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Kiser SpeedMaster® The World's Finest Speed Events Arena Drag

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For Barrel Racing, Roping And General Rodeo Events

The Kiser SpeedMaster is purpose built for timed speed events by the world's preeminent arena performance authority! Designed for use in barrel racing, roping, and general rodeo events, the Kiser SpeedMaster offers the ultimate in footing maintenance control. It allows faster run times and more consistency from run to run than ever before, all while helping to protect both horse and rider from injury. Designed for use behind a large category two tractor, the Kiser SpeedMaster arena drag is setting a new standard for event facilities and anyone serious about winning! Bob and Jim Kiser didn't set out just to build another arena drag. What they created fundamentally changes expectations!


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Click to learn more about the components of the Kiser SpeedMaster®:
  • 1.  Independent Components
    Each ground engaging component, of the Kiser SpeedMaster, is controlled independently from the frame, allowing for 5-points of control over the arena footing material. This is a fundamental advancement over other 3-point drags on the market. In fact, this is the first and only 3-point arena drag with both a hydraulic leveling blade & hydraulic scarifiers in the same design! Because of this, it is now possible to simultaneously loosen and groom the arena footing at a consistent depth, while at the same time collecting and dropping footing material without altering grooming depth, which brings the surface back to grade. This independence is vital to prepare an arena for peak performance and its only found on the Kiser SpeedMaster.
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  • 2.  Hydraulic Scarifiers
    The hydraulically-adjustable double-row of offset scarifying teeth can rip deep and consistently loosening hardpan arena footing to any depth desired for speed events. With hydraulic control from the seat of the tractor, the operator is empowered to precisely control footing depth quickly and easily. The exclusive double-row of offset scarifying teeth design enables more shanks per foot for increased ground consistency and reduced material chunking, while at the same time enhancing material flow. Each shank has replaceable bolt-on tips. Optional Profile Blades may temporarily swap in to prepare arena footings for Reining & Dressage disciplines.
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  • 3.  Hydraulic Leveling Blade
    The exclusive hydraulically-adjustable leveling blade is operated from the seat of the tractor, and moves independently from the main frame of the drag, offering the independence to simultaneously level and consistently groom the arena. This blade is unique as it offers precision hydraulic control over the amount of material carried on the blade without effecting the drags other components. This is significant advancement in performance drag design and even allows for an optional laser grading system. The problem with competitors fixed blades is that when the operator make blade adjustments all other grooming components are lift up causing inconsistent undulated footing.
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  • 4.  Grooming Rods
    The manually-adjustable double offset rows of grooming rods condition the arena footing to ensure ridge-free consistency. The one-inch diameter rods may be adjusted from 0 - 4" to properly condition the footing material after it has been loosened by scarifiers and leveled by the blade. The rods are also easily replaced and adjustable for wear with no tools required. These rods are NOT railroad ties or spikes used by many competitors, they are custom made rods designed specifically for grooming horse arenas. The rods are strategically spaced and set at the ideal angle to allow for exceptional material flow and grooming results.
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  • 5.  Rolling Basket
    The manually-adjustable rolling basket is a dramatic advancement over competitors rear spiked rollers. This basket does much more than simply leave behind a rolled surface. In fact, this basket serves four primary purposes. First, this uniquely designed basket, functions to control the drags operating depth and helps to prevent the drag from following tractor undulations. Second, it pulverizes footing clods with ease. Third, it packs the loosened material creating a stable footing ideal for speed events. Forth, it leaves behind a small top coating of loosened footing material to provide proper cushion in the footing profile. Following the scarifiers, leveling blade, and grooming rods, this rolling basket creates the ideal "grip" for speed events!
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  • 6.  Floating Finish Rake
    The manually-adjustable floating finish rake is the final ground contact point and creates the SpeedMaster's signature finish. In one pass the SpeedMaster will loosen, level, groom, pulverize, pack, and now rake the footing to a beautiful finish. The SpeedMaster simply creates the best finish in the industry for speed events, nothing else compares. This rake has the ability to either be locked down, allowed to fully float, or be configured for limited float. This customization enables the SpeedMaster to create the perfect finish in nearly any footing material composition or moisture conditions. The rake is constructed of 1/2" think laser cut steel that is replaceable in one foot sections. It is also split in the middle for easier handling and consistent ground contact.
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PTO Water System:

A standard watering system allows simultaneous watering and dragging of the arena footing. This supplemental watering system can help maintain footing moisture levels and knock down dust created by the drag during operation. There are no weak electric pumps and cheap high pressure nozzles here, instead this 110 gallon system uses a far more powerful PTO pump and the brass flood nozzles have the ability to put down serious water output. Water output is adjustable to either cover the entire arena with a light dusting or to lay down the entire tank in a dedicated area during one pass, such as the barrel pattern. Event facilities, that drag frequently during events, will appreciate this systems ability to apply more water more quickly than competitors, to continually add water between runs, maintaining footing strength and controlling dust. If a primary watering system is needed, please consider a 500, 1000, or 1600 gallon Kiser Water Trailer or consider a Kiser DragMaster with an onboard 300 or 500 gallon water system.

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36-Month Warranty:

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited warranty on this product. That's right, this product is designed for daily use, is built tough enough for commercial applications, and is backed by the longest standard consumer/commercial warranty we are aware of in the industry! See warranty documentation for details.



Part #:
Working Width:
Min. Horse Power:
70 h.p. 4WD
Unit Weight:
2,165 lbs.
Total Width:
Total Length:
Total Height:
Leveling Blade:
Hydraulic Control 2" x 8" Cylinder
Laser Ready:
# of Grooming Rods:
Grooming Rod Spacing:
8" Center Per Bar 4" Space Between
Grooming Rod Gauge:
Grooming Rods:
Adjustable & Replaceable
# of Scarifiers:
Scarifier System:
Hydraulic Control 2" x 8" Cylinder
Scarifier Tips:
Replaceable Hardened Steel
Hydraulic Ports Required:
2 Sets of Ports (2 In & 2 out)
Hydraulic Hoses:
Included - #8
Hitch Type:
CAT II 3-Point
Designed Use:
Horse Arena Only
Rust Resistant Black Powder Coating
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