2022 Lookback

This year has been full of new ideas, new projects, and new friends! Join us for a brief overview of what we did this year, as well as some of our favorite never-before-seen outtakes from the Dirt. 

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ABI Products Shown In This Video
ATV/UTV ABI Manure Spreader For Sale In A Pasture

25, 50, & 65 ft³ GD – Compact Manure Spreaders

  • 4-Speed - Ground Driven
  • For Lawn Tractor, ATV, UTV, or Sub-Compact Tractor - Up to 11 Horses
  • Starting At: $115/mo.*
TR3 E-Series

TR3 “E” Equine Edition

  • For Sub-Compact & Compact Tractors, #1 Selling Arena Drag
  • 6', 7', 8' Widths
  • Starting At: $118/mo.*
ABI Equine 550 Water Trailer

550 Gallon Compact Water Trailer

  • Farm Use: Compact Tractor
  • Min. Vehicle Weight: 2,400 lbs. On Flat Ground, Towing Capacity 5,200 lbs. On Uneven Terrain
  • Starting At: $174/mo.*

Hi, everyone, Matt here with ABI Attachments. Welcome back to the “ABI Dirt.” I hope that you had a phenomenal Christmas weekend with friends and family and that you’re wrapping up 2022 strong. And, you know, around here to end a year, what we like to do is stop and reflect and celebrate and think about everything that’s happened in the past year. And 2022 has been a doozy. So today on the “Dirt,” we’re gonna reflect on some of the big things that have happened in the past 12 months as well as maybe some of the more unplanned moments here on the “Dirt.”

ABI Celebrates 25 Years Of Making Industry-Leading Outdoor Equipment 

First up on our list of big things we’re grateful for in 2022 is our birthday. ABI Attachments turned 25 years old this year. 25 years ago, ABI attachment was started by the son of a sod Farmer. Kevin Keigley, who founded ABI Attachments, grew up working on his family’s sod farm, which grounded him, see what I did there, grounded him in dirt work. He grew up working in dirt and playing in dirt. And as he grew and jumped into the landscape space, he invented products that worked magnificently for preparing soil for whatever he had in mind to work with. And over the past 25 years, we’ve worked with industry leaders in the equine space and the sports turf space and the contractor space so that we can develop innovative, unique attachments specifically for those of you who work and play in the dirt. We’re really grateful for 25 years of being able to serve you, and we’re really excited for the next 25 ahead of us.

Redesign of Our Compact Water Trailer 

Next up on big things that happened in ’22 is the redesign of our compact water trailers. Now we’ve had compact water trailers around here at ABI for a long time, but in this past year, we relaunched the two smallest compact water trailers. So we now have available the 340 gallon water trailer and the 550 gallon water trailer, and we redesigned them because of you. We were getting some great feedback on how we could improve those two products. And as a product development company, what we love to do most is build things that are useful for you. So these new water trailers, these compact models, now have an a lid that’s easier to access. The tank is elliptical, closer to the ground, and the trailer is custom built for the tank and the plumbing so the plumbing can be integrated. Makes it a whole lot easier to use, and we’re thrilled that it’s now available for you.

New Groomers for Synthetic Arena Footing 

And last, but certainly not least, you’ve probably heard about our Synthetic Arena Groomer line by now. But if you haven’t, allow me to catch you up. We’ve announced just in the past couple of weeks, we have partnered with the arena footing experts at Premier Equestrian. They have helped us to engineer the perfect arena groomer for synthetic footing. This means that for those of you who use synthetic additives in your arena, we now get to meet you, and we get to talk, and we get to provide you an arena drag that is gonna work perfectly for what you’ve got going on on your property.

So if you’re new to the “ABI Dirt” because of that new SportPro Synthetic Arena Groomer line, welcome, glad to have you here at ABI. My name’s Matt, nice to meet you. Thanks for following along. And if you’ve been following us for a while now, thank you. We appreciate it. Thanks for following here at the “ABI Dirt.” We’ve actually made 33 “Dirt” episodes this year, which is another 2022 highlight.

Outtakes from the ABI Dirt

And if you couldn’t tell, we have a lot of fun around here, both in front of the camera and also behind the scenes. So for your viewing pleasure and a wrap-up for the year, enjoy some of the funner moments you may have missed behind the scenes this year on the “Dirt.”


– [Doug] Meet the owner of doofyhorse.com.

– Hi, I’m the owner of doofyhorses.com, Bill Doofus Doofus.

– [Matt] Woo. Hey, oh, ah.

– [Doug] Well, that’s how the pros do it.

– [Matt] That’s a…

– [Doug] We go back and fit as a fiddle.

– [Bill] I didn’t get it, can we try it again?

– Are we good? Good? ♪ Hallelujah ♪

– [Doug] All right, I’m rolling.

– [Matt] You better be ’cause I’m shaking.

– [Bill] What the hell?

– [Doug] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ah.

– [Nate] You know you can yell at the tractor driver to slow down.

– You’re fresh in and you’re trying to tackle – Crap, I started to ramble, and I don’t like it. [Nate] …selfie with a kangaroo.

– Maybe, maybe selfie. Kangaroo selfie. Eat the jacket, it’s okay. There’s more at the office. One sentence at a time.

– [Anna] Do you wanna move on to the outro and then come back? Or you wanna do it one more time?

– Moving the soil that you’re moving with tool.

– [Doug] One more?

– [Doug] One more time? I like that pause.

– [Bill] One more?

– Did I get away with it?

– [Bill] Anybody catch that?

– Anybody watching?

– [Bill] Anybody gonna notice?

– You can see me shaking.

– [Doug] That’s tumultuous sleep right there.

– This is legit!

– [Tim] So were you waiting for birds or something? What were you waiting for?

– [Doug] Nah, I was just seeing how long he’d do it.

– [Doug] All right, now.

– Now what am I doing?

That’s all we’ve got today, everyone. Hope you had a great year. We’ve had a lot of fun around here. I’ve got so many great things I want to tell you about, so many big plans for 2023, but you have to wait til next year. So stay tuned until then. See you next year.