TR3 “E” Property Edition

Versatile Grading Rake For Property Owners
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Driveway Grader & Utility Tools For Property Owners

The TR3 E Property Edition is a 3-point tractor implement that empowers you to Command Your Land®! It combines the function of a box blade, landscape rake, chain harrow, pulverizer, and landplane all into one patented design. This innovation not only eliminates the need to buy all of these implements separately, but it also gets more work done with better results, faster than you thought possible. Driveway Grader & Utility Tools For Property Owners

Driveway Grader & Utility Tools For Property Owners

ABI has designed the newest TR3 with the rural property owner in mind. For use with sub compact and compact tractors, the TR3 E Property Edition can renew gravel driveways and tackle general property maintenance with ease – all with one tool from the seat of your tractor!


Grade Your Gravel Driveway

The TR3 E Property Edition is a complete gravel driveway resurfacing system! It recycles existing gravel, creates a level and smooth driving surface, and restores rough pothole and washboard filled driveways back to new!


Landscape Your Property

Quickly install, repair, or expand your lawn and landscape with the TR3 E Property Edition. Complete light land clearing, landscape contouring, and proper soil preparation for grass seed or sod.


Prepare Your Garden & Food Plots

The TR3 E Property Edition can cultivate and level your garden or food plot. This is accomplished after you have sprayed a herbicide a few days ahead of time and then mowed that vegetation very low.


Repair Your Trails, Paths & Pastures

If you have gravel, soil, or sand that needs to be loosened, leveled, and raked. The TR3 E Property Edition will get the job done fast.

TR3 “E” Property Edition

U.S. Patents


Ground-Engaging Components


H.P. Rating

23 - 75

Limited Warranty

36 mo.

STOP swapping between many traditional implements! STOP wearing out your front end loader on jobs it was never intended to complete! STOP littering your property or barn with outdated implements you don’t like to use! Instead, get the TR3 E-Series Property Edition, it’s the one tool that does it all.


Easy To Use & Connect

The TR3 E-Series was specifically designed for ease of use, and with quick hitch compatibility, it’s simple and safe to connect and disconnect from your tractor.


Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.


Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property

ABI’s attachments are sold direct to the customer and shipped via a common-carrier truck straight to your property! By working directly with our customers, our professional and knowledgeable Product Specialists can answer any questions you may have. We think this is a better way to do business, as it offers our customers direct access to the people who design and build our attachments.

Self-Leveling Box Blade

Self-Leveling Box Blade

A simple solution for grading driveways and leveling soil.

The self-leveling action eliminates the need for a skilled operator, and makes it easy to create a consistently level surface. The integrated box blade is adjustable and can be used in the self-leveling position or locked down in a fixed manual position to move larger amounts of material. The self-leveling position is ideal for general gravel or soil leveling work to grab material from high areas and drop that material into lower areas with no special skill required. The fixed manual position is ideal for rougher grading, spreading of material, and filling in washed out areas. This versatility enables the TR3 E Series to not only routinely maintain a driveway efficiently, but also renovate a driveway riddled with potholes, washboarding, and washouts.

Scarifier Teeth

Loosening Teeth

Get the bite for tough dirt and gravel work

The loosening teeth give the TR3 E Property Edition the bite for tough dirt and gravel work. These cast and hardened teeth are adjustable to loosen compacted material from 0 to almost 5 inches deep to get to the bottom of potholes, and properly prepare soil for seeding. To keep maintenance costs low, the tips of the loosening teeth are easily replaced to ensure peak performance no matter the ground condition.

Adjustable Pulverizing Rake

Adjustable Pulverizing Rake

A simple solution for grading driveways and leveling soil.

The adjustable pulverizing and finish rake is made of half inch thick hardened steel. This laser-cut rake pulverizes clumps of gravel and clay, prepares soil, resets surfaces, and even breaks-up manure lying on a pasture. When operating in reverse, the rake can push loose material into low areas, rip out vegetation, and push debris into piles. The rake is replaceable in one-foot sections to reduce maintenance costs.

Depth & Crown Control Wheel

Depth & Crown Control Wheel

Find the perfect position for your property

The TR3 E Property Edition is stabilized by two substantial depth and crown control wheels. A properly prepared driveway needs to have a consistent loosened gravel depth and be crowned so it can easily shed rain water. The adjustable wheels control the depth of loosening and maintain level and consistent grading. The wheels can be offset from side-to-side to establish a crown on your driveway.

Profile Blade

Profile Blade

Loosen soil or gravel around your property

The available Profile Blades complete this gravel driveway resurfacing system. The patented Profile Blades cut below a previously loosened surface, slicing horizontally through the gravel driveway to eliminate ruts and recycle existing gravel back to new! The results are remarkable! These blades also uproot weeds and grass from driveways with no chemicals required. Profile Blades are also amazing in horse arenas.

