TR3 “E” Property Edition
Driveway & Property Grader (TR3-E Property Edition) Tractor Implement & Attachment
Driveway & Property Grader (TR3-E Property Edition) Tractor Implement & Attachment
Tractor Food Plot Disc at Work! New Option for your TR3 – ABI Dirt
Small Tractor 3 Point Gravel Driveway Grader
Small Tractor TR3 E-Series Property Edition
Gravel Driveway Grader Small Tractor - TR3 E-Series Property Edition
Small Tractor TR3 E-Series Property Edition DIY Gravel Grader
TR3E Property Edition
Small Tractor DIY Driveway Grader Long Gravel Driveway
Small Tractor 3-Point Driveway Grader Rural Property
Small Tractor Tow Behind Gravel Driveway Grader
TR3E Property Edition
TR3E Property Edition
Small Tractor Tow Behind Driveway Grader Profile Blade
TR3E Food Plot Disc For Sub-Compact Tractor
Driveway & Property Grader (TR3-E Property Edition) Tractor Implement & Attachment
Tractor Food Plot Disc at Work! New Option for your TR3 – ABI Dirt
Small Tractor 3 Point Gravel Driveway Grader
Small Tractor TR3 E-Series Property Edition
Gravel Driveway Grader Small Tractor - TR3 E-Series Property Edition
Small Tractor TR3 E-Series Property Edition DIY Gravel Grader
TR3E Property Edition
Small Tractor DIY Driveway Grader Long Gravel Driveway
Small Tractor 3-Point Driveway Grader Rural Property
Small Tractor Tow Behind Gravel Driveway Grader
TR3E Property Edition
TR3E Property Edition
Small Tractor Tow Behind Driveway Grader Profile Blade
TR3E Food Plot Disc For Sub-Compact Tractor

TR3 “E” Property Edition

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Patented Tractor Driveway Grader & Landscape Rake

The TR3e Property Edition Is The "One-Tool-Does-It-All" Tractor Driveway Grader & Tractor Landscape Rake! Command your land like never before with the versatile sub-compact and compact tractor driveway grader. Professionally grade gravel driveways & parking lots, prep to seed lawns & pastures, prepare food plots, groom horse arenas, and so much more. Multiple Attachments In One: The TR3e Property Edition has the teeth for tough dirt and gravel work and combines the function of a box blade, landscape rake, grader blade, land plane, chain harrow, and pulverizer all into one patented tractor attachment. Add the optional disc system, and it replaces a disc harrow, rotary tiller, and plow as well! This patented innovation not only eliminates the need to buy all of these implements separately, but it also gets more work done with better results, faster than you thought possible! This versatile American-made sub-compact tractor driveway grader is durable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-connect and will take your property to the next level; no hydraulics or PTO required. 6' & 7' Widths Available. 60-month Limited Warranty.
Gravel Driveway Grader Small Tractor - TR3 E-Series Property Edition


The TR3e Property Edition is a complete gravel driveway resurfacing system for your sub-compact or compact tractor! It recycles existing gravel, creates a level and smooth driving surface, and restores rough potholes and washboard-filled driveways to new! This driveway grader has the teeth for tough gravel work!

  • Eliminate Potholes
  • Smooth Corrugation / Washboarding
  • Cut Or Maintain A Crown
  • Recycle Existing Gravel
  • Blend Aggregate Particles
  • Eliminate Vegetation
  • Redistribute & Spread Gravel
TR3E Food Plot Disc For Sub-Compact Tractor


With the optional 14″ notched disc system, the TR3e Property Edition can quickly cultivate and level gardens & food plots, eliminating the need for a separate disc, rotary tiller, or plow. Easily swap in the optional discs to the TR3e platform to annihilate vegetation and roots. After discing, reinstall the included scarifiers and engage the leveling blade and rake to the ground. Then harrow the soil with the TR3e to level it and create a perfectly smooth seedbed, maximizing seed germination rates. The subcompact tractor and compact tractor grader creates wildlife hunting food plots as smooth as a residential lawn!

TR3 “E” Property Edition Landscaping


The TR3e Property Edition landscape rake quickly installs, repairs, or expands lawns and landscapes, eliminating the need for a separate landscape rake, pulverizer, or rotary tiller. This sub-compact tractor grader completes landscape contouring and proper soil preparation for grass seed or sod. ABI’s landscape rake incorporates scarifiers, an auto-leveling blade, and an adjustable finishing rake to properly prepare the perfect seedbed, free of compaction, for excellent seed-to-soil contact and accelerated germination.

