Get Top-Tier Grading with the SR2 Skid Steer Rake Attachment

SR2 Skid Steer Rake

There’s no doubt you love your property. Whether you’ve spent years or recently bought your property, the time you’ve put into watering, re-seeding, and repairing the landscape proves just how much you care for each acre. Now, imagine being able to complete all this outdoor work with better speed, precision, and ease. Getting the right tool to match your skid steer can bring your outdoor maintenance to a whole new level. To get you started, here are some of our customers’ favorite projects you can do with the ABI SR2 grading rake attachment.

4 Ways to Use an SR2 Skid Steer Rake Attachment

Regardless of the condition of the ground, the SR2 skid steer rake attachment makes an excellent piece of equipment to care for small to mid-sized properties. Built with a durable yet slimmer steel frame, this skid steer rake is ideally suited to rip, clear, and grade the ground up close without compromising on precision or power. Operators can count on this implement to penetrate the toughest hardpan or thickest vegetation when completing projects anywhere on their property. Let’s look at what kinds of projects you can get done using the SR2.

1. Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn’s health and quality is simple with the SR2. Throughout the year, your lawn can develop overgrowth from weeds, dead turf, or dry roots. With the SR2’s steel finish rake, you can clear away any vegetation or debris from impeding new turf from growing, with the exception of tree stumps. Once vegetation is cleared, the 3/4“ thick rake also gives operators the power needed to pull and smash dirt clods, clearing the ground for reseeding or turf installation.

2. Better Than the Rest Around Edges

What makes this skid steer rake attachment unique is how the components are angled to work closer to edges. Meaning it’s possible to clear a lawn seedbed right up to the edge of any driveway, sidewalk, well, or edge along your property. This precision and quality of lawn care is unique to the ABI SR2 due to its slimmer frame, which can get to tighter angles better than other skid steer rake attachments on the market.

3. Post-Storm Repair

The SR2 serves as a great brush rake attachment for skid steers, especially when used to clean up after a storm or natural disaster. Heavy wind, rain, or thunderstorms can lead to tree limbs, brush, and twigs falling into your property. There’s not enough time in the day to pick it all up yourself, and even with time allowed there is no sense in trying to remove all that debris by hand.

Streamline your post-storm property clean up by using the SR2 skid steer rake attachment to collect and clear away the mess nature left behind. Its sturdy, fully-welded I-beam construction gives it the power to endure the toughest working conditions everyday, no matter the property damage you’re working with. Utilize the finish rake to easily pile and clear limbs, or carry from the turf to give your seedbed room to grow. 

4. New Site Building

Constructing new buildings or work sites on your property goes better with the right grading equipment. That’s why ABI engineers made the SR2 skid steer rake attachment to help small to mid-sized property owners with property expansion. While there are many sites you could build, some common property projects we’ve come across include: 

  • Garden beds
  • Cement porches
  • Inground pools
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Houses
  • Horse arenas

Whichever sites you plan to build, rest assured you can complete them all with ABI’s all-in-one skid steer rake. The multifunctional design of the SR2 allows you to clear any brush, roots, or rocks from the ground right away with the steel finish rake. Once debris is removed, you can move your skid steer backwards to grade and prep the site for building installation. 

Besides clearing debris, this skid steer rake attachment helps to prep the ground for planting. Property owners who know what conditions they want for their soil can penetrate and loosen hardpan between 0” to 5” by adjusting the SR2’s hydraulic scarifiers. Engage and aerate the soil for better seed growth in even the roughest conditions to start your garden bed off right. Despite working in rough conditions, trust that the float and gauge tires on the SR2 will keep your equipment in contact with the ground so you can clear the work site without hassle.

Improve Your Property Care with a Skid Steer Rake Attachment

Caring for your land shouldn’t overwhelm or exhaust you. When you need to take on brush, roots, or rocks, rely on the ABI SR2 skid steer rake attachment to pack the punch you need to upgrade your property care.

Your potential for outdoor work is often only limited by the quality of your equipment. Transform the way you care for your property with the multifunctional tools of ABI Attachments. To learn more about your skid steer rake attachment, contract one of our Product Specialists at 877-788-7253 or explore our landscape rake options today.