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Classic Spreader 85 ft3 Ground Drive Manure Spreader

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85 ft3 Ground Drive Manure Spreader

Available in 4-speed ground drive and PTO configurations, the ABI Classic Manure Spreader is the built-like-a-tank option for manure spreading, sure to last for years and years (guaranteed to, in fact!). ABI Spreaders are hand-crafted in the United States, have fully welded box frame construction, and weigh nearly 1/3 more than competitor's spreaders enabling them to handle rough pastures without falling apart. Every ABI spreader is built with one or two shredding beaters that first break down the manure before it passes through to the wide spread beater. The 4-speed variable flow controls manure output and ensures an even spread no matter the manure consistency. These combined features help promote a healthy, eco-balanced pasture! ABI Spreaders all have a no-rot poly-lumber floor with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. From the ground up, the ABI Classic Spreader is truly a superior spreader! Browse models below.


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Delivered Fully Assembled

Delivered Fully Assembled Direct To Property:

ABI Spreaders are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property. This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide a better spreader for the money. All models of our spreaders are almost always in-stock and ready for quick shipment. ABI Spreaders are delivered fully assembled.

Lifetime Floor / 2-Year Limited Warranty:

Every Classic Manure Spreader is made with the best materials and uncompromising craftsmanship, so every Classic Spreader is going to be around for a long time. WE GUARANTEE IT. The ABI Classic Spreader is warranted for two (2) years, from date of delivery, against defects in materials and/or workmanship when put to normal and designed consumer/residential use and service. The high density, polyvinyl floorboards are warranted for the usable life of the spreader from cracking, rotting, splitting, or peeling! See warranty documentation for details.
Outlast The Competition

5 Reasons ABI Spreaders Outlast The Competition:

  1. Corrosion-Resistant Steel - We start with extremely thick 10 gauge corrosion-resistant COR-TEN steel construction. Unlike most spreaders, the Classic Spreader is a longterm "one-time" investment which has a fully welded box frame, using thicker steel, for worry-free durability. COR-TEN steel may be exposed to the elements, even unfinished, and rust will not perforate it for decades. With COR-TEN steel, you get the longevity and strength required to build a world-class spreader, without the unneeded additional expense and structural weakness of stainless steel.
  2. Protective Body Liner - The inside of the spreader body is coated with a Coal-Tar-Epoxy liner. The Coal-Tar-Epoxy liner adds an industrial seal to protect from the severe corrosive effects of urine filled manure. Coal-Tar-Epoxies are commonly used to line underground sewage tanks and pipelines, and even protect the hulls of barges in salt water.
  3. Lifetime Poly-Lumber Flooring - The bottom flooring is constructed of extremely thick tongue-and-groove polyvinyl lumber that will never rot, rust, or need replacing. Even better yet, the tongue-and-groove construction prohibits the individual poly-boards from warping, preventing excessive wear or damage to the apron web. This is a premium maintenance free flooring that will last and comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty.
  4. Superior-Quality Craftsmanship & Components - Built in Lancaster Pennsylvania, by highly skilled craftsman with decades of spreader building experience, these spreaders are crafted for daily farm-use-conditions and made of the most durable components we know of. Materials such as grade-5 bolts, greaseable bearings, oil-impregnated bronze bushings, heavy-duty size 60 roller chain (nearly 1" wide), T-Rod apron chain, and hardened sprockets ensure longevity. You can judge a spreaders materials and components quality by its overall unit weight, the heavier the better. The ABI spreader weighs nearly 1/3 more than equivalently sized competitors spreaders. Now that is tangible quality you can feel!
  5. Rust-Oleum Paint - All steel components are sand-blasted before painting to prime for perfect adhesion. A special Rust-Oleum "Stops-Rust" black gloss paint, which has a long history of preventing rust on steel in acidic environments, is then applied. Unlike powder-coating, this paint is easy to repair and touch-up and moisture cannot get behind it which eliminates the possibility of rust forming under the finish layer.
Variable Flow Control

4-Speed Variable Flow Control:

