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It’s time to step up. It’s time to take it to the next level. When a tenth of a second separates winning and losing. You need every competitive advantage.

Trevor Brazile, the world’s most decorated roper, has teamed up with ABI Equine, the world’s largest arena drag manufacturer, to create the TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition, the most innovative and effective arena drag designed to give you the competitive edge. Improve your practice, elevate your performance. The TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition.

Roping arenas have unique challenges. The roping box can easily be neglected, causing problems such as compaction and displacement, which limit the horse’s power out of the box. The TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition was designed for ropers and has five fully adjustable ground engaging components, including the newly designed, innovative hydraulic rake envisioned by Trevor himself. These adjustable components give you the control you need to prepare the ground throughout the arena and inside the box. Manufactured in the USA and available in six foot, seven foot, and eight foot widths, the TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition is packed full of purpose built components for roping arenas and other work throughout the ranch.

The hydraulic finish rake is a game changer for ropers. The roping box is critica for getting the best times in competition and the TR3 E Trevor Brazile Edition is the first and only arena drag that is engineered to work inside the box with ease. The hydraulic finish rake can be raised or lowered hydraulically from the seat to the tractor and can be adjusted for different speeds with the hydraulic speed dial. The rake raises to get the ground engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction. Then, with precision control, the rake lowers to create a consistent finish between the box and the arena. If the box needs filled, the hydraulic finish rake can also push material back or it can collect displaced material and pull it into the box.

Outside of the box, the hydraulic finish rake can pivot into a variety of finishing and grading positions to optimize material flow, pulverized clumps and expertly create ABI’s famous signature finish.

The Trevor Brazile Edition TR3-E features custom made grooming rods designed specifically for horse arenas. These two offset rows of replaceable grooming rods condition every inch of the ground to ensure ridge-free consistency. The adjustable one inch diameter rods are strategically spaced and set at the ideal angle to allow for exceptional material flow and grooming results. When the hydraulic rake is raised, the operator can position these rods right up against the back railing to condition every inch of the ground inside the box.

The ripping teeth loosen the ground to eliminate hard spots and easily penetrate compacted ground. Many equine disciplines require different ground depths, and every arena is different. So ripping teeth are adjustable to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth.

The Leveling blade maintains consistent ground depth and equalizes high and low areas across the arena. This blade floats to automatically catch high areas and drop material into lower areas without changing the overall grade. This is an ideal feature for daily preparation of horse arenas, making it easy for any operator to maintain a level arena. However, if more aggressive, contour changing, cut and fill grading is required, the blade can be locked down like a box blade and move larger amounts of material.

One of ABI’s most innovative arena drag features are the patented profile blades. These available profile blades cut through the arena footing like a sod cutter, loosening one hundred percent of the ground with every pass. The adjustable profile blade slice through the material from.

The bottom up, not the top down, eliminating all ridges in the ground and allowing the footfall of the horse to be flat and perfect every time. Not all arenas have the same ground composition. The profile blades can be adjusted to work in any arena for any equine discipline. Just the profile blades to ride just below the grooming rods for a perfectly smooth and consistent base, or adjust the grooming rods to ride below the profile blades to create more grip and traction for your horse.

The stabilizing wheels control the frame of the TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition. These wheels give the drag positive depth control to all of the ground engaging components, which is critical for consistent footing depth. With three height adjustments, it’s easy to find the perfect position for general grooming, preparing, or renovating.

Every arena experiences ground displacement, especially ones that get heavy use. So, the TR3-E Trevor Brazile Edition has an optional rail blade. This option eliminates ground build up against arena walls and saves hours of labor.

The combined reputation and experience of ABI and Trevor Brazile have brought you in an arena drag designed for ropers. Crafted and manufactured in the USA. Get more power out of the box. Build confidence from the ground up. Cut time in competition. Elevate your performance with the TR3 Trevor Brazile Edition.