ABI Attachments is well-known for their revolutionary zero-turn infield grooming machines and equipment. Now they are taking that innovation to the landscaping industry. Landscape contractors, lawn installers, and those who do serious groundwork around their property know the equipment used will make or break the job. And when it comes to grading dirt for lawns and preparing seedbeds, the right machine can mean the difference between hours of handwork or finishing the job in a fraction of that time.

“With these new landscaping attachments, one man can go out to a ten thousand-square-foot job, and I’m telling you, in an hour, have absolutely perfect seed prep,” ABI Co-founder Scott Holmes announced during a sneak peak of the new attachments at the 2022 Equip Expo. 

Designed specifically for contractors, the landscape configuration of the Force comes with all the features needed to cut down your time and labor on jobs, while growing the business’s efficiency. With the Force, landscapers get more with less, with a machine that’s easier to transport and to operate, making it perfect for a one man job or to speed up bigger jobs. 

Pete Denny, of GCI Turf, has been using the Force for his landscaping jobs since before the new attachments were unveiled. “The machine is so nimble and so precise,” said Denny, “I can get in all the cracks and corners and replace a shovel or a rake.” 

When using a Force, operators are able to rip up, level out, and prepare the ground with maneuverability that is second to none. The Force provides agility that contractors just can’t get with a skid steer or tractor. 

Every element of the Force has been purposely engineered and the attachments intentionally chosen for landscapers to clear the way for better work and a better finish, with less hands and less labor. The mid-mount attachment on the Force landscape configuration comes standard with scarifiers, a box blade, and ABI’s new VersiBlade. The VersiBlade sifts through dirt so operators can do a pass to dig aggressively, decompact the soil, and dislodge rocks. Then they can come back through as needed to gather roots and rocks into a spoil pile without bringing excess dirt since the VersiBlade allows soil to flow through. 

ABI’s new rear finisher attachment takes conditioning and finishing capabilities to a whole new level. With a swivel hookup and the patented H-frame, the vehicle can turn without pushing material to the side, so the whole system floats with the machine even in the tightest of turns. The first contact points on the rear attachment are the patent-pending dual VersiBlades. The dual blades can be adjusted to float over the top of the soil, hovering intentionally to allow soil to flow through while still gathering any remaining rock or debris. This unique set up creates a fluffy, conditioned finish while continuing to reduce unwanted materials. On the back of the rear finishing attachment is a twisted basket roller that minimizes bounce, smoothens dirt, and presses in seeds and leaves a perfect finish.

To learn more about the ABI Force, view ABI’s landscape contractor equipment options and attachments or call our Force Team today at (877) 788-7253.