Meet the two new tools in our iconic SR lineup

Watch Matt introduce you to each member of the SR family and learn which tool is right for ripping up compacted dirt, prepping your seedbed, dealing with gravel, and more.

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ABI Products Shown In This Video
SR1 Grading Rake

SR1 Grading Rake

  • For Skid-Steer Loaders (SSL)
  • 6.5' Width - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $83/mo.*
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SR3 Grading Rake

  • For Skid-Steer Loaders (SSL) & Compact Track Loaders (CTL)
  • 7.5' Width - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $204/mo.*
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Mini SR

Mini SR Grading Rake

  • For Mini Skid-Steer Loaders & Mini Track Loaders
  • 4.5' Width - Commercial-Duty
  • Starting At: $98/mo.*
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 – Hi everyone. Matt here with ABI Attachments. Welcome back to the ABI Dirt. On today’s episode, we’re going to give you a full rundown on our SR line of products. SR, if you’re new to ABI attachments, means skid steer rake. 

So a lot of times here at ABI we talk about our tractor rakes. Today we’re gonna give special attention to our skid steer line of attachments because we’ve got two, count ’em two, new additions to the family. Let’s take a look. 

So to start off today, I’m actually beginning in the middle. So for all of you forgotten, middle child middle children out there, this is gonna be the focal point. So here next to me is the SR2 the newest addition to our lineup in the SR family. But to really understand the value of the SR2 you’ve gotta kind of understand the context and either side of what sits on the other side of the SR2 which is starting off with, the SR1 which is what’s over on this side. 

The Original SR1

So the SR1 was the first skid steer rake that Kevin Keigley ever invented. And note its compact size. The reason for this smaller size and kind of paired down unit here on the SR1 is because originally it was invented to eliminate handwork as much as possible. So when Kevin was installing lawns, installing landscaping up close to buildings and driveways and sidewalks he was looking for a way to stay in his skid steer and to get as close as possible to obstructions and obstacles which is why you can see built here for a standard skid steer platform you’ve got a rake that’s completely unobstructed. 

Benefits of the SR1

You can sit in the skid steer, you’ve got great visibility down to the finish rake, and you still have tuck in on the backside of this angle iron, you still have this standard nine inch scarifier shanks that can rip down all the way to about four inches of depth. So when you’ve got this skid steer, you can tilt this tilt this SR1 upright, get that finish rake right up to the edge of a house, edge of a driveway, edge of some kind of obstruction and pull material away and you still get that loosening effect. 

For Seasoned Professionals 

Now, you’ll notice there are two different features absent from the SR1 that you’ll find other places on this lineup. One is the leveling blade and two is the gauge wheels that you’ll find on other SR models. The reason for that Kevin Keigley is a master operator when it comes to skin steer and tractors. And this tool actually works most amazingly in the hands of skilled and trained operators because you don’t have depth control wheels or gauge wheels on this unit which means you can bury it if you’re not careful. 

Also, with the lack of a leveling blade if you are using this tool to follow the contour of the ground and to gain a level surface, especially if you’re installing seed beds, if you’re installing, installing new lawns, you need to be a very good hand and a good eye in that skid steer so that you can get the leveling work that needs to get done. 

Now, given that fact and recognizing that not everyone is a seasoned and experienced operator on a skid steer, and recognizing that a lot of you have crews in which you’ve got maybe new team members or younger team members that you want them to be able to operate the machinery and you can’t always be the one there. In the skid steer, we introduced the SR3 and that’s over this direction. 

The Crowd Pleasing SR3

So the SR3 you can tell it’s kind of the the big boy unit of the SR family, this big brother here. You still see the same finish rate down low. The scarifiers you see got a significant upgrade because now instead of manually adjusted nine inch shanks you’ve now got scarifiers that are hooked into a hydraulic system. So you can raise and lower them from the seat of your skid steer. You also see here tucked in the middle you’ve got the floating leveling blade. You also have the gauge wheels out here on the side. 

Benefits of the SR3 Skid Steer Attachment

This unit is definitely the most popular skid steer attachment in our SR lineup, and here’s why. Not only do you now have the addition of the hydraulic scarifier so you can control the depth of rip, the depth of decompaction from the seat of the skids steer. You also now have that floating leveling blade tucked here in the middle of the tool. 

Remember this floating leveling blade? You might be familiar from the TR3 videos. This is what allows you to have this tool in float position, pull in one smooth pass as you’re reversing your skid steer and that floating leveling blade is constantly moving grabbing high spots, pulling material into low spots. 

So it allows you to follow the contour of the ground giving you a fantastic level finish complete with broken up clods because of that finish rake down in front. Now for the middle child. 

The All-New SR2

So the SR2 is now in our lineup of skid steer rake products for a couple of reasons, many of which you all introduced to us. You still wanted the strength of this larger frame. So this still has that center mass that center frame support that the SR3 has that the SR1 did not. 

We still have that three quarter inch thick finish rake up front that allows you to push material allows you to destroy clods. You still have the ability to control the depth of rip with hydraulically controlled scarifier. And all of that is on a slimmer frame because you don’t have that leveling blade in the middle of the tool. And a slimmer frame comes into significant advantage if you’re limited on trailer space. 

So you’re saving a couple inches nose to tail on this unit. So if you already are kind of, you know trailer space can be prime real estate when you’re going from job to job, this definitely helps with that. So the SR2 could be an ideal choice for you if you’re looking to save on that trailer space or if you’re looking to save on the budget. 

Mini Skid Steer Attachment

Last but not least, in our lineup of the SR family together, you’ll recognize this guy. This is, I mean, it’s funny calling this the baby of the family when it’s still a couple hundred pounds but it’s still the baby of the SR family. Now this tool, you’ll notice if you’ve been around ABI attachments at all, is not new. However, the addition that I was talking about earlier is actually the addition of hydraulically-controlled scarifiers. 

So this is a brand new option for this mini SR on this lineup. So this mini SR, a lot of the same components you’ve already seen today. You’ve still got the finish rake up front. You’ve got scarifiers, now with the option of being hydraulically controlled, you’ve got a leveling blade here tucked away in the middle and you still have the gauge wheel. So if you’ve got a mini skid steer or if you find yourself in a situation where you’re constantly turning away smaller jobs because 

A. it’s just too much handwork or 

B. you couldn’t possibly get your skid steer back in that smaller job, this could be a great setup for you. 

If you get your hands on a mini skid steer either by purchase or by renting or leasing you now have a tool that can do some really phenomenal ground prep work, some leveling all on that smaller platform. And we’ve got the set up here to show you the new option of the hydraulically controlled Scarifier. But this mini skid steer attachment is available in the standard manual adjustment Scarifier as well. 

Speed Up Your Project With An SR Product

I hope this overview of the SR line of products was helpful for you. Let’s just get down to the dirty though. 

If you’ve watched this many minutes into a video overview of a product line, it means that you own a skid steer and you’re either using it to save time around your own property or you’ve got it because you’re looking to make money in a business. That’s why we’ve invented this line of products. The whole reason we’ve invented the SR line is so that you can get some time back or you can get some money back at the bottom line of your business because you know that handwork takes time and usually it takes a lot of hand workers to save a lot of time. 

So if you can stay on the seat of your skid steer with a multi-function attachment so you can get close to buildings, close to obstacles and make the most of your time onsite that’s what we want for you and that’s why we’re here.

Talk To An ABI Specialist About SR Skid Steer Attachments

So please give our product specialist a call. Ask them which SR product is best for your purposes based on where you live in the country, based on the size of your business, based on what projects you’ve got. We would love to help you get your outdoor work done. Until next time everyone, take care.