A short list of uses for an ABI Water trailer that you might not have thought of

If you have your own property, you’ve probably considered getting a water trailer or water tank at some point. You might be trying to decide if it’s worth investing in a quality water trailer. Whether you already own a portable water tank, or you are looking for more evidence that it will get used around your property, here a few uses a water trailer is good for that you might not have thought about. 


Most people who buy water trailers need them for their arena or to transport water for their animals around their property. But a durable, versatile water trailer goes far beyond just caring for animals; it opens you up to a world of planting possibilities.

  • Growing a privacy treeline, orchid seedlings, or any grouping of young trees requires water—lots of it. 
  • Those starting their journey in hobby farming need a variety of irrigation solutions, a water trailer with adjustable spray nozzles and a hose you can use from the driver’s seat is a great place to start.
  • Don’t forget about hunting season! Property owners looking to draw herds or flocks in for hunting season will not regret having a towable water trailer for their UTV or tractor, so you can make those food plots irresistible to your game.
Fire Protection 
Fire Prodtection

If you own property, you likely find yourself clearing out brush and other natural materials that you need to burn. And, depending on your region, you might also find yourself in the path of larger fires. Bonfire or wildfire, a water trailer can add an additional layer of protection. When setting up your own fire, spray the ground and grass in the surrounding area for added protection. If you know you’re in the path of a larger fire, a water trailer won’t be able to fight that fire, but if it has a powerful hose and can carry a large volume of water, spray down sheds, barns, and the grass to help prevent sparks from finding kindling.

Water Trailer for Building Projects
Building Projects

You know that list of building projects you have that you’re planning to get to? Maybe it’s a new pole barn, shed, or round pen. Maybe you’re looking to clear out space for an in-ground pool. A portable water tank is a great companion for DIY construction projects. A powerful water trailer can give you fast-acting dust abatement, and provide water for pressure washers. You’ll find this especially necessary if your project is a ways away from your house or well. And if you need drinking water on the project site, a potable water trailer is worth the investment. 

For a more extensive list of all the things you can do with a water trailer, check out the episode from our Youtube show ABI Dirt here.

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