Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro Infield Groomer By ABI Sports Turf
Infield Rascal Pro Infield Groomer By ABI Sports Turf
Infield Grooming – VibraFlex Technology By ABI
Infield Rascal Pro – Walk-Through
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal MVP
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro
Infield Rascal Pro

Infield Rascal Pro

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Professional Infield Groomer

The Infield Rascal Pro is the ultimate infield surfaces groomer, that produces amazing results for daily grooming and occasional light renovation work. The Infield Rascal Pro features two revolutionary patent-pending technologies that are a complete re-imagining of infield surface maintenance, making many traditional methods obsolete. This is accomplished with ABI’s VibraFlex attachment for daily grooming and Profile Blade attachment for vegetation removal, light renovation and de-compaction work. The patented Wheel Lift System, with huge stabilizing wheels, enables the operator to easily transport the tool and have complete control over grooming depth and aggressiveness. This system may even be controlled from the seat of the tow vehicle with the available electric actuator. Combine these features with the ability to quickly swap between available innovative finishing attachments, such as the Rigid Drag Mat, Coco Drag Mat, XD Flexible Drag Mat and Fine Finish Broom, and the Infield Rascal Pro can master any infield surface challenge with ease.

Infield Rascal Pro Profile Blade

Profile Blade™ Attachment

For seasonal renovation work, the patent-pending Profile Blade attachment yields unparalleled de-compaction results slicing the complete profile of the infield material from a 1/2 inch to 3 inches beneath the infield surface. This is accomplished without displacing the material, reducing the need to laser grade after this work is complete. Occasionally de-compacting the infield surface encourages a quick draining and consistent playing ball field. Profile Blades also have the ability to ‘cut’ weeds and grass at the root-level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks as well as remove “lip” build-up along the turf edge.

Infield Rascal Pro Back End

Quick-Swap Finishing Attachments - Rigid Drag Mat

The Infield Rascal’s Quick-Swap finishing attachments make it easier than ever to achieve just the right finish, no matter the infield surface condition and with no tools required. The standard finishing attachment is a custom designed 6′ wide Rigid Drag Mat with integrated leveling bar. This rigid drag mat is the all-purpose attachment that will float material to fill low areas and drag the surface ready for play. Because of it’s rigid design, this drag mat levels and smooths WITHOUT following small contours of the ground ensuring a level playing surface. The innovative integrated leveling bar floats materials from high areas into low areas, is a nearly indestructible tow bar, and allows the steel mesh to be replaced once worn. Other available finishing attachments include a fine finish broom, coco drag mat, and an extreme duty flexible drag mat.

Infield Rascal Pro Wheels

Patented Wheel Lift System

The patented Wheel-Lift System provides precision control over the Infield Rascal and is operated either with a manual jack or the available electric actuator. This system raises and lowers the Rascal chassis for easy transport around the facility, but most importantly, it holds underbelly attachments at a consistent ground-penetration depth during operation. The available electric actuator enables on-the-fly control of the Rascal from the seat of the tow vehicle. The actuator is a huge time saver when used during renovation work or for multi-field facilities. The Rascal rides on large 16.5 inch tall by 8 inch wide tires to ensure consistent grooming results on the field and efficient transport off the field. The large wheels additionally stabilize the Infield Rascal from sinking into soft material or pitching side-to-side ensuring consistency of grooming depth, the width of the unit, especially when maneuvering tight turns. These are high quality wheels with replaceable hubs, spindles, and bearings for long service life.

Infield Rascal Pro Frame

Welded 2.5in x 2.5in Tube Steel Frame

At the core of the Infield Rascal® Pro is a welded main frame built upon 2.5″ x 2.5″ tube steel. The frame is fully welded, except at pivoting joints, for rugged and long lasting service life. This is truly a commercial grade piece of equipment built to take the abuse of hours of daily use.

Infield Rascal Pro Vibraflex

VibraFlex™ Groomer Attachment

For daily grooming, the Patent-pending VibraFlex attachment is a complete re-imagining of infield grooming. Evenly staggered U-pins transfer vibration & flex from front to back, dancing along the surface, shattering surface-tension to properly groom any infield. The VibraFlex groomer is available in two models for different infield soil formulations, facility type, and levels of play. The 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch pins are easy to replace or exchange and are mounted at an angle to create four staggered rows to best suit surface conditions. The standard model 3800 is for recreational fields with four staggered rows creating 3/4″ spacing with 1/4″ or 3/8″ U-shaped VibraFlex pins. The available model 5800 is for professional fields with four staggered rows creating 1/2″ spacing with 1/8″ or 1/4″ U-shaped VibraFlex pins.