Unlike most competitors, all ABI Classic Manure spreaders feature the ability to control the flow rate of manure being applied to the ground with 4 different speeds. Flow control is accomplished by speeding up or slowing down the apron web, that feeds manure to the back beaters, independently of ground speed. The speeds are adjusted via the front lever and enables the operator to either empty the manure as fast as possible or apply controlled amounts of manure to specific areas to maximize its' fertilizer value. Variable flow control also enables this spreader to handle a wider range of manure, as manure consistency can change depending on manure type, bedding material, stage of decomposition, and weather, without causing damage or additional maintenance to the spreader. And finally having 4-speeds encourage an eco-balanced pasture by enabling a slow manure feed rate and high beater spin rate for fine shredding and spreading.
3 Beater Bars

Shreds & Then Spreads - 3 Beater Bars:

The 85 cu. ft. model is equipped standard with 3 beater bars. Two designed to shred manure and the other designed to spread it evenly. The shredder beaters, with 100 shredding blades, is geared slower than the wide spread beater to maximize shredding power. The spreading beater is expertly designed to further breakdown the manure and evenly distribute it on the ground. The 85 cu. ft. manure spreader has 8 large wide spread paddles. Shredding before spreading and then evenly spreading over a wide swath, exposes more manure surface to sunlight which allows it to dry and decompose far more quickly. Owning an ABI manure spreader that both shreds manure before it spreads and also controls the amount of manure being applied to the ground, enables the horse owner to help maintain an eco-balanced pasture. An eco-balanced pasture can help reduce colic, increase pasture turn efficiency rates, help produce more vigorous grass growth, and reduce odor & flies around the farm.
Ground Drive System

Advanced Ground Drive System:

Unlike many other spreaders, the ABI Manure Spreader provides constant power to the apron chain and beater bars via an advanced ground drive system, even during tight turns on rough pastures. The right wheel drives the apron chain and the left wheel drives the beater bars (in relationship to the tow vehicle), however both wheels also work in unison to maximize traction and prevent the apron and beaters from running at incompatible speeds, preventing damage. This works similar in concept to a locking differential on a truck and forces both wheels to turn in unison, regardless of the traction (or lack thereof) available to either wheel individually. In addition to a heavy unit weight, this systems allows ABI spreaders to spread in most any condition, even on frozen ground. The ratcheting hubs allow the wheels to move in reverse, without turning the apron or beaters, protecting moving parts from damage, preventing the chain from jumping sprockets, and preventing manure from being thrown onto the tow vehicle and operator!

Ease Of Use, Serviceability, & Safety:

In addition to quality materials, design, and craftsmanship a good spreader must also be easy to use, fully serviceable, and safe to use when properly operated. All parts are in stock and ready for shipment and a dedicated customer support team is available from 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday (EST) with additional after-hours support available. Visit our support site here

Ease of Use - To ensure ease of use, this spreader has a swing-away jack stand that manually raises and lowers the spreader's hitch for effortless tow vehicle hookup and storage. The engagement levers are easy to pull and may even allow operation from the seat of some tow vehicles. The apron web design reduces downtime by using "T-Rod” style linkage chain which is 4 times stronger, helps to prevent slipping off sprockets, and reduces chain stretch and breakage under heavy loads. And the rear bumper bar helps protect the beater paddles when backing into a storage location. Due to the spreaders weight and quality components, this spreader should not lose traction with the ground, making it easy to spread in virtually any condition.
Serviceability - Just like everything else in life, regular maintenance is required on all farm equipment. However, ABI makes this maintenance as easy as possible by utilizing completely serviceable mechanical components. Even the safety shields, that can be removed for servicing, are designed to allow access to all grease points without removal. Unlike some spreaders, all bearings are greaseable for reliable extended life, grease zerks are clearly marked on the spreader for visibility and potentially hard to reach zerks are fitted with an extension tube for easy greasing. It is important to note that ABI does NOT use bearings that lack a grease zerk because they are NOT serviceable. Bearings without a grease zerk have a limit to their usable life, as such they are a poor choice if longevity is expected out of a spreader.
Safety - When it comes to safely operating farm equipment, a good bit of commonsense and awareness is always in order, but safety measures such as removable safety panels that cover chains and sprockets and a rear safety bar make the Classic Spreader safer to use when properly operated. Ground driven spreaders are generally considered more safe than PTO or hydraulic spreaders as the mechanical components stop when forward motion stops. A spreader should NEVER be used to haul people or animals. The operator is responsible to ensure all people, animals, and personal property are clear of the spreader, tow vehicle, and the area the equipment will be operated within. This is true for all manure spreaders.

