All right, we’ve got the ABI pro finisher here, it’s on the back of the ABI Force Z23. This is a seven foot wide finish attachment that also gives you a little bit of the ruggedness to be able to do in between game swaps.

When looking at the pro finisher, you’ve got a seven foot wide reach, but you’ve got a six inch taper on each end of it, which is nice to allow you to get up close to your edges, kind of taper some of those topicals right up next your grass lip. Does really great on a granular infield. So you talk about any infields that have a top dressing on them or like a limestone where you’re talking like a rocky substance. A sandy infield mix does a great job allowing the material to pick up in the cascade over, give you a beautiful finish off the back.

So when we look a bit a little bit closer to engineering behind this ABI pro finisher. I’m going to start here with the steel mesh. It’s a it’s a weave mesh consistent with a lot of the other pro finishers on the market. The finish rake is in the market. But our mesh has an extra bend between each two inch square option here. So what that does allows for more touch points to be able to have complete ground coverage. So it’s a great finish drag for a quick swap in between in between games. So that is the ABI pro finisher. Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI Force and the rear attachments, please visit our website.