Tow Vehicle Requirements

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
Vehicle TypeTractor with 3-PointTractor with 3-PointTractor with 3-Point
Min. Horsepower23 h.p.27 h.p.37 h.p.
Max. Horsepower65 h.p.75 h.p.75 h.p.
4 Wheel DriveRequiredRequiredRequired
3-Point CategoryLimited CAT 1, CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1
Min. 3-Point Lift570 lbs.650 lbs.775 lbs.
Front Weight NeededYes, Min 15% of Total Machine Weight RequiredYes, Min 15% of Total Machine Weight RequiredYes, Min 15% of Total Machine Weight Required

Unit Weights & Dimensions

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
Base Unit Weight570 lbs.650 lbs.775 lbs.
Full Unit Weight665 lbs.760 lbs.930 lbs.
Base Shipping Weight625 lbs.7705 lbs.842 lbs.
Full Shipping Weight720 lbs.815 lbs.997 lbs.
Unit Dimensions71"W x 51"D x 30"H83"W x 51"D x 30"H95"W x 51"D x 30"H
Shipping Dimensions72"W x 48"D x 36"H84"W x 48"D x 36"H90"W x 48"D x 36"H

Frame Construction

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
3-Point HitchLimited CAT 1, CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1
Quick Hitch CompatibleYesYesYes
Tire Size16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim16.5" Diameter x 6.5" Width x 8" Rim
Tire TypeTurf Tire - Air FilledTurf Tire - Air FilledTurf Tire - Air Filled

Finish Rake

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
TypeAdjustable Relationship To FrameAdjustable Relationship To FrameAdjustable Relationship To Frame
Raking Width71" (5.92')83" (6.92')95" (7.92')
Rake Material1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)1/2" Steel - Laser Cut (Replaceable in sections)
Flared EndsYesYesYes
Push Material BackwardCompletely Loose Material OnlyCompletely Loose Material OnlyCompletely Loose Material Only

Grading Blade

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
TypeFloating, Fixed, or Float Within RangeFloating, Fixed, or Float Within RangeFloating, Fixed, or Float Within Range
Grading Width45.5" (3.79')57.5" (4.79')69.5" (5.78')
Cutting EdgeSolid, ReplaceableSolid, ReplaceableSolid, Replaceable


TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
TypeRigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)Rigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)Rigid Shank - With Replaceable Tip (Bolt-On)
Scarifying Width44.4" (3.7')56.5" (4.71')68.5" (5.71')
Scarifying Depth0" - 4 3/4"0" - 4 3/4"0" - 4 3/4"
# of Scarifiers468
Scarifier Shank Length7"7"7"

Profile Blades

TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
Profile Blade Width58" (4.83')70" (5.83')82" (6.83')
Profile Blade Depth0" - 6"0" - 6"0" - 6"
Mounting LocationFrontFrontFront
Unit Weight93 lbs.107 lbs.120 lbs.


TR3 E - Property6'7'8'
Farm & Ranch Use36 Months36 Months36 Months
Commercial Use12 Months12 Months12 Months


I received my TR3-E Property Edition a couple weeks ago. I took advantage of Abi's Support Staff to help me get it setup, tuned, and ready to try. Started by working our outdoor arena, thinking the sand would give me good area to test before tackling more difficult projects. Worked like a charm. Adjustments are easy to make without any tools required. Once I got the hang of it, I took the PE to my food plots to try some discing. Tore up a couple races in no time, seeded it by hand spreader, then used the PE to work the seeds into the soil. After completing this project, I felt confident enough to try my 1/4 mile long gravel driveway, Again, the PE handled it with ease. I followed the instructions provide by sales and support at Abi and had this project done in no time. Potholes are gone, driveway is nicely groomed. I was about to order more rock, but this tool saved me from doing that for at least another year! Can't wait to find another project to use it on!
We received our new TR3 E on Monday. Within a few hours we had our parking lot looking like new again.. I was amazed how easy it was to set up the TR3 E to our compact tractor and have it working within a short time. We love the TR3 E and will put it to work often.
Great Piece of Equipment. Received my Tr3 today put it together when I got home from work this evening loaded it up and took it over to the other property. Worked on the barn lot that I know my dad hadn't graded in over twenty years.There's been semi traffic and heavy equipment on it for the last twenty years since he retired from farming but no more stone. It was weedy and looked bad. I knew how much stone had been put in there thru the years and just didn't want to add any yet. We received about three inches of rain Saturday so I thought let's give it a try. That piece of equipment worked great. After about two hours and getting it adjusted the lot looks like it did twenty years ago. A neighbor stopped by to check out what I was using and was very impressed. He lives back a quarter mile gravel lane. Went down and cut his drive also. Took the potholes out with no problem. Very Happy with it so far. Just wanted to give you a shout.