Manufactured Right Here:

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America--and so do we! That's why, since 1997, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work--day after day.

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Optional Equipment

Hydraulic End Gate

Hydraulic End Gate

The Hydraulic End Gate is designed to close off the back end of the manure spreader to prohibit spillage out the back of the spreader into the barn aisle or during transport. The end gate is raised and lowered hydraulically and serves to additionally help deflect flying manure away from the operator and tow vehicle while spreading.
Fines Pan / Litter Pan

Fines Pan / Litter Pan

For those that leave nothing to chance, the Fines Pan prevents small fines of manure from falling off the back of the spreader and to the ground without first being processed by the beater bar. The pan has a release for easy cleaning and is replaceable. The Fines Pan can also assist in preventing manure from falling out the back of the spreader during loading and transport. A fines pan is highly desired when spreading dry material such a saw dust bedding, wood chip bedding, or dry compost; any type of material with small fines.



# of Horses
Up To 20
Capacity Heaped
Capacity Struck
Unit Weight In lbs.
Tractor Requirements
25+ hp Standard
ATV / UTV Requirements
Total Length
200" (16' 8")
Total Width
72" (6')
Total Height
59" (4' 11")
Box Length
100" (8' 4")
Box Width
40" (3' 4")
Box Height
20" (1' 8")
Box Flared Width
45" (3' 9")
Loading Height
43" (3' 7")
Frame & Hitch Construction
All Welded Corrosion Resistant High Strength COR-TEN Steel!
Box Sides Construction
All Welded 10 Gauge Corrosion Resistant High Strength COR-TEN Steel!
Box Floor
Corrosion Proof Poly Tongue & Groove Lumber!
Outside Body Finish
Rust-Oleum Rust-Stop Paint Applied To Sandblasted COR-TEN Corrosion Resistant Steel!
Inside Box Sides Finish
Rust-Oleum Rust-Stop Paint + Hard Shell Epoxy Box Liner (Spray-On) Applied To Sandblasted COR-TEN Corrosion Resistant Steel!
Ag Traction Tires For Extra Grip & Power
In Forward Motion Both Tires Move In Sync For Powerful Non-Slip Performance. In Reverse Hubs Ratchet To Auto-Disengage For Ease Of Maneuvering & To Prevent Apron Binding and Damage.
Drive Mechanism
No Slip - No Bind - Dual Tire Ground Drive System. With Independent control over Apron Speed & Beater Engagement.
Roller Chain
Apron Chain
High Strength T-Rod Web
Spread Speed
Variable Apron Web Speed - 4 Speed Settings
Total #
of Beaters
Wide Spread Beater
Single Wide Spread Beater
With 8 Large Aggressive Paddles
Shredder Beater
Dual Shredder Beaters
With 10 Bars & 100 Blades
Shedder Hood & Spray Shield
Hitch Stand
2,000 lbs. Swing Away Jack Stand With Skid Plate
Empty Tongue Weight
170 lbs.
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"I recently purchased the ABI Classic 25 cu. ft. manure spreader, and that machine is truly amazing. Having that top beater makes a world of difference on this spreaders. It spreads so fine that you can not even see where I have been. I am so impressed with this, as I was refilling the spreader I thought about your promotion video and this does EXACTLY what the video says it will do. Thank you for making such a wonderful product for hobby farmers like my family. Roger, it was a great pleasure to deal with you and I enjoyed our conversations on the phone. Thank you all for what you do for us "little guys". IT IS APPRECIATED !!!!!" - Tim From New York
"First of all my whole ABI experience was great. From the salesman to the shipping was incredible. Everyone was so friendly and understanding with the whole procedure. I ordered the Classic Manure Spreader in November and I can tell you this is an amazing spreader. The welding and manufacturing is perfectly built. It is such a heavy and durable machine and can withstand any job I throw at it. What I was most impressed about was the shipping. I have shipped through Fed Ex Freight and it was a nightmare but your shipping didn't lose me any sleep whatsoever. Your shipping manager took care of it all and even gave me a call every day giving me an update on when it will be arriving. The day I got it, ABI called and told me 30 min. before it would arrive which gave me plenty of time to prepare. You know that it's a good company when everything about it is amazing, even down to the follow up call four months after you get it just checking in and making sure everything is how I would like it. ABI is a great company that makes durable and well built equipment." - Ken From Connecticut
