ABI TR3E Equine Edition

Safety, Performance, & Longevity

You've invested time, money and love into your horses! Your passion for them and their care is reflected in your desire to keep them sound, provide them the training to perform to their maximum ability and partner with you for as long as possible. The TR3 E series was designed to give you just that; safety, performance, and longevity!
ABI TR3E Equine Edition
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80% of all soundness problems are a direct result of poor quality arena footing. Simply grooming the top surface of an arena does not address the dangers under the surface that other arena drags leave behind. Inconsistent compaction at the base of the arena and variances in depth of the footing are major contributors to injuries resulting in lameness. The TR3 E series is the only arena drag designed to address these real footing issues and properly prepare your arena to be a safe environment for your horses!



Horses are reactionary and can negatively react to perceived dangers. When a horse is unsure of its footfall on the riding surface, the natural reaction is to tense up and not listen to the cues given from the riders seat, legs or hands. Quite often, when horses disobey the riders cues, the blame is put on the horse. When, in reality, it most often is due to arena footing that has not been properly prepared. The TR3 E series eliminates this problem by properly preparing the entire footing profile on every pass.



Your investment in your horse is not just about time and money...it's also about your relationship! You don't have the luxury of buying new horses every few years. When your horses are lame or unable to compete at the next level, your choices become limited to replacement or retirement. The wisest investment you can make in the longevity of your horses is in the arena footing where you ride and train. The TR3 E series gives you the advantage of increasing your horses' longevity to provide you with many years of love and enjoyment!



The TR3 E-Series was designed for the everyday equestrian and is built right here by American craftsmen. Designed by ABI’s world-leading arena maintenance experts, the TR3 E-Series is the only 3-point arena drag that can easily groom, properly prepare, and renovate arenas with a sub-compact or compact tractor.

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Easy To Use & Connect

The TR3 E-Series was specifically designed for ease of use, requiring no specialized skill to operate. It also has adjustments to accommodate any natural footing types and conditions. The TR3 E-Series is Quick Hitch compatible for simple and safe tractor connecting and disconnecting. Quick Hitch sold separately.

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Sub Compact and Compact Tractor

No other arena drag on the market offers more features, functions and results behind a sub compact or compact tractor. The TR3 E Series was purposefully built to provide 23+ horsepower tractors an arena drag that not only grooms an arena but properly prepares and renovates one as well!

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The TR3 E-Series has up to 5 ground engaging components that groom, properly prepare, and renovate horse arenas. These adjustable components provide proven innovation that helps keep your horses sound, performing to their maximum ability and around for a long time!

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Floating Drag Bar

The patented Floating Drag Bar is designed to remove the skill needed to keep an arena level! Instead of raising and lowering a grading tool to cut high and fill in low areas, the floating drag bar will catch high spots and drop material into low spots without special skill from the operator. Consistent footing depth is critical to the soundness of your horses and without this patented component it cannot be easily accomplished.

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Profile Blades

The patented Profile Blades were designed to eliminate all inconsistencies below the surface. Traditional arena drags simply groom away the hoof prints of the horses doing nothing to remove the hard spots right below the surface. The Profile Blades slice through the footing right above the base and will eliminate all compaction throughout the entire profile of your footing. These Profile Blades also work beautifully on gravel roads after loosening the material with the ripping teeth of the TR3 E Series.

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There are clear and purpose built advantages between the TR3 E Series and all other arena drags. These advantages deliver significantly better arena footing maintenance results and multi-function capabilities to manage your property.

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More Work With Less Horsepower
Sub compact and compact tractors have limitations. The minimum horsepower and torque make it impossible to find an arena drag that truly prepares the footing of your arena. Not so with the TR3 E Series! The TR3 E series was designed with these tractors in mind!

Ease of Use
The everyday equestrian is not a professional ground prep contractor! Ease of use and “no skill required” were the foundation of the TR3 E series design.