TR3 “E” - Pasture Harrow


After resurfacing the gravel driveway, hobby farmers can extend the TR3e landscape rake usage into livestock pastures, paddocks, and dry lots, eliminating the need for a separate chain harrow, landscape rake, or pulverizer. Loosen the soil to reseed bare areas in pastures, smooth out dry lots rutted up by livestock, and breakup and spread manure in paddocks to help improve soil health. ABI’s TR3e tractor grader is One Tool That Does It All!

TR3E Subcompact


TR3e Equine Edition Shown In Image: The TR3e versatility enables the professional grooming of horse riding arenas and round pens. Add the optional patented Profile Blades to evenly clean compaction below the arena footing surface, ensuring that what the horse sees on the top surface is also what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate the ground! For horse owners that want to take their arena footing to the next level, also consider the further upgraded TR3e Equine Edition which includes Profile Blades and two rows of Grooming Rods standard (as shown in image): Learn More

TR3 “E” Property Edition Line Drawing

U.S. Patents


Ground-Engaging Components


H.P. Rating

23 - 75

Limited Warranty


Self-Leveling Box Blade


Driveway grading and soil leveling simplified

 The patented self-leveling box blade action eliminates the need to be a skilled operator and makes it easy to create a consistent level surface. The integrated box blade is adjustable and can be used in the self-leveling position or locked down in a fixed position to move more volume of material. The self-leveling position is ideal for general gravel or soil leveling work collecting material from high areas and dropping that material into lower areas. The fixed manual position is ideal for rougher grading, spreading of material, and filling in washed-out areas. This box blade versatility enables the TR3 E Series to routinely maintain a driveway efficiently and renovate a driveway riddled with potholes, washboarding, and washouts.

Scarifier Teeth


The Teeth For Tough Work

The included adjustable rippers give the TR3e the teeth for tough dirt and gravel work. They are adjustable from 0 – 5″ to get to the bottom of the most demanding jobs, even potholes! They enable the TR3e driveway grader to maintain gravel driveways, parking lots, prep seedbeds, trails, food plots & so much more! The rigid design, and angle of penetration into the ground, deliver exceptional aggressiveness not matched by any other tractor landscape rake or tractor driveway grader. The tips are replaceable for reduced maintenance costs.

These forward-facing scarifiers also help to blend gravel particles sizes, ensuring the driving surface is well graded for ultimate stability. Over time large gravel particles will rise to the top of the driving surface, and the small particles will settle to the bottom. Keeping these particles blended is crucial to a stable driving surface.

Adjustable Pulverizing Rake


A signature finish, no matter the material or moisture

The adjustable pulverizing and finish rake is half-inch thick hardened steel. This laser-cut rake pulverizes clumps of gravel and clay, prepares the soil, resets surfaces, and even breaks up manure lying on a pasture. The rake can push loose material into low areas, rip out vegetation, and push debris into piles when operating in reverse. Replaceable in one-foot sections to reduce maintenance costs. Use caution when pushing backward. Only push backward on loosed soil with slow speed to prevent damage.

Depth & Crown Control Wheel


Easily Create Consistent Results & Crown Your Driveway

A properly prepared gravel driveway needs to have a consistent loosened gravel depth and be crowned to enable it to shed rainwater. The adjustable wheels also control the depth of material loosening and control for consistent grading. They can be offset from side to side to establish a crown on the driveway! The large 16.5″ tall x 8″ wide high-quality wheels have replaceable high-speed hubs, spindles, and bearings for long service life.

Profile Blade


Precision loosening of soil or gravel

The optional Profile Blades complete the gravel driveway resurfacing system. The Profile Blades cut below a previously loosened surface, slicing horizontally through the gravel driveway to eliminate ruts and recycle existing gravel back to new! The results are remarkable! These blades also uproot weeds and grass from driveways with no chemicals required. Profile Blades are also excellent for use in horse arenas.

TR3E - Property Disk

Food Plot Disc

Go Ahead & Play In The Woods

Ever wish Saturdays had more daylight hours than the rest of the week? We want to help you make the most of the hours you have. With the Food Plot Disc option, you don’t have to cram the barn full of 3-point attachments. Your multi-purpose TR3 E-Series Property Edition can become your go-to disc harrow for your food plot or garden.

Learn More

STOP swapping between many traditional implements! STOP wearing out your front end loader on jobs it was never intended to complete! STOP littering your property or barn with outdated implements you don’t like to use! Instead, get the TR3 E-Series Property Edition, it’s the one tool that does it all.