"This is the best service I have ever received. Nobody that I have ever done business with does anything like this. You ought to package and sell this customer service model." - Bill From Michigan
"At first I thought the price was a little high but I could tell from the model I observed at Clinton Anderson's show that it was a high quality piece of machinery. Now that it's here and operational, I can truthfully say that it's an excellent value for the price. I absolutely love this spreader! The 25 cu. ft. is perfect size for my operation of 3-5 horses; I can pull it with my lawn mower; it's easy to hook up and easy to move around. It's so solidly built - all of the features on your web page showing how the chains and the paddles work are truly superior to anything else I looked at. The quality of the paint job and the flooring are another indication of what a great product this is!" - Judith From Virginia
"Just wanted you to know that my 50 cu ft Classic Spreader was delivered today. Perfect condition- no freight damage. Used it within twenty minutes of delivery to spread 3 1/2 tons of manure. Works like a dream. Great Machine!! Built like a tank! Thank you. The Classic Spreader is everything you promised and more!"
- Harless From Oregon
"We are VERY pleased with our machine! My husband is a mechanical engineer and he really liked the way it is set up. He said, now that's a real manure spreader!" - Susan From South Carolina
"The reviews we read about your customer service were one of the things that prompted us to buy from you. May I say that you are already living up to your reputation! I am completely impressed! You are an amazing company!" - Susan From Georgia
"Just finished using ABI spreader (50). It's been a couple months now since I received it. It's totally awesome. My little 10hp four wheeler (1 wheel drive) actually has had no problem pulling it (even up hills). My property is rolling hills. I make sure not to over load but it's usually pretty full. This spreader has saved me and my wife (Lisa) sooooo much time and labor. This was more than worth the purchase!!! Again thank you for patients working with me on this. Roger, you're a great guy that I plan on doing more business with in the near future!! " - Terry From Illinois
"I wanted to let you know I LOVE my ABI Classic Spreader! It works perfectly and "grinds" up clumps of wet hay very nicely. Thank you for such a wonderful product." - Sandi From Maine
"The Classic Spreader is great! I use it all the time and I couldn't have picked a more solid peace of equipment. It has done everything that I asked for and more. My buddy just got a different one before I could tell him about ABI and when he saw mine he sent his back and ordered an ABI Classic Spreader! The one he had wasn't cheap and would have been an alright tool but compared to the Classic Spreader it was a piece of junk. The other spreader even cost more than the Classic Spreader. The Classic was worth every cent I paid for it."
- Ray From Illinois
"I want you to know the Classic Spreader was one of the best Christmas presents I ever received. I love, love my spreader and so glad I bought the bigger size. It works great as well as the fabulous feeling I get of using the manure to replenish the pastures my horses graze. My hope is next year we will actually receive some rain and the benefits of the spreader can be seen. I believe in organic fertilizer and this is as good as it gets! Next purchase is your arena drag!" - Teresa From Texas
"I first saw your Classic Spreader at a horse expo in Maryland. Then again, at a horse expo near Fredricksburg/Doswell VA. The representative did a great job of "letting the product sell itself'." He wasn't pushy, but demonstrated confidence in the product. Over the phone Brad did a great job of communicating the information I needed to help me make up my mind between your product and a rotary spreader. A good friend of mine is a grad student at UVA. He's getting his doctorate in corrosion. He validated everything Brad told me about the benefits of COR-Ten steel. I drove to your manufacturing shop in PA and enjoyed the visit with the young men there. Will I buy another spreader from you? NO - I expect the one I bought to last until I'm dead! I'm 56 and I keep the spreader clean and dry when not in use. I describe the spreader to my friends as a small spreader built with big parts." - Bob From Virginia
