How the TR3 Rake Can Transform Your Landscaping This Season

Using Your Landscape Rake During Fall 

From light to heavy workloads, landowners trust the TR3 Rake attachment to tackle landscaping projects throughout the year. But how can you use a landscape rake to prepare your land for the fall? Here’s a few ideas we’ve gathered to inspire how you can use your TR3 Rake this season.

Remove Dead Plants

Removing dead roots is a top priority for many in the fall, as leaving them alone can result in unhealthy soil and even damaged equipment that can delay your projects in spring. If you’ve ever had to pull roots out by hand, you know the deeper the roots the harder they are to remove. 

Get the extra power you need to protect your soil using the TR3 Rake. Utilize the featured back finishing rake to slice through dead roots and pulverize the soil to guarantee a healthier seedbed for future plants.

Clean Your Garden Plots

Are you looking to improve your garden growth for next harvest? The best place to start is by cleaning your garden plots. This process helps remove dead plants and fill holes burrowed by pests, which, if left alone, could expose healthy roots to unforgiving cold or water erosion.

First, you can use the auto leveling drag bar on a TR3 Rake to level and grade the soil. This bar will pull up dead vegetation while redistributing high piles of soil into low holes in the ground.

Then, pass over with the steel finish rake to comb out dirt clumps and create a seedbed in no time at all.

Make a Compost Pile

Fall is a great time to create a compost pile. While landowners typically get it from livestock manure, compost can be made from any organic material. This time of year, that means collecting leaves, dead grass, and rotting wood on your property. 

Using your landscape rake, you can get material out of the way without breaking a sweat. It’s as easy as locking down the auto-leveling drag bar, which lets it act like a box scraper to push everything into a convenient pile. You’ll not only clean up your property but also create compost to help your seeds grow come spring.

Create Winter Food Plots

Just because winter is around the corner doesn’t mean it’s too late to start planting a wildlife food plot. A favorite fall project for landowners is to make food plots to feed local wildlife populations of deer or turkey during winter. Food plots provide valuable nutrient-rich plants that draw in significant numbers of animals, ensuring more game hunting or wildlife watching on your land. Create your food plot just in time for planting using the optional Food Plot Disc attachment on the ABI TR3 Rake.

Level Your Driveway

If you have a farm with a gravel or dirt driveway, you likely already know the risks posed by water erosion. If the driveway isn’t maintained, washboarding can occur and create potholes. For farms in Southern climates, this may lead to material being displaced during fall rains; while Northern farms are more likely to experience dangerous icy patches. 

Ensure safety on your property by leveling your driveway with your landscape rake. Take the auto-leveling drag bar to decompact the gravel or dirt and redistribute the piles into low potholes along your drive. Keep in mind that the sides of your driveway can also build up material. We recommend using the TR3 Rake’s rail blade to cut those lip edges away so you can enjoy a tidy driveway all winter long.

Fall Landscaping Made Easy

From clearing dead roots to leveling your driveway, there’s all kinds of ways you can use a landscape rake during fall. To learn how to operate your TR3 Rake, start with our TR3 Rake setup guide to get working on your property projects!

At ABI, we’re always innovating new ways to bring more convenient tools to our customers. With the right attachment, a fall landscaping project can go from exhausting to exciting for landowners wanting to get the most out of their property. Looking for the right tool to pair with your tractor? Contact one of our Product Specialists at 877-788-7253 to explore our tractor attachment options today.