Easy To Use & Connect

The TR3 E-Series was specifically designed for ease of use, and with quick hitch compatibility, it’s simple and safe to connect and disconnect from your tractor.

Manufactured Right Here

Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property

Limited Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

60-month Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 60-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.

Tow Vehicle Requirements

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Vehicle Type Tractor with 3-Point Tractor with 3-Point
Min. Horsepower 23 h.p. 27 h.p.
Max. Horsepower 65 h.p. 75 h.p.
4 Wheel Drive Required Required
3-Point Category Limited CAT 1, CAT 1 CAT 1
Min. 3-Point Lift 570 lbs. 650 lbs.
Front Weight Needed Yes, Min 15% of Total Machine Weight Required Yes, Min 15% of Total Machine Weight Required

Unit Weights & Dimensions

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Base Unit Weight 570 lbs. 650 lbs.
Full Unit Weight 665 lbs. 760 lbs.
Base Shipping Weight 625 lbs. 705 lbs.
Full Shipping Weight 720 lbs. 815 lbs.
Unit Dimensions 71"W x 51"D x 30"H 83"W x 51"D x 30"H
Shipping Dimensions 72"W x 48"D x 36"H 84"W x 48"D x 36"H

Frame Construction

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
3-Point Hitch Limited CAT 1, CAT 1 CAT 1
Quick Hitch Compatible Yes Yes
Tire Size 16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim 16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim
Tire Type Turf Tire - Air Filled Turf Tire - Air Filled

Finish Rake

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Type Adjustable Relationship To Frame Adjustable Relationship To Frame
Raking Width 71" (5.92') 83" (6.92')
Rake Material 1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections) 1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)
Flared Ends Yes Yes
Push Material Backward Completely Loose Material Only Completely Loose Material Only

Grading Blade

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Type Floating, Fixed, or Float Within Range Floating, Fixed, or Float Within Range
Grading Width 45.5" (3.79') 57.5" (4.79')
Cutting Edge Solid, Replaceable Solid, Replaceable


TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Type Rigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On) Rigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)
Scarifying Width 44.4" (3.7') 56.5" (4.71')
Scarifying Depth 0" - 4 3/4" 0" - 4 3/4"
# of Scarifiers 4 6
Scarifier Shank Length 7" 7"

Profile Blades

TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Available Option Option
Profile Blade Width 58" (4.83') 70" (5.83')
Profile Blade Depth 0" - 6" 0" - 6"
Mounting Location Front Front
Unit Weight 93 lbs. 107 lbs.


TR3 E - Property 6' 7'
Farm & Ranch Use 60-month 60-month
Commercial Use 12-month 12-month


TR3 "E" Property Edition
Tow Vehicle Tractor, Sub-Compact Tractor, Compact Tractor, Utility Tractor
Product Type Driveway Graders, Landscape Rakes, Grading Blades, Food Plot Planters
Connection Ltd. CAT I 3-Point, CAT I 3-Point
Size ,
Other Attributes NO Hydraulics Needed, NO PTO Needed

11 reviews for TR3 “E” Property Edition

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  1. John Needler

    Great Piece of Equipment. Received my Tr3 today put it together when I got home from work this evening loaded it up and took it over to the other property. Worked on the barn lot that I know my dad hadn’t graded in over twenty years.There’s been semi traffic and heavy equipment on it for the last twenty years since he retired from farming but no more stone. It was weedy and looked bad. I knew how much stone had been put in there thru the years and just didn’t want to add any yet. We received about three inches of rain Saturday so I thought let’s give it a try. That piece of equipment worked great. After about two hours and getting it adjusted the lot looks like it did twenty years ago. A neighbor stopped by to check out what I was using and was very impressed. He lives back a quarter mile gravel lane. Went down and cut his drive also. Took the potholes out with no problem. Very Happy with it so far. Just wanted to give you a shout.

  2. Chris Weaver

    We received our new TR3 E on Monday. Within a few hours we had our parking lot looking like new again.. I was amazed how easy it was to set up the TR3 E to our compact tractor and have it working within a short time. We love the TR3 E and will put it to work often.

  3. Chip Paddock

    I received my TR3-E Property Edition a couple weeks ago. I took advantage of Abi’s Support Staff to help me get it setup, tuned, and ready to try. Started by working our outdoor arena, thinking the sand would give me good area to test before tackling more difficult projects. Worked like a charm. Adjustments are easy to make without any tools required. Once I got the hang of it, I took the PE to my food plots to try some discing. Tore up a couple races in no time, seeded it by hand spreader, then used the PE to work the seeds into the soil. After completing this project, I felt confident enough to try my 1/4 mile long gravel driveway, Again, the PE handled it with ease. I followed the instructions provide by sales and support at Abi and had this project done in no time. Potholes are gone, driveway is nicely groomed. I was about to order more rock, but this tool saved me from doing that for at least another year! Can’t wait to find another project to use it on!

