Lari Dee Guy





Abilene, Texas

Horses of a Lifetime

I’ve been fortunate to have great horses throughout my career. “Gangster” is probably my horse of a lifetime. He’s an amazing athlete with a ton of heart. He stepped my game up.

Connect With Me

How did you get into the equine industry?

I was raised in a ranching/rodeo family. Horses, ranching, and rodeo have always been a part of my life. My dad and brother roped, my mom ran barrels, and I rope. My grandad bought me my first horse for 67 dollars. We were both two years old. I rode her until she was 19; her name was “Ridy.”

Why Roping?

I always loved helping my dad on the ranch. I’ve always been passionate about roping and training rope horses.

What qualities do you value in a horse?

Athletic, fast footed, good mind, willing, big heart.

Who’s been you biggest role model in the equine and industry and why?

Besides my mom and dad I would say Trevor Brazile. He’s done amazing things in our industry. His work ethic and morals are like no others. We have a friendship and partnership I will be forever grateful for.

Favorite Show to Attend

I appreciate all rodeos and committees that welcome us. If I had to pick, I would say Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

If you had to choose another discipline, what would you chose and why?

I can’t see myself choosing any other discipline other than roping. I live and breathe roping and training great rope horses.

Your go-to ABI Tool?

My TR3® “E” Trevor Brazile Edition Drag. I use to drag my arena every day!!!