Start that engine. And take command of your land with the rugged American made land plane grader by ABI Attachments. The ABI land plane takes command of your dirt and gravel roadway maintenance. It loosens, levels, and reclaims materials with ease and with no skill required. Built in five, six and seven foot widths, the three point connection is Category 1 ASAE quick hitch compatible and is designed for use with most any compact or utility tractor. With the available quick hitch, getting started is faster, easier, and safer.

Backed by a 24-month limited warranty, this rugged extreme duty land plane stands tall among competitors. To get in command of your land, ABI’s got you covered. Not only do we build exceptional quality attachments, and have easy payment options, our large team of battle tested experts are ready to answer your toughest questions. Go ahead. Give us a call. Chat online or complete the online request form. You’ll quickly learn that we are land management experts with the knowledge and experience to give you the best tool for the job, that’s properly sized to your tractor. And there’s no hassle. We provide affordable, factory-direct shipping to your property, giving you complete access to every attachment, size, option, and part we offer. Don’t settle. Get exactly what you want, when you want it, with ABI Attachments. Now let’s take a closer look at the American made land plane by ABI Attachments.

The ABI land plane’s rugged design is built for extreme duty work and superb durability. For extra tough jobs, the included scarifiers mounted to a four inch tube steel bar, helps provide the ultimate bite, and a welded frame ensures precise results and utmost longevity. To help you get your work done better and quicker, the ABI land plane features multiple points of adjustability so you can dial in the perfect amount of aggressiveness for your conditions.

Each scarifier can be raised or lowered and the pair of angled grading blades can be adjusted for grading depth, pitch, or blade wear. To ensure your land plane will keep working hard season after season, it features heavy duty wear parts that are long lasting and easy to replace. It’s thick side walls are equipped with full length, replaceable skid shoes. Each scarifier features a replaceable, hardened steel tip, and each tapered half inch high carbon heat treated steel planing blade is easily reversed or replaced.

Unlike many competitors, the ABI land plane’s integrated scarifiers break up hardpan and remove potholes on a driveway and eliminate the need to use a box blade before using your land plane. The Scarifiers shanks are set one foot apart, adjust to three depths, and can be lifted out of play if no scarifying is needed or desired. With scarifiers already onboard, simply shorten the top link, pitching the land plane to aggressively bite into compacted rutted dirt and gravel.

Use our available hydraulic top link for even faster pitch adjustments. Once you’ve eliminated the hardpan gravel and potholes, pitch the tool to rest alongside rails flat on the ground. Ensuring the scarifiers no longer aggressively engage the ground, drive forward along your roadway to create a smooth driving surface. Now let’s get down to the business of using the grading blades to create a smooth driving surface.

Long side rails, stabilize the ABI land plane and prevent it from following every contour of the ground, creating an even front to back and side to side plane. This rigidity ensures the two grading blades provide a consistent and smooth planing action, no matter your roadway’s condition. Multiple passes may be required to eliminate high areas and fill in low areas. But the durable cutting edge will slice through the gravel inconsistencies, grass, and weeds, and restore even the most neglected dirt or gravel roadway. Simply set the tool down and drive forward. Excess material flows over the grading blades, eliminating the need for the operator to constantly make hydraulic adjustments to the tractor’s three point position to release material.

Using a land plane removes the frustrations many find while using a traditional box blade or rear blade when attempting to level a driveway. With little operator effort or advanced skill, the ABI land plane can be trusted to rejuvenate gravel and eliminate washboarding, creating a flat and smooth driving surface. Simply set the tool down and drive forward to painlessly maintain even the longest of driveways. The ABI land plane can also assist in ensuring your roadways have proper water drainage. Snowplowing, rainy seasons, and traffic creates a buildup at the edges of the roadway or parking lot, preventing proper water runoff. The ABI land plane’s angled grading blades easily reclaimed and redistributed this displaced material, moving it from one side of the tool to the other.

To create or restore a crowned roadway, use the adjustable right side stabilizer of your tractors three point connection, and pitch the land plane to the desired degree of offset. This allows the land plane to cut at a different pitch than the tractor. To maintain a crown, ensure the tractor and the land plane or level with each other and simply drive down each side of the roadway. Never driving down or over the center.

Rather than hauling in more gravel, using multiple tools with frustrating results, or struggling with common reoccurring gravel driveway issues, use the ABI land plane to easily get that fresh gravel look and the smoothest driving surface around.

If you think our land plane is great, our patented TR3 rake will blow you away. It combines the function of a box bladelandscape rake, pulverizer, land plane, and scarifier, all into one patented design. The TR3 not only eliminates the need to own all these tools separately, but it gets more work done with better results, faster than you ever thought possible.

No matter the ABI attachment you choose, our equipment dares you to command your land. Take the first step now and call us, live chat, or complete the online request form for expert advice, factory direct pricing, and financing opportunities. Command your land, tame your potholes, and banish vegetation with ABI attachments.