  4. Brandon Hubbard

    Received my TR3E property edition this week and it works flawlessly. I wish I would have gotten this implement when I started looking at them a few years ago. It easily went through compacted gravel and crushed asphalt on my drive filling in potholes. I originally was going to purchase more asphalt millings to cover the drive and after using the TR3-E I won’t be buying anything it is smooth and looks brand new. Going to try it on grass/dirt where tracks were left delivering hot tub and driving trucks on yard. Will update with more info once completed.

  5. david dyer

    Shipping was fast, arrived in good condition, set up was super easy, was missing a lock but and a hitch pin but nothing major easily replaced. Worked like a charm I use it to maintain our private stone lane. A great investment

  6. Hans

    The TR3 was delivered on Friday, transportation went well, packaging was solid. I was able to pick up the pallet at the end of my driveway with the tractor and take it to the garage. Yesterday I took the time to assemble the TR3 and set it up for work. The initial thinking was to test it out and see how it works on a portion of my driveway, but I was able to go through all our driveway and parking area, so now it all looks like brand new. The only question I had at the end of the day was, why didn’t I buy this thing sooner. It is solid, well built and with proper care it will last a very long time. Thank you again to you and your team Steve, I will make sure to recommend ABI to everyone I know.

  7. Paul

    I am not a person that is one to leave reviews unless I have deep feelings about something. This is one of those times that I will about the TR3E. I have owned our property for 20+ years and have never done anything to help the driveway and you could tell it with the humps, potholes, ruts, and soft spots. In February I started checking out ways to repair and maintain the driveway. The driveway is 30’ wide at the road going 150’ then at that point going to 70’ wide for another 200’. I contacted a company about it and was told it was going to take over 100 tons of rock for the repair. If you are like me I watch cost because every penny is important. I looked on the internet for different solutions finding drag boxes which I already have one and it’s not worth the money in scrap in my eyes. I don’t have tons of experience with it also this also comes into play. That’s when I contacted Ryan Dunn about the TR3E. Ryan made sure to ask questions about how much I would be doing. Ryan made sure to make it easy for me to operate and at pricing that fit my budget. When they say that it’s simple to use I’m telling you my dad has no experience and I have little experience with doing driveways but we repaired it without adding any additional rock to the driveway. IT LOOKS NEW! I even did a friend’s driveway that had wash out spots from the rain and again LOOKED NEW and it’s a 1/2 mile long! I can’t say enough about Ryan and the TR3E. It’s the only way to go!

  8. John Mcilmurray

    Ordered the TR3E on a Friday, arrived the following Tuesday (no supply chain issues here apparently). With zero experience with this or any other type of grading equipment I set out to restore my gravel driveway. The drive is 600′ long with 3 additional sections that branch off the main drive. I was seemingly an expert after 2 passes. The driveway was completely restored with all the potholes filled in and the driveway leveled and smooth. The entire task was under 1 hour. The finished product looks fantastic. The implement was easy to set up and adjust. I could not be happier with this product. Worth every dime. Love it!

  9. Tanner Leininger

    I purchased the TR3e Property Edition to maintain my 1,500′ driveway and couldn’t be happier! From start to finish my entire experience with ABI Attachments was top notch. The TR3e is easy to use and works like a dream. I’m now able to consolidate 3 attachments into 1. When you have a driveway as long as mine, its hard to keep up on all the potholes without a tool like the TR3e Property Edition. 5 STARS!

  10. Joan Meyer

    If you have a driveway this is a great tool to keep it in good shape. Easy to use – works awesome.

  11. Jim Scogin

    I’ve had the TR3E for nine months and it has performed flawlessly. I used it to rid weeds on about 1/4 acre last August. Works great on my gravel drive and parking area. Two days ago I volunteered to help my neighbor prepare their large pasture arena that was trodden with 1″ to 2″ deep hoof prints that caused their horse to face plant and throw the rider. They were astounded with how well the soil was prepped and the low areas were filled. It was finished to a fine soil, and soft, to minimize impact on the horse hoofs and knees when riding. It’s worth every penny! Bought the option of the four disc and it was a good choice for the remaining acreage.

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