Trevor Brazile

Roping & All-Around




Decatur, TX

Horses of a Lifetime

Texaco & Sic' Em

Highest Honor

23 World Titles

Why Roping

I started roping things around the house at 2 and my first memory from a horse was when I was 4. Roping was just something everybody did. It was just another day for me.


Phil Lyne & Roy Cooper


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His Story

With 23 World Titles and over $6M in PRCA earnings, Trevor Brazile has been a force to be reckoned with since he first put a foot in the stirrup. This record breaking cowboy is relentless in not only his professional career but also in his personal life. The drive to continually improve is something that he & his wife Shada impart on their 3 children. That determination has helped him succeed in becoming the richest cowboy in the history of the PRCA. For Trevor, developing confidence all started with his ability to excel in preparing for each event. The same translates to his horses.

When did you get started with horses?

At age 3. I grew up on a feedlot in Gruber, TX, so I’ve been around horses and cattle my whole life. I never knew anything else growing up. I was always around horses and they were always a part of my life.

What electronic device couldn’t you live without?

I have my irons in a lot of fires so to be without my phone would be a big challenge.

Mares or Geldings?


My Go-To ABI Tool

The TR3 E Trevor Brazile Edition. Because it has a lot of the same things that I love about the ABI Dragmaster, but you don’t have the same price, and you don’t have to have the same size tractor to run it. It’s something that’s more practical for the everyday guy or the weekend guy, but that still wants to take care of his animals because it does a brilliant job with the ground. Saves time and you still have great footing. That’s what I love about it.