TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition
TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition (Arena Drag)
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition Testimonial (Arena Drag)
Tractor Food Plot Disc at Work! New Option for your TR3 – ABI Dirt
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition - Arena Drag & Arena Groomer
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition
TR3E Trevor Brazile
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition
TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition
TR3E Food Plot Disc For Sub-Compact Tractor

TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition

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Trevor's Arena Drag for Roping and Rodeo Events

The TR3e Trevor Brazile Edition is America's best 3-point arena drag for roping and rodeo events! Trevor Brazile, the world's most decorated roper, has teamed up with ABI Equine, the world's largest arena drag manufacturer to create the TR3e Trevor Brazile Edition, the most innovative and effective arena drag designed specifically for roping and rodeo events. “It’s the perfect drag in my opinion, that’s why I put my name on it.” - Trevor Brazile The versatility of this drag enables you to professionally groom horse riding arenas, grade gravel driveways, smooth out dry lots, maintain trails, prep paddocks for seeding, break up manure in pastures, and prep soil for food plots! Versatility outside the arena and precision performance inside the arena is made possible by the TR3e Equine Edition's patented technologies. The TR3e Trevor Brazile Edition is the result of over 20 years of innovative technology and roping experience. Trevor and ABI set out to engineer an arena drag designed specifically for the performance horse. Your horse deserves perfectly-conditioned footing to push off from, but the back half of the box is one of the most overlooked areas of a roping arena. This drag effectively prepares the starting blocks for your horse to take your training arena or event facility to the next level. 7' & 8' Widths. 60-month Limited Warranty
Line Drawing

U.S. Patents


Ground-Engaging Components


H.P. Rating

27 - 85

Limited Warranty


The TR3e Trevor Brazile Edition was designed for ropers and has five fully adjustable ground-engaging components, including the newly designed, innovative hydraulic rake envisioned by Trevor himself! These adjustable components give you the control you need to prepare the ground throughout the arena and inside the box!


The rake raises to get the ground-engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction. Then, with precision control, the rake lowers to create a consistent finish between the box and the arena.


If the box needs filled, the hydraulic finish rake can also push material back, or it can collect displaced material and pull it into the box.


Outside of the box, the hydraulic finish rake can pivot into a variety of finishing and grading positions to optimize material flow, pulverize clumps, and expertly create ABI’s famous signature finish!


5 Ground-Engaging Components

The TR3 E-series has 5 points of contact with the ground! These contact points all do something different and make the TR3 E Series the most versatile and effective arena drag globally! To properly prepare the entire profile of an arena, your arena drag must have more than one or two types of ground engaging components. Simply grooming out the hoof prints won’t keep your horses sound, performing to their maximum abilities, or give you both the best chance for a long partnership.

TR3E - Trevor Brazile

Groom The Back Of The Box

The roping box is critical for getting the best times in competition. That’s why the hydraulic finish rake is a game-changer for ropers. The TR3e Trevor Brazile Editon is the first arena drag engineered to work inside the box with ease! The rake raises to get the ground-engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction. Then, with precision control, the rake lowers to create a consistent finish between the box and the arena.

Degree Rotation

Built For The Roping Box

The rake hydraulically rotates 120° to get the ground-engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction.

The TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition has up to 5 ground engaging components that groom, properly prepare, and renovate roping arenas and the box. These adjustable components provide proven innovation that helps keep your horses performing to their maximum ability!

Wheel Components

Stabilizing Wheels

Easily Create Consistent Footing Throughout The Arena

The patented center mounted wheels stabilize the frame of the TR3 E-Series and provide positive depth control to all ground engaging components. With three height adjustments, it’s easy to find the perfect position for general grooming or renovating.

All 3-point tractor implements move in the opposite direction of the tractor’s front tires. If the tractor’s front tires go up, the 3-point goes down, causing most 3-point implements to dig holes and create waves in horse arenas. However, the TR3 E-Series offers stabilizing wheels to solve this problem, preventing it from undulating with the tractor’s front tires.

The TR3 E-Series tires suspend the ground-engaging components in relation to each other, ensuring precise and accurate grooming, enabling anyone to achieve precise and consistent footing depth each time the arena is worked.