"I love the Classic Manure Spreader I bought from ABI. I use it every day and it just blows the rest of the competition out of the water. It is just a solid piece of equipment and very heavy duty for the small size. I wouldn't use any other tool." - Jorge From Texas
"The Classic Manure Spreader was everything I wanted it to be and more. It is just a solid spreader. The other brand I had before this started to self destruct from day one. I haven't had one problem with my Classic manure spreader at all. I have people come over and ask where I got this from all the time. They are just so impressed in the job that it does. I couldn't be happier." - Christopher From California
"We love our Classic Manure Spreader. The spreader is very adequate and easy to use. I thought it was going to be too small at first, but the way it spreads it out I can cover more land because it pulverizes the manure with the Shredder beaters." - Kathy From South Dakota
"My Classic Spreader works great. It does everything I ask and it is extremely easy to use." - Pam From Michigan
"My Classic Manure Spreader is amazing, it works perfect for me. I use it every day and it is just a solid and sturdy piece of equipment. I had another brand of spreader but it was cheaply built and poorly designed compared to the Classic Spreader." - Susan From Virginia
"When I got my Classic manure spreader I couldn't use it right away because of the weather. When I did use it, it worked great. I took it to the nearest John Deer factory and they were also impressed on how well built and solid this tool was. The Classic manure spreader is the Cadillac of spreaders, classy, well built and just a sturdy piece of equipment. It's just an excellent tool and it's so easy to use because you can adjust everything while on your tractor. It also spreads perfectly and evenly. From the moment I called it was a great experience the sales man Roark Jones was awesome in not leaving anything out and walking me through every step. Even after I bought it I've never had a manure spreader so I wasn't sure how it worked but Roark talked me through it and stopped everything he was doing to help. ABI's website is also excellent, it's very easy to get around and find out anything and everything about this tool. I would refer anyone for the Classic manure spreader and would be happy to talk to them about it." - Ed From Oregon
"The Classic manure spreader I purchased from ABI works just how I wanted it to. ABI explained how it would work and what it does and it meets my expectations." - Ricke From Oklahoma
"The Classic spreader works great. I haven't had one problem with it. I use it 3 or 4 times a week and it does exactly what I want it to do and is so easy to use." - Lori From New Jersey
"I purchased the Classic Spreader and at first I had some difficulties understanding it, but ABIs customer service manager Carl Tribble got me the things I needed and got it running in no time. I love the Classic spreader and it works perfectly." - Kenneth From Ohio
"I would like to share my experience with your group to acquire our new Classic 50G manure spreader. While searching the Web, I came across the ABI web site. After looking at your spreader, I realized I had seen this in Las Vegas at the 'Cowboy Christmas' Expo last December. I was impressed with it there. I contacted Mr. Roger Walterhouse, your sales specialist and found him to be very helpful. He answered all our questions promptly and fostered further interest. I found the 360 display on your Website a most interesting and useful tool to determine the operation and construction of the spreader. I am impressed with the engineering that has been put into this tool and the way you are marketing it. I took a real close look into the competitive spreaders and I am impressed with the welded Core-10 steel you use. It also appears you have taken into consideration many of the aspects of the process of spreading manure. I particularly liked shredding the manure before spreading it. This was a big plus in our consideration. I suppose there are times you wonder how well you are doing. Well, I am very impressed! Hopefully other customers are having the same experience with your group. Please tell yours folks there they are making a difference in your company. It is getting harder to find those that do these days."
- Frank From Utah
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