It’s just about getting out there making the dust and paying your dues. It’s just that same attitude of always wanting to improve. Why not be relentless why stop that spirit of always wanting to get better. Always want to learn. That’s what attracted me ABI. Great footing is everything especially when you’ve got a horse that’s giving you one hundred and ten percent every time. At least you can do is putting on a good track. Horses that I’m competing with and against. There is no day off. There is no 70 percent. You know they go they go like we go. It’s all out. And if the footing is right it can be a catastrophe. I think that’s probably one of the biggest improvements in our industry is how much the footing has changed and how much people have attributed injuries to bad ground and bad footing. It’s just part of our job to take care of the animals. Good horses don’t come around every day and being able to practice on them but not shorten their career. The biggest part of it is is keeping good footing under them and making sure the ground is groomed. Once I realized how much of a difference a great drag made in arena there was no going back. That’s when that’s when everything changed for me. There’s a lot of drags out there to choose from today and it can be overwhelming especially if you haven’t been using them for 20 plus years like I have. And so it’s been so nice to be able to introduce the new E-Series The Trevor Brazile Edition. It’s something that’s more practical for the everyday guy or the weekend guy. But that still wants to take care of his animals because it does a brilliant job with the ground.

It made me drag my arena more often because it was so easy. What used to take me two tools I had a tool on the front of my skidsteer that I would have to go in because I couldn’t get back to the back of the box like I wanted because there was always some kind of a comb or other implement on the very back of the drag that wouldn’t let me get consistency from the back of my box to the front of my box and The Trevor Brazile Series has done away with all other implements except for this one drag. I can’t believe that the back half of the box is overlooked because most people just kind of drag in what they can drop it and go. But you’re you’re talking about sprinters without a good starting block. I mean that’s where that’s where they go from zero to wherever they’re going that’s where they’re pushing off that’s when the footing needs to be so important. And that’s why I was so important to me to be able to get those grooming rods completely to the back of my box so that grooming grooming rods are here and the comb can come completely up so that no area of my box is overlooked especially the starting blocks from horse and I can see my horses just getting confidence from knowing that I’m putting them into a good footing. You know on a regular basis when I’m practice and they know that they’re not having to look for holes they can actually concentrate on what what they’re doing more I think because whether you’re back and into your box or turning sharp around the barrels it doesn’t matter what it is you’re in control of the comb. So now I can hydraulically pull up that comb drag it all the way to the back of my box drag it smooth it.

It leaves a finish that you can’t find anywhere else. Part of going through the hard work of arenas is getting to sit back back and look at it for the split second that there’s no hoof prints in it and it looks the best with the finishing comb. I feel like we have finally made a drag that has done everything that I feel like a drag can do. It’s the perfect drag in my opinion. That’s why I put my name on.