Now’s the time. Start that engine and take command of your land with a rugged American made chain harrow by ABI Attachments. For generations, chain harrows have been an economical method to lightly harrow gardens, food plots, pastures, lawns, horse arenas, and round pens. The ABI chain harrow, available with a three-point tracker lifting frame or pull-behind style drag bar, is built in four-, six-, eight-, and 12-foot widths to suit your application and tow vehicle.

Backed by a 24-month limited warranty, this heavy duty chain harrow stands tall among competitors. Now let’s take a closer look at how an ABI chain harrow can help command your land. For pasture, paddock, and lawn maintenance, the ABI chain harrow will knock down livestock manure piles to encourage faster decomposition, lightly aerate, and smooth surface soil after top dressing. All with minimal disruption to existing grass.

For large gardens and food plots, use the ABI chain harrow after discing or tilling to smooth out soil undulations and pull out clumps of loose debris, creating a smoother seedbed. ABI’s chain harrow can also incorporate large seeds into the soil after broadcasting, although only a cultipacker should be used for small seeds. For horse riding arenas and round pens, the ABI chain harrow is an economical method to smooth the top of the surface, leaving a nice finish. But no chain harrow should be considered a professional arena drag.

For driveways and trails, the ABI chain harrow is used after a box blade or rear blade to smooth the surface and pull off loose vegetation and debris. While a chain harrow will not loosen hard pan gravel or eliminate potholes, it can be used to freshen up the look of a driveway in short order. To get in command of your land, ABI has got you covered.

Not only do we build exceptional quality attachments and have easy payment options, our large team of battle-tested experts are ready to answer your toughest questions. Go ahead. Give us a call, chat online, or complete the online request form. You’ll quickly learn that we are land management experts with the knowledge and experience to get you the best tool for the job, properly sized to your tractor or ATV at a great value. And there’s no hassle. We provide affordable factory direct shipping to your property, giving you complete access to every attachment, size, option, and part we offer. Don’t settle. Get exactly what you want when you want it with ABI Attachments.

Now let’s take a closer look at the construction of the ABI chain harrow. The harrow mat itself is made of heavy duty half-inch-thick chain, made of high carbon heat-treated steel. Each mat is four foot long from front to back, and the tines themselves measure four inches long. The custom designed drag bar is fully welded and is overbuilt for long life. If you have a three-point tractor, you will love the efficiency, ease of use, and control provided by our three-point chain harrows.

The three-point lifting frame enables operation in tight spaces, quick turnarounds, easy cleaning or dropping of debris, and effortless transport around the property. These frames are rated for Category 1 tractors up to 50 horsepower and are built ABI tough with heavy duty construction, a double ear lower arm connection, and steel frame supports that connect the upper mast to the harrow frame. Suspended by adjustable chains, the harrow is designed to stay in contact with the ground while operating over undulating terrain. The frame and drag bar are finished with a UV-resistant powder coating. The harrow mat is reversible and can be flipped for three levels of aggressiveness. Level One is most passive, with the tines facing upward.

Level Two allows the tines to face downward, but also to release under pressure. Level Three is the most aggressive, with the tines fully locked downward when pulled forward. If you’re a horse owner that owns a riding arena, ABI recommends you take a close look at a professional ABI arena drag for proper arena maintenance. These arena drags include the TR3 Rake, or for use behind an ATV, consider the Arena Rascal Pro provides safe, comfortable footing for horses.

Although commonly used, chain harrows are not designed for professional arena maintenance. All chain harrows, no matter the manufacturer, give the false appearance of a safe and smooth looking top surface while leaving hidden inconsistencies below the surface where the horses’ hooves settle into the ground. However, professional ABI arena drags ensure that what the horse and rider see on the top arena surface is also what the horse feels when its hooves penetrate into the ground. Because of this, ABI arena drags help increase safety for both horse and rider, reduce injury, improve confidence, and increase training results.

No matter the ABI attachment you choose, our equipment dares you to command your land. Take the first step now and call us, live chat, or complete the online request form for expert advice, factory direct pricing, and financing opportunities. Take command of your land with ABI Attachments.