Drag Mat Bracket

Finishing Attachments Carrier

The Infield Rascal®’s Finishing Attachments Carrier holds the optional drag mats and broom off the ground for easy transport. These options include a Rigid Drag Mat, Coco Drag Mat, XD Drag Mat & Fine Finish Broom. This is especially handy in multi field complexes.

Infield Rascal Pro Turnknuckle

Ground Contact Adjustment

The turn-knuckle on the top of the Infield Rascal® is designed to enable adjustment over the angle in which the ground engaging components come in contact with the ground. This adjustment allows the operator to flatten out the VibraFlex™ groomer for proper operation or adjust the pitch of the profile blades. This feature is also a very handy, no tools required, way to adjust for varying hitch heights when using multiple tow vehicles.

Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

This industrial grade actuator is powerful, rugged and finely tuned for easy operation of the Rascal from the seat of the tow vehicle. It is most commonly used to lift the tool for transport, raise the tool for tight turns over areas you do not want to disturb, to cut-&-fill grade material, and to set the depth of the ripping teeth or profile blades. While grading is possible without additional options, we HIGHLY recommend this electric actuator to control the wheel-lift system from the seat of the tow vehicle. This option greatly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Rascal for “cut-&-fill” grading and spreading applications. It includes all hardware and wiring needed to attach to a 12v battery and has a very convenient handlebar mounted controller. This controller enables easy operation while keeping both hands on the handlebars of the quad, ATV or UTV. An optional wireless remote controller is also available. A manual crank jack is standard.

Wireless Remote For Actuator

The wireless remote upgrade works with any ABI actuator purchased after June 1st 2013. Now you can control the Rascal’s wheel-lift-system from almost anywhere. Our wireless system has 2 key chain, all weather sealed, remote controllers for use with multiple tow vehicles or multiple operators at the same job site. This complete wireless kit offers easy plug-&-play installation.

Coco Mat Overview

Coco Mat

Looking for a smooth finish for your infield in wet conditions? ABI’s Coco Drag Mat with Leveling Bar provides a lightweight, yet durable solution for high moisture situations. At 6’ wide and 2’ long, the mat provides great coverage, a fine finish, and easy maneuverability. The added innovation of ABI’s integrated leveling bar evens out surface undulations by floating infield mix from high to low areas. This nearly indestructible tow bar is designed to make mat replacement stress-free when the time comes.


Finish Broom

An infield work-up just isn’t complete without a pristine finish. Once the surface is clod-free and level, the Fine Finish Broom has a smart design that enables an ideal finish in either high or low moisture conditions. The 7’ wide broom has 3 perfectly spaced rows of easily replaceable bristles. Use the mounting arms to adjust to the exact working angle desired and then the broom will do the rest as it floats independently from the Infield Rascal® frame with just the right amount of down pressure required. Floating this small amount of material into low areas will absolutely provide for an infield with a “major-league” finish.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Limited Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

36-month Commercial Warranty

At the core of the Infield Rascal Pro is commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship. This chassis is designed for daily use and is built tough enough to take on the demands of all sports turf facilities. And just to prove how much we believe in the quality of this tool, ABI backs it with a 36-month limited warranty. This warranty covers both consumer and commercial use and is the longest infield groomer warranty in the sports turf industry! See warranty documentation for details.

Part # PRO
Frame Construction Welded 2.5" x 2.5"
Wheels 16.5" tall x 8" wide
Unit Weight 405 lbs.
Minimum CC/HP 450 cc / 20 hp
Ball Hitch 2"
Warranty 36-month
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.


Infield Rascal Pro
Product Type Infield Groomers
Connection Ball Hitch
Power Range 18 – 23 h.p. Tractor, 400 – 600 cc ATV/UTV, 600 – 1,000+ cc ATV/UTV, 20 – 28 h.p. Lawn Tractor
Tow Vehicle ATV / UTV, Tractor, ATV, UTV, Sub-Compact Tractor, Lawn Tractor, Zero-Turn Mower
Other Attributes Wireless Remote Optional, Wired To Battery Optional

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  1. Brian

    The Infield Rascal works great. We also have a drag mat on the back that makes a nice crisp finish on the field when I’m done grading it. If I could change one thing it would be buying it sooner before the end of the season.

  2. Stan From Missouri

    I love the Rascal and it does exactly what you guys said it would. I am extremely happy with it.

  3. Brian Revercomb

    I have the Infield Rascal Pro and to me it is the best tool on the market for managing your playing surface and warning track. I have used it for three years now and have had nothing but consistent results. The PRO is very durable, very well built and have had zero issues in the three years I have used it to maintain my field.

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