Here we’ve got the XD drag mat behind the ABI Force Z-23. The XD drag mat is one of the heaviest drag mats on the market. This version we’ve got here is a six foot wide by three foot long. We also offer an eight foot version by three foot as well.

This is one of your heavy duty like renovation style drag mats. What’s this drag mat is mainly used for is minor leveling. Because of the surface area of the drag mat mesh itself, it will carry a little bit of material, be able to drop some of that material within any low spots as it’s making us pass over that low spot.

This drag mat is again one of the heaviest on the market and the build is extremely heavy duty. The XD stands for Extreme Duty. The big touch point here are your welded edges. Each edge here is welded. So if any, if you’re snagging base cover or base pegs or fences, this will not snare on you. Grab up on your flare up on. This will stay rigid and stay tight. It is very heavy duty drag mat. It will lay down very well. You can manipulate the drag mat using the chain links to be able to kind of hug an inside tire from making your turning patterns, or you can even lift it up and use the back half the mat just to do a nice swooping finish as well.

This drag mat can also be used behind any other piece of equipment. Any four-wheelers or UTVs, maybe using even like a lawn lawn tractor as well. So this is not limited to the ABI Force itself.

Got a little lift point as well here in the middle to build a hang this up, fold it over, hang it up to be transport it from field to field as well. So again, a very heavy duty drag mat, more for the renovation style, but a great day to day groomer as well. If you’re just touching up a couple of fields that might be a little bit out of level, or might have some material movement based on gameplay.

Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI Force and the rear attachments, please visit our website.