TR3 “E” Equine Edition - Profile Blade

Profile Blades (Patented)

Remove Subsurface Compaction You Can’t See

ABI’s patented Profile Blade attachment is an innovative subsurface cutting blade that works similarly in concept to a sod-cutting knife to eliminate hidden dangers under an otherwise smooth-looking top riding surface. This attachment cuts parallel to the arena grade while riding above the base to remove dangerous compaction layers and aerify the footing. Unlike competitors, the Profile Blade attachment ensures that what the horse and rider see on the top surface is what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate the footing material! This new level of safety helps reduce vet bills and ensures productive time in the ring, as the horse will be more attune to riders’ cues instead of unseen dangers below the surface. This technology works well in both arenas with and without a professionally installed base. If the arena does not have a base, the Profile Blades will pack the material below it to create a quasi base.

Self-Leveling Box Blade

Leveling Blade (Patented)

Level The Arena, Don’t Just Smooth It Out

Many competitors claim their drag has a leveling or grading blade; the reality is that they don’t. Many drags can smooth, few can level. Simply smoothing out hoof prints will never bring an arena back to grade. A drag must move footing from one part of the arena to another to claim it can level a horse arena. The TR3 E-Series has an industry-exclusive patented leveling blade that can operate in either a floating or fixed position.

  • Floating Position: In the floating position, this blade will automatically catch high areas and drop that material into lower areas. If the arena is already level, it will not dig holes or create high spots. No skill is required to achieve or maintain a level grade in an arena that does not require renovation.
  • Fixed Position: The leveling blade may also be locked into a fixed position to act as a box blade for rough grading and material spreading. This fixed position enables cut-and-fill style grading used when renovating an arena. When locked, the leveling blade moves material from high areas to low areas at the direction of the tractor operator. A bit more skill is required, but the TR3 E-Series is equipped to get the job done.
Teeth Components

Ripping Teeth

The Teeth For Tough Work

The included adjustable rippers give the TR3 E-Series the teeth for tough dirt and gravel work. They are adjustable from 0 – 7″ to get to the bottom of the most compacted arena footing or gravel driveway potholes. Fortunately, the stabilizing wheels gauge the depth of these teeth to protect the arena’s base, and the tips are easily replaced to restore peak performance once worn.

These forward-facing scarifiers should also be occasionally run in arena footing to help remix sand particles sizes, ensuring the footing is well graded for best stability. Over time large footing particles will rise to the top of the footing profile, and the small particles will settle to the bottom. Keeping these particles mixed is crucial to a high-performance footing. This soil grading principle also applies to gravel driveways.

Grooming Components

Grooming Rods

Add Cushion & Grip To The Footing 

The TR3 E-Series Trevor Brazile Edition grooming rods add air to the footing for added cushion, helping to manage the perfect riding surface. While the Profile Blades loosen the footing horizontally, the Grooming Rods agitate the footing vertically, incorporating air and ensuring all compaction is loosened throughout the footing profile. The grooming rods follow the leveling blade and continue to level the footing for consistent feeding into the finish rake.

Additionally, Grooming Rods may be run either above or below the Profile Blade depth to add “texture” and “grip” to the footing, depending on the equine discipline and arena footing material. Ropers and Barrel Racers will run the Grooming Rods slightly below the Profile Blades to dial in the perfect footing. While Reiners may choose to run the Grooming Rods and Profile Blades at the same depth.

Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Finish Rake

Hydraulically Control The Rear Rake

The hydraulic finish rake is a game-changer for ropers. The roping box is critical for getting the best times in competition. The TR3e Trevor Brazile Editon is the first arena drag engineered to work inside the box with ease! The rake rotates 120° to get the ground-engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction. With precision control, the rake lowers to create a consistent finish between the box and the arena. If the box needs filled, the hydraulic finish rake can also push material back or collect displaced material and pull it into the box. Outside of the box, the hydraulic finish rake can pivot into various finishing and grading positions to optimize material flow, pulverize clumps, and expertly create ABI’s famous signature finish! Use caution when pushing backwards. Only push backwards on loose soil and at slow speed or damage could occur.


