Want to know what makes the SportPro line the best synthetic groomer around?

We like to say around here at ABI Attachments that our tools are “purpose built,” but what does that really mean? It’s simple, really, it means that every attachment our engineers design is crafted with intention for the work it needs to do. So when we set out to create an arena drag for synthetic arenas composed of sand footing and additives, we built it on purpose, for the riders and horses who use it. 

When it comes to synthetic footing, the challenge in building a drag is the uniqueness of different synthetic materials, from rubber to the many fiber variations. A purpose built synthetic arena drag has to have maximum flexibility to be able to adapt to different footing types. Which is why the SportPro has three individual models and over a dozen possible configurations, so arena owners can make sure they are getting the groomer that will yield the high quality footing results required.

Easy to Lift and Easy to See

With this emphasis on flexibility and configurability in mind, there were a few key considerations we needed to keep at the forefront of the SportPro design. One being that a large percent of equine facilities and backyard riders are working with a compact or subcompact tractor, which have limited lifting capabilities. In order to make sure smaller tractors could lift the drag, we utilized a structural tube framework with high quality steel, which keeps the tool light without compromising durability.

Both the structural tube framework and the no-shell design of the SportPro facilitate maximum visibility. We know that synthetic materials—especially fibers—are prone to plugging, we also know that flow issues usually start at the middle of the drag. By keeping the middle of drag visible it makes it that much easier for operators to easily observe any flow issues and adjust the drag settings to avoid plugging up.

A Groomer Built to Last

The best groomer is the one you don’t have to think much about, you just know it’s going to work. Too many arena drags on the market are not designed and built to last. Particularly, many drags have the load of the tool carried by linkages. But in order for that to work, the linkages either have to be big and heavy or you’ll have to replace them often. As we said before, we didn’t want our SportPro groomer to be overly cumbersome, but we also don’t want smaller linkages carrying the weight of the tool. Which is why the SportPro drag is built with the load being carried on the strongest part of the attachment: the frame. We prioritized this element of the design because arena owners deserve a tough groomer, built to get their arena work done right for years and years to come.

Flow of Synthetic Footing Material

The flow of synthetic additives when grooming is vital to the consistency and stability of the footing. If the sand and additives are not thoroughly blended, the footing will be uneven, working against your horse and rider rather than empowering their best performance. This is why, when you’re dealing with the variables inherent in synthetic footing, flow is key. And with the SportPro, that need for comprehensive blending is addressed by creating space in between each ground contact element, so the footing material has room to properly blend.

What many arena groomers advertised as “for synthetic arenas” don’t account for is the differences in each type of footing and the unique needs of individual disciplines. In fact, quite a few synthetic arena groomers are just adapted from other farm equipment like field cultivators. The SportPro was designed from a clean slate, built from the ground up to meet the needs of horses and riders using synthetic arenas. Light enough to lift with a smaller tow vehicle, heavy enough to properly compact the footing, and long enough to provide space for optimal material blending.

Moving Your Drag Around Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Before our new SportPro arena groomer could have ABI’s stamp of approval, there was one more challenge that needed to be addressed: getting in and out of the arena. What’s the point of having a great arena groomer if it’s always a massive hassle to get this thing where it needs to go? And what if once you get it in the footing, the attachment doesn’t follow the movements of your tow vehicle? These are very real issues experts and everyday riders alike run into with their grooming equipment. Here’s how we tackled it for our SportPro groomer:

The SportPro M3 – Pull-Behind Groomer
For tow vehicles with a pin or ball hitch, the SportPro M3 has a wheel transport system which makes it easy to get out of the arena without dragging your baskets or individually raising all your contact points. Drag and drop the attachment without losing time redoing the settings and entirely avoid bringing in loose rocks and gravel from outside the arena.

The SportPro M5 – 3pt Turning Hitch
For facilities with a tractor, our engineers invented the patent-pending 3pt Turning Hitch to provide maximum angle of rotation and stability, removing the common issues of chattering or duck-walking that operators often run into when grooming their arenas. The 3pt Turning Hitch functions independently, so it can easily follow the tow vehicle around obstacles like jumps. The 3pt Turning Hitch automatically straightens itself and auto locks when picked up, so you can stay on the tractor when entering and exiting your arenas.

Purpose Built For Your Arena

When we say purpose built here at ABI, we mean that the implement was designed with meticulous intention, crafted to address common challenges and to empower better ways of getting your work done. To learn more about the ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition, call a product specialist today at 877-788-7253.