Profile Blades Help Create Consistent Arena Footing

What components make for a good riding arena? There are multiple different factors in regards to your footing such as: moisture, depth, and compaction that affect how well your horse works. Many times there are underlying issues below the surface of your arena, that are not visible to your eye. However, these issues will cause your horse to not be able to keep cadence and rhythm like they are trained to do. This typically happens when your horse begins to learn to shy away at areas under the top few inches of footing that are compacted and uneven. A simple answer to your problem is to install a base into your arena. However, these bases can be very costly to install. A simple way to create a faux base in your arena and clean up compaction under the surface? An ABI Profile Blade.

The next question is: “What is a profile blade?”. The simple answer to this question is a patented part of an ABI Tool that will remove compaction just above the base. This means it will remove or eliminate hidden factors underneath the surface that you cannot see.

An example many of us can relate to is when you ride when your arena is a little more wet then ideal. Most of the time, your footing material will tend to compact quicker than normal. Once your arena is dried up, you will have hard, compacted foot holes throughout the entire arena. This is a great time to engage your profile blades and ripping teeth. This is because both ground engaging parts of an ABI TR3 E Series will tear up the hard dried ground and then will continue to break up the compaction underneath the footing surface. This is when your faux base is created with your profile blades. The pressure of the drag and the blades will create compaction below the profile blades. This faux base will allow your arena footing to be one depth throughout and more consistent. If you already have a base installed in your riding arena, these profile blades can be adjusted to the desired depth above your base, and simply clean the surface of it, eliminating all compaction. 

The profile blades are a major differentiator between the ABI TR3 E Series and its competitors, such as a chain harrow. You will be able to loosen footing without creating ridges underneath the surface of your footing. Instead of ripping through footing with perpendicular teeth these profile blades slice through the footing in quarter inch increments and loosen the footing. Now with every single pass of the tractor the TR3 E Series will be loosening 100% of your hard compacted footing! This will save you an enormous amount of time on the tractor because the driver no longer has to make two or three passes over the same footing with different patterns! The profile blade cleans the base of compaction and lifts the footing material to add cushion. This will give you and your horse the cushion you need for a smooth consistent ride.

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