TR3 “E” Equine Edition - Rail Blade

Rail / Wall / Fence Blade

Eliminate Hours Of Back Breaking Work

The optional TR3 E-Series rail blade eliminates footing material buildup along the rail of a horse arena. This option saves hours of labor by eliminating the need to rake out tractor-accessible arena edges manually. The breakaway Get shear bolt, edge wheel, and edge marker stake pocket assist the operator with damage-free operation near wood fences, walls, and rails. (Driveway Marker Stake not included, available at local hardware)

TR3E - Equine Disk

Food Plot Disc

Go Ahead & Play In The Woods

The rodeo arena isn’t the only place you’ve got, “work” to get done. If your dirt prep to-do list takes you from inside the rails to outside the tree line you need an attachment that can keep up with you. A set of the optional Food Plot Discs can be swapped for your Profile Blade to turn your favorite arena groomer into your new favorite food plot soil prep tool.

Learn More

Limited Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

60-month Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 60-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Tow Vehicle Requirements

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
Vehicle TypeTractor with 3-PointTractor with 3-Point
Min. Horsepower35 h.p.45 h.p.
Max. Horsepower75 h.p.85 h.p.
4 Wheel DriveRequiredRequired
3-Point CategoryCAT 1CAT 1
Min. 3-Point Lift780 lbs.880 lbs.
Hydraulic Ports NeededYes, 1 Set (2 Ports)Yes, 1 Set (2 Ports)
Front Weight NeededYes, Min 20% of Total Machine Weight RequiredYes, Min 20% of Total Machine Weight Required

Unit Weights & Dimensions

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
Full Unit Weight890 lbs.1,015 lbs.
Full Shipping Weight1,010 lbs.1,135 lbs.
Unit Dimensions83"W x 60"D x 37"H95"W x 60"D x 37"H
Shipping Dimensions84"W x 54"D x 45"H90"W x 54"D x 45"H

Frame Construction

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
3-Point HitchCAT 1CAT 1
Quick Hitch CompatibleYesYes
TypeFarm & Ranch GradeFarm & Ranch Grade
MaterialTube SteelTube Steel
Tire Size16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim
Tire TypeTurf Tire - Air FilledTurf Tire - Air Filled

Finish Rake

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
TypeHydraulically Adjustable Relationship To FrameHydraulically Adjustable Relationship To Frame
Raking Width83" (6.92')95" (7.92')
Rake Material1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)
Flared EndsYesYes
Push Material BackwardCompletely Loose Material OnlyCompletely Loose Material Only

Grading Blade

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
TypeFloating, Fixed, or Float Within RangeFloating, Fixed, or Float Within Range
Grading Width57.5" (4.79')69.5" (5.78')
Cutting EdgeSolid, ReplaceableSolid, Replaceable
Hinged Cutting EdgeNoNo
Hydraulic AdjustmentNoNo


TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
TypeRigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)Rigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)
Scarifying Width56.5" (4.71')68.5" (5.71')
Scarifying Depth0" - 4 3/4"0" - 4 3/4"
# of Scarifiers68
Hydraulic AdjustmentNoNo
Scarifier Shank Length7"7"

Grooming Rods

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
# of Grooming Rods1317
Grooming Width67.5" (5.63')78" (6.5')
Grooming Depth0" - 8"0" - 8"
Grooming Rod Length16"16"

Profile Blades

TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
Profile Blade Width70" (5.83')82" (6.83')
Profile Blade Depth0" - 6"0" - 6"
Mounting LocationFrontFront
Unit Weight107 lbs.120 lbs.


TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
Farm & Ranch Use60-month60-month
Commercial Use12-month12-month
Bent Frame CoverageNoNo


TR3 E Trevor Brazile7'8'
Full Time Commercial UseNoNo
ApplicationsArena Grooming, Driveway Grading, Property WorkArena Grooming, Driveway Grading, Property Work
English SpecialitiesDressage, Jumping, PleasureDressage, Jumping, Pleasure
Western SpecialitiesGeneral, Pleasure, Reining, Cutting, Rodeo, StockGeneral, Pleasure, Reining, Cutting, Rodeo, Stock

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