ABI Land Plane
XD Land Plane, Gravel Driveway & Road Grader, ABI Attachments
XD Land Plane, Gravel Driveway & Road Grader, ABI Attachments
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
Tractor ABI Land Plane Gravel Grading Rear Attachment
ABI Land Plane Grading Blade Quick Hitch
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane
ABI Land Plane

ABI Land Plane

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Gravel Driveway & Road Grader - Smooth Driving Surface

The ABI Land Plane takes command of your dirt and gravel roadway maintenance. This attachment creates a smooth driving surface with no skill required. Built in five, six, and seven foot widths, the 3-point connection is category one ASAE quick-hitch compatible, and is designed for use with most any compact or utility tractor. The ABI Land Plane’s rugged design is built for extreme-duty work and superb durability. For extra-tough jobs, the included scarifiers mounted to a 4-inch tube-steel bar, helps provide the ultimate bite, and a welded frame ensures precise results and utmost longevity. Each scarifier can be raised or lowered and the pair of angled grading blades can be adjusted for grading depth, pitch, or blade wear. To ensure your Land Plane will keep working hard season after season, it features heavy-duty wear parts that are long-lasting and easy to replace. Its thick sidewalls are equipped with full-length replaceable skid shoes. Each scarifier features a replaceable hardened-steel tip and each tapered 1/2″ high-carbon heat-treated steel planing blade is easily reversed or replaced. To maintain a crown, select the driveway grader that will only cover half of the width of your driveway, operate the grader up & down each side of the driveway and never drive down the center. Two lower arm mounting pins are included.
Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Direct To Property

Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property

ABI attachments are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you’re not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.

Quick Hitch Compatible

Quick Hitch Compatible

This product is designed for use with a tractor that has a rear 3-point lift connection and is built to ASAE category 1 standards. Additionally, it is quick hitch compatible which makes connecting the implement to the tractor faster, easier, and safer. ABI recommends the use of a quick hitch system not only for its speed and ease of use, but also for its increased operator safety during the connection and disconnection process. This product is quick hitch compatible, the quick hitch system itself (and required adapter bushings) can be purchased separately from your local tractor dealer.

Limited Warranty - Farm, Ranch, & Commercial

24-month Warranty

We build equipment with professional-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a long time. And to back that up, we offer a 24-month limited warranty on this product. That’s right, this product is built tough featuring the longest standard consumer warranty we are aware of in the industry! See warranty documentation for details.

Land Planes AILP60 AILP72 AILP84
Working Width 5' (60") 6' (72") 7' (84")
Unit Weight 595 lbs. 705 lbs. 765 lbs.
# of Scarifiers 5 6 7
Min. HP 25 27 32
Max HP 65 65 65
Blade Height Adjustment 0 - 1.5" 0 - 1.5" 0 - 1.5"
Blade Angle 10° 10° 10°
Cutting Blades .5" Thick x 6" Tall .5" Thick x 6" Tall .5" Thick x 6" Tall
Hitch Type 3-Point, CAT 1 3-Point, CAT 1 3-Point, CAT 1
Side Rail Height 12.5" 12.5" 12.5"
Side Rail Length 44" 44" 56"
Skid Shoes Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable
Unit Length 50" 50" 62"
Unit Width 64" 76" 89"
Unit Height 34" 34" 34"
Ship Length 78" 81" 90"
Ship Width 48" 51" 64"
Ship Height 30" 30" 30"
Warranty 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.


ABI Land Plane
Power Range 23 – 38 h.p. Tractor, 35 – 60 h.p. Tractor
Tow Vehicle Tractor, Sub-Compact Tractor, Compact Tractor, Utility Tractor
Product Type Driveway Graders
Connection Ltd. CAT I 3-Point, CAT I 3-Point
Size , ,
Other Attributes Hydraulics Optional, NO Hydraulics Needed, NO PTO Needed

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  1. Doug Hughes

    The 3rd link, hydraulic, I just purchased is worth gold. It made the landplane work another 1000% more efficient! As a sales tool to others, you could easily convince the buyers of the land plane that the third link will double their use of the land plane and make up the $300 in efficiency in a day. For 30 years I have used my dad’s 10′ John Deere disk to work up areas to landscape. With the Land Plane I am able to skip that step in most cases. Than Land Plane great on its own but with a 3rd link is an amazing piece of equipment.

  2. craftsandkeepers

    Got my 60 inch land plane as scheduled last Thurs. Set up was a breeze and Sunday I was off to the 2500 foot driveway with absolutely no experience with this attachment. Have been using a box blade with reasonable results for ten years. With the land plane, what usually took me 3 or 4 hours was cut to 2 hours and most of that was just playing around seeing just exactly what the piece of equipment would do.
    There are things you don’t do in life, and then you look back and ask yourself why you didn’t. Not purchasing a land plane years ago was one of those moments for me, don’t let it be one for you!
    The people at Abi Attachments were great to work with, delivered a quality product at a good price, and from what I have heard from others, will be with me long after the sale. Can’t give a higher recommendation.

  3. Jeff Marx

    Land Plane: Was shopping for a land plane and thru the internet I found ABI. I completed a request for quote form and within minutes I was informed my request was submitted. Communication was spot on and when talking to a sales representative, all details were confidently answered. I placed an order and all steps of the process of item being shipped to me receiving item was followed up with ABI reaching out to making sure I was satisfied and without concern. As I live in Northern climate, winter is still upon us, so I haven’t used my plane yet. But I’m impressed with what I see. I would not hesitate to deal with this company for future needs. I’m confident that what I experienced in the purchasing and delivery of my plane will also follow thru in its performance.

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