The primary purpose of the TR3 E series is arena footing. But make no mistake…this tractor attachment is perfect for gravel driveway maintenance and other dirt work around the property.

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U.S. Patents


Ground-Engaging Components


H.P. Rating

27 - 85

Limited Warranty

36 mo.

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Best of the best. This tr3e is soo much better then u though it would be. The ease of getting it off the delivery truck & in arena was about 30 min. It's amazing !! Women friendly ! And easy to work with.
Great Product - Superb Customer Service. TR3 was delivered today and WOW! With the TR3, we were able to do in 20 minutes what usually takes 2-hours and three separate attachments. I'll admit, we were a bit wary of the price, but it is worth every penny. Thank you for walking through the process with us, answering our questions, and ensuring we bought the correct sized attachment. Looking forward to future ABI purchases.
TR3 E-series is Amazing! The versatility and quality of this arena drag is amazing! Our arena feels like the best footing we have ever walked on; the horses just float! This is our 4th Abi product. We love the design, durability, and dependability of the Abi products. The Abi personnel are also top notch both in their pride in the products and their integrity. Very refreshing to do business with a company of such high standards. Thank you all and God bless!! Special thank you to our sales rep Brian
What a great design. Needed a drag for our indoor arena and this exceeds our expectations. Nate was great to deal with and will buy from them again when equipment is needed.
Great tool it's like 5 in one
Amazing equipment. We built our arena ourselves last year and bought the TR3 to help with that. We are so impressed with this amazing piece of equipment. I had hopes that it would help make the spot we chose into a reasonable arena. It has far surpassed my expectations. It looks and functions like a professional arena. IÕm completely confident riding my expensive horses in there without reservation. I consider my ABI a partner in my riding program now. Highly recommended.
Great Arena Drag. After 10 years of using various other drags/harrows we got a TR3 E series. WeÕve had it for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. My wife says after conditioning the arena itÕs like butter cream frosting. WouldnÕt be without one now that weÕve been spoiled. Works great, easy to adjust, built to last.
Great addition to farm equipment. I am very happy with my TR3E. I could not imagine life without it anymore. We purchase about 6 month ago and once we go it set up and dialed in for our footing, it's brilliant. We have 2 riding rings and high traffic use with jumping everyday. It has saved a lot of time and diesel by doing a great job on the first pass. Levels ring. No more puddles. I would recommend to anyone.
I am very pleased with my TR3 E-Series. My arena ground is so much better using this equipment. I am able to get more done with my horses by having better ground.
This drag is everything! Although for our private farm, we wanted a way to properly maintain our new large (240X180) bluestone/sand/shell mix arena. It really does the job and THEN some! One of our biggest issues with the new arena is the 50 plus year old tress that line the arena. They completely shade the arena in the summer which is invaluable to us. But in the fall, they pose a MAJOR problem. With the aid of a large Ohio leaf sweep and this TR3 we are able to put the blade down and churn what is left over in to the sand and it biodegrades. It is a lifesaver! Although maybe to big for most people, this TR3 E was JUST what our farm needed! I canÕt recomm it enough! Worth the money!
Amazing . Revitalized and repaired our tired footing we are so happy
What a great arena drag. I had a 4 in 1 reveal for 15 years and there is no comparison. I have been in the horse industry for over 45 years and the TR3 E is by far the best machine I have ever used.
First time buying. Got this 1 year used from a neighbor that passed away. Years ahead of what I was using, but was a little upset to find that ABI charged me for a replacement part that isn't supposed to break (I dont know why they should care who bought it from them...mfr warranty should apply to the machine, not who's using it). Can be a little hard to keep up with how to set it consistently..but a great job it does do.
We have had the TR3 E series for about a year. My wife rides and enjoys the sport of Dressage and is a perfectionist. I drive the tractor. I love this tool. It provides me the exact footing my wife needs and does it easily. As an aside. It is perfect to maintain our gravel driveway... In Florida. Thanks