In a world where every hour of your day counts, and your horses and land count on you, you need an attachment that you can count on. An attachment that actually makes a difference in the safety and performance of your horses. And an attachment for the maintenance of your property that puts more hours back into your day. Welcome to the TR3 rake from ABI equine, the world’s most effective arena drag and property maintenance, tractor attachment.

The TR3 rake is a commercially constructed, three point attachment that is made to take the abuse of ground preparation, land clearing, and gravel road maintenance, while maintaining the finesse needed to properly prepare arena footing for any equine discipline. By properly preparing your footing, your horses will stay sounder, perform better, and last longer. Nobody but ABI Equine offers an arena drag that can renovate a dangerous arena, properly prepare the footing throughout the entire profile of the surface, and then take that same arena drag and use it for the toughest property maintenance jobs.

So let’s take a closer look at the design of the TR3 rake. The TR3 rake is a category one or two, three-point tractor attachment, and it not only does the job of multiple tools, but it can do them all at the same time due to its innovative angled frame design. At the heart of the TR3 design is ease of use. We know that not everyone has commercial grading skills. So ABI began by designing our patented stabilizing wheels, which support the frame of the TR3 rake. These wheels help the everyday tractor driver eliminate washboarding, gouging, and helps keep the depth of the arena footing consistent.

The first ground engaging component of the TR3 rake is the patented floating drag bar. The patented drag bar floats to automatically catch high areas and drop material into lower areas. This is an ideal, everyday feature, for frequent grooming of horse arenas, grading driveways, and any seeding or pasture maintenance. This feature is perfect for any equestrian, as it eliminates the skill needed for grading an arena. However, if more aggressive cut and fill grading is required, the blade may be locked down like a box blade to move a larger amount of material.

The second point of contact are the scarifiers or ripping teeth. These teeth loosen the ground to eliminate hard spots and easily penetrate compacted arena footing. The depth of these teeth are controlled by the stabilizing wheels to protect the base of the arena. The TR3‘s teeth are adjustable from zero to seven inches to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth. And the design of these teeth makes the TR3 the ultimate property maintenance tool. In fact, because the teeth are fixed and not spring-loaded, they make it easy to break up the hardest soil or gravel.

The final point of contact with the ground is the finishing rake. This rake is made of three quarter inch thick, hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in one foot sections. The purpose of the finish rake is to pulverize and break up clumps of material and leave a beautifully smooth signature finish behind. But that is not all. The Finish rake also enables the operator to push backwards to move footing into dugout roping boxes and around jumps. Outside of the arena, the finish rake can be used to slice through the ground like a knife to rip out vegetation or move material to fill in washouts and accomplish other land clearing jobs. And when driving forward, the design of the rake effectively grooms the material but does not over-compact it, leaving an ideally prepared surface for horse arenas, driveways, and landscaping seedbeds.

And now, if you want to take the TR3 rake to a whole other level for the safety of performance of your horses, you will want the optional profiler. The TR3 profiler properly prepares the entire profile of the footing all the way down to the base of the arena. These profile blades were designed to eliminate all inconsistencies in the arena footing below the surface. And as your horses travel throughout the arena, they compress the footing to the point where there are hard inconsistencies that you cannot see, but your horse can feel. Simply dragging a harrow or s-tine drag over the surface, only smooths out the hoof prints and does not address the real issues below the surface. It’s these inconsistent hard spots that keep a horse from giving itself to training. And that cause many of the soundness injuries that bring on a lot of vet bills. The profile blades of the TR3 is profiler, were designed to completely eliminate these hard spots with every single pass. These blades slice through the footing right above the arena base, breaking loose the compaction and eliminating all the ridging. These revolutionary profile blades have literally changed the way arena footing is maintained all over the world.

So there you have the TR3 rake from ABI Equine. A commercially constructed three point attachment designed to properly prepare the footing of a horse arena, and yet be the most multi-use, easy to use, and cost effective tool on the market today.