compact Tractors
  • 67.5", 83.5" Widths
  • Starting At: $155/mo.*
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For riders and trainers in English disciplines, you know that your horse can only give their best if the footing they’re trained and conditioned on is secure. Creating an optimal experience for your horses doesn’t end after you install a synthetic arena. Arena surface grooming is what keeps that footing high quality so you can elevate horse-rider harmony, protect your horse’s health, and ensure you’re getting the best performance every time. ABI Attachments, the world’s leading arena drag manufacturer, and Premier Equestrian, the world-renowned arena footing experts, have partnered together to meticulously craft a durable, dependable synthetic footing drag engineered to create professional-level results. Introducing the ABI SportPro Premier Equestrian Edition. The SportPro line of groomers was designed with equestrians and their horses at the forefront, and we have a configuration to get the results you require no matter what kind of synthetic additives you’re working with.

SportPro Line Of Synthetic Arena Groomers

Meet your synthetic footing’s new best friend, the SportPro. The SportPro line has three base models with a range of configurations and sizes so you can ensure your drag is built to perfectly groom your specific type of synthetic footing with whatever tow vehicle you choose. The SportPro line has groomers for compact tractors, subcompact tractors, UTVs, and ATVs. What makes the SportPro line better than other groomers on the market is its unique structure and its ability to be configured to perfectly suit the requirements for your specific arena moisture and additives. SportPro groomers are built with extended space between each component from front to back. This innovative setup maximizes the flow of footing material so you can be sure you’re getting the comprehensive blending needed for daily maintenance. The component spacing, length, and patent-pending swivel hitch system increases maneuverability so you can groom your entire arena surface faster than ever before, while significantly elevating the overall quality of the arena footing

Synthetic Ground Engaging Components

Each ground-engaging component on a SportPro groomer is independently adjustable, so you can configure your implement to perfectly groom your specific arena and achieve your footing performance expectations. This includes daily maintenance, as well as periodic remixing. With its easy adjustment capabilities, you can change the surface tension in your arena for different disciplines and for conditioning. Once you have the groomer configured for everyday use for your arena, lock the tool in place so you can count on consistent repeatable results no matter who’s in the driver’s seat. Then adjust the components as needed into an active grooming position when you need to remix the additives in your footing or change the surface tension for conditioning. Your synthetic footing groomer should be able to be intentionally configured to perfectly blend, level, and smoothen your arena surface. The SportPro groomer has four default components that you can add to or swap out based on your arena service grooming needs. You have the option to choose between a single or double roller configuration. The twisted rod design of our roller maximizes packing and prevents trailing so you can count on an elegant finish over your arena surface. One of the key benefits of the twisted rods is constant contact with the surface, which minimizes bouncing while grooming. On the dual roller models, the front and back rollers add an additional level of gauge security and consistency so you can drop and groom without worrying about catching on your base or mats. The density of your footing will determine whether the S-tines or scarifiers are the right default tool for your groomer. If you have a limited amount of water in your arena where your additives require frequent mixing, the S-tines will provide holistic blending for your everyday grooming. The SportPro groomer’s Danish-styled S-tines act intuitively in synthetic footing. Their springy give loosens and mixes material without causing damage to the base. S-tines offer a safer way to go deeper, pulling up small fines and fibers that have settled to the bottom without damaging your base. S-tines are also suited for self-amending or self-installing additional materials or fibers. Compacted arenas with high clay will benefit from the scarifiers as the primary component. In contrast to the S-tines, scarifiers are rigid by design, giving them an enhanced stability to loosen hard, compacted materials. For arenas that would benefit from the capabilities of both, the SportPro groomer allows the operator a tool swap out of the S-tines and scarifiers. The SportPro groomer has two offset rows of coil tines and each tine has two contact points instead of one. In a more passive position, this setup maximizes the coil tines’ ability to fill in grooves and press down large fibers that have risen to the top. In the active position, the coil tines aerate, mix, and level the arena surface. Behind the coil tines is the SportPro smoothing bar. The smoothing bar allows for some buildup to accumulate so we can level out any excess material while filling remaining lines or grooves. The cylinder shape of the smoothing bar allows material to flow under as well as over, creating a smoothing effect under the bar and preventing excess material from plugging up. The smoothing bar is adjustable in quarter inch increments for maximum precision adjustment. The SportPro groomers are meticulously crafted to suit your arena’s unique needs. To get those tough to reach edges, add the optional rail blade. The rail blade lets you maneuver with ease around the trickiest spots in your arena. A rail wheel is also available for extra kick wall protection when leveling the edges of your arena. For tractors with a three-point hitch, the SportPro M5 groomers come fitted with a patent-pending swivel hitch that precisely follows the turns of the tractor around jumps and rails, but straightens itself before locking when lifted. This auto locking swivel hitch also enhances safety and reduces hassle when pulling in and out of the arena. For larger ATVs and UTVs, the SportPro M3 groomers come fitted with a single point pin or optional ball coupler connection and wheel transport system for easy connect and go convenience. For smaller ATVs, zero turn mowers, or utility golf carts that have a rear hitch, the SportPro M1 is a pared down version of the M3 models with fewer components so it can be easily pulled by less powerful vehicles. The M1 comes with one roller, a smoothing bar, and two rows of S-tines so you can count on high quality results no matter what tow vehicle you’re using. Both riders and their horses deserve footing they can rely on, which means you need a dependable drag that’s built to last. 

The tough steel frame is built without a shell for increased visibility and to make it easier to reach the individual components for any needed adjustments or upkeep. The way the majority of groomers on the market are built puts the brunt of the force on the adjustment linkages of the grooming components. This makes them wear down faster and adds undue stress. Our engineers decided to eliminate this unnecessary wear on the implement by building the stress points into the high-quality rugged steel frame. Rather than relying on delicate linkages to take the brunt of that stress, our purposeful design makes the SportPro stronger, more durable and more efficient than other groomers. The ABI SportPro Premier Equestrian Edition line is constructed in-house in the US to ensure the highest quality product and replacement parts shipped directly to you, so they can reach you in a timely manner and without overseas freight and shipping costs. At ABI, we provide free arena maintenance phone consultations with our experts and secure your SportPro groomer order with an AttachMatch money back guarantee and up to a 60-month limited product warranty. To order or learn more about ABI SportPro Premier Equestrian line, call 877-788-7253 or visit us at abiattachments.com.