Now’s the time. Start that engine. And take command of your land with the American made Versa-Drill Cultipacker by ABI Attachments.

If you seed wildlife food plots or new lawns with a broadcast spreader, then you know how difficult it can be to achieve quick germination and dependable results. But now with the ABI Versa-Drill Cultipacker, you can take command over your broadcast seeding, and get near commercial-level drill seeding results without breaking the bank.

To ensure proper seed to soil contact, seed moisture absorption, and quick dependable seed germination, use the Versa-Drill as a critical part of the five step seeding process.

To start, prepare the soil for seeding with a tillage tool. Next, harrow the ground to level it, then cultipack with the ABI Versa-Drill to firm up and dimple the soil. Now, broadcast your seed. And finally, Cultipack again to uniformally press the seed into the soil without overbearing.

Built in four and six foot widths, the ABI Versa-Drill Cultipacker works how ever you do offering configurations for ATV, category one three point tractor, or both.

To get in command of your land. ABI’s got you covered. Not only do we build exceptional quality attachments and an easy payment options. Our large team of battle tested experts are ready to answer your toughest questions.

Go ahead. Give us a call. Chat online or complete the online request form. You’ll quickly learn that we are land management experts with the knowledge and experience to get you the best tool for the job, properly sized to your tractor at a great value. And there’s no hassle. We provide affordable factory direct shipping to your property, giving you complete access to every attachment, size, option, and part, we offer. Don’t settle. Get exactly what you want when you want it with ABI Attachments. Now let’s take a closer look at the American made Versa-Drill Cultipacker by ABI Attachments.

The adaptable frame of the ABI Versa-Drill Cultipacker lets you work the way you choose, whether you prefer the efficiency of a tracker with a three point hitch or the mobility and convenience of an ATV or UTV. When configured with a three point kit for use with the tractor, the ABI Versa-Drill Cultipacker is category one compatible for tractors under forty five horsepower.

Configured with a wheel kit for use with an ATV or UTV, the Versa-Drill may easily be flipped between its transport and operational positions with minimal effort. The four foot wide Versa-Drill weighs 272 pounds and uses 21 agricultural quality cast iron packer wheels.

The six foot wide Versa-Drill uses 32 packer wheels and weighs 398 pounds. Mounted on a solid one and three quarter inch thick, shaft, each packer wheel was nine and a half inches in diameter and has crushing knobs for pulverizing dirt clods and creating moisture-retaining dimples in the soil. To ensure trouble-free operation for years to come, the Versa-Drill is equipped with massive, agricultural quality, greasable, pillow block bearings.

The versatility of the ABI Vera-Drill Cultipacker is not limited to tractors and ATVs. In fact, it’s so versatile and effective that it’s commonly paired with the Zero-turn ABI Force multitask vehicle. In this configuration, the ABI Force becomes a turnkey, commercial seeding solution for small spaces. The ABI Versa-Drill Cultipacker helps protect your investment of time and money during the seeding process, ensuring quick and dependable results.

ABI also offers other attachments you will need to command your land. These include rotary brush mowers, rotary tillers, heavy duty discs, chain harrows, broadcast spreaders for seeding and fertilizing, and a whole lot more.

And if you’re a commercial seed installer, ABI’s got you covered with drill seeders, power rakes, and the innovative SR3 and TR3 grading rakes. No matter the ABI attachment you choose, our equipment dares you to command your land.

Take the first step now and call us, live chat, or complete the online request form for expert advice, factory direct pricing, and financing opportunities. Take command of your land with ABI Attachments.