ABI Force® Rear Soil Finisher

ABI Force® Rear Soil Finisher

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Rear Landscape Finisher for ABI Force

The rear soil finisher attachment will take your soil conditioning and landscape finishing capabilities to a whole new level. With a swivel hookup and our patented H-frame, you can turn without pushing material to the side, so the whole system floats with the machine even in the tightest of turns.

The first contact points on the rear attachment are the patent-pending dual VersiBlades. The dual blades can be adjusted to float over the top of the soil, hovering intentionally to allow soil to flow through while still gathering any remaining rock or debris. This unique setup creates a fluffy, conditioned finish while continuing to reduce unwanted materials. The dual blades float horizontally as well as vertically to perfectly follow the contour of the land you are working on.

On the back of the rear finishing attachment is a twisted basket roller that minimizes bounce, smoothens dirt, and presses in seeds. The tough steel allows the roller to crush hard clay and provides a smooth roll for that perfect finish. Operators have adjustable options, to lock the tool into a deeper digging mode, or let it float for gathering spoil piles and top level soil conditioning.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

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You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.


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