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Western All-Around


My goals are to be a mouthpiece for the horse and horseman, and to teach people to truly connect with their horse. To teach people the true fundamentals of horsemanship and horse training. These fundamentals have become secondary in too many equine circles. Another main goal of mine is to train, teach and develop my horses and my clients with a level of excellence in a humane way into winners at the greatest competitions in the world. Also to show and compete successfully at these events.

About Me

I grew up as an only child of a single Mother. We lived in the city. But my Mother said that “horse” was my first word. She tells me that I was obsessed with horses. She said that it was almost unexplainable. I said from a young age that I was going to be a horse trainer. When I was eleven years old I mowed lawns, dog sat and helped babysit to earn and save up $400. I bought my first horse when I was about twelve. I kept my horse at a stable at the beach and worked off part of his board. I loved it! I would ride into the ocean and slide off the back of the horse and hold his tail to ride the waves in. It was wonderful!

Holding horses for the farrier & running the rent string in my teens were just a few things I did to be involved with horses. My next job was at about seventeen, to work for a Western show horse trainer. I worked there for over three years and got my first show horse, “Osa Gold”. I learned a lot about horse training and showing. This started my horse show career.

After that period, I went and rode with a lot of the greatest horsemen in the world. I developed a hunger for knowledge that I just couldn’t quench. Learning was my passion. I read every article or book I could find on what made a horse unique in their mechanics and makeup. I also ran a training business, and myself and my daughters showed my own horses. I set a goal to have one of the greatest stallions in the world. I am blessed to own that horse. “Invested Dimension” is a son of the immortal, “The Investor”. I reached another goal with him and that was to win a world title. He and I were Reserve World Champions in the Senior Western Pleasure. I have a strong Faith in God and live in Temecula, CA with my husband, Boyd and two daughters, Brook and Bree. We live on a ranch that we built from the ground up! I have a son, Jeremy who is married and lives locally as well.

Most important lesson learned the hard way

I think that I learned to value what is really worth while. So many people go after the glitter and the glam, but don’t look at the root or the truth of things. I’ve learned to value people who have character and depth above fame or fortune.

What qualities do you value in a horse?

Lift, an ability to lock in and have a strong cadence, balance, and intelligent and trainable mind.

Mares or Gelding?

Mares. I just really get along with those sensitive mares. Conquering some challenging ones have helped shape my career.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Vegan donuts from a local eatery

My Go-To ABI Tool

The TR3 E-Series has been a game changer and there is no other arena drag on the market that can maintain your footing like the ABI drags. We still have our TR3 Classic which my husband loves to use with his construction projects.

TR3 E-Series

TR3 “E” Equine Edition

TR3 Rake - Driveway

TR3 Rake


Western All-Around


Temecula, CA

Horses of a Lifetime

Invested Dimension

Highest Honor

Reserve World Champion in the Senior Western Pleasure on my stallion Invested Dimension. Best Clinician Award for the Readers Choice Award two years in a row, 2017 and 2018. Bronze Award for Best All Around Trainer and Best Western Pleasure Trainer. I was the only trainer who placed across the board in the Clinic arena and the Horse Show arena! I’m honored and blessed to have won these awards!

Why Western All-Around

I chose Western All Around horses because I love watching a horse perform at his best, collected in frame, but soft and rhythmic over the ground. I also love the old West and tradition, so I really appreciate the Western tack and gear that we use in our Western discipline. I do train some Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation horses for the AQHA circuit.

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