ABI Force Z-23S & Z-23SLT

For Landscape Contractors
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For Commercial Contractors

The ABI Force is the zero-turn multi-task vehicle with available attachments for start-to-finish lawn installation, grass seeding, plug aerating, granular fertilizing, and turf restoration. All this for less investment than you would expect! This one commercial-grade machine can do it all with blazing fast zero-turn efficiency and precision as if you did the work by hand! The ABI Force’s versatility will quickly earn you larger profits by allowing you to bid on more types of jobs, get the work done more quickly, and by having fewer machines to purchase, maintain, and haul on your trailer. Change configurations in minutes, no tools required!

ABI Force Turfgrass Care Seeding and Cultipacking

One Machine Does It All

Seeding / Ground Prep

With the available electric seed spreader, mid-mount hydraulic scarifier rake, and rear cultipacker, the ABI Force is a one-man crew for start-to-finish seeding jobs. This configuration is a complete seeding system with the capability to take a rough graded site to planted seed with blazing speed and efficiency.


With the ABI Force there is no need to buy a separate ride-on aerator machine! By simply swapping the mid-mount hydraulic scarifier rake for the available 40″ plug aerator head, the ABI Force transforms into a world class plug aerator capable of 80,000 sq. ft. per hour output and plugs up to 3 1/2″. Add a drag mat to breakup aeration plugs on the same pass or simultaneously overseed with the available seed spreader!


The ABI Force continues its versatility even after seeding and aerating are complete. Equipped with the available hydraulically controlled granular seed/fert spreader, the ABI Force can apply granular fert to turf areas with rapid zero-turn efficiency. This spreader holds up to 120 lbs. of material, with an adjustable 4 – 25′ spread pattern. The side deflector keeps fert out of landscape beds and the operator panel is home to the application rate dial and on/off controls. The foot-operated locking front caster wheels allow fert application in long straight lines and along hillsides. Spreader must be factory-installed.

Turf Renovation

Looking for a way to create new value for your customers? With the available electric seed spreader, mid-mount mini-box and rock sifter, and rear cultipacker, you now have the ability to overseed, level, and repair lawns without tearing up existing turf. Put that shovel and straight rake away and knock out those repair jobs.

ABI Force Turf Renovation for landscapers

By swapping out to available mid and rear mount attachments, specifically designed for infield surface maintenance, the ABI Force ensures major-league performance on every infield no matter the soil’s moisture, sand, silt, and clay ratio..or top conditioner.

The Machine

The Force’s Zero-Turn & Stand-up Design enables a new level of efficiency to the contractor. From the stand-up position the operator has exceptional Control and Visibility of ground engaging components, and 360°-degree control to maneuver the vehicle. Paired with Speed Lock & Depth Lock limiting controls, the Force makes professional results available to any user! The Hydrostatic Drive System is powered by two commercial-grade Hydro-Gear brand pumps and 2 Parker brand wheel motors. Maneuvering in tight spaces and right up to the edge is intuitive and efficient! The operator platform offers an Easy-On-And-Off step-through design for operator freedom. For comfort, a compression spring floor, knee pad, and comfort grip controls are provided.

Quick-Swap Attachments

The ABI Force’s Quick-Swap Attachments offer a truly game-changing advantage, enabling the machine to be configured for both dirt and turf management work! No matter the jobsite requirements, the ABI Force can be configured with both mid-mount and rear-mount attachments that enables unprecedented small-space power, versatility, and speed. Most attachments can be fully swapped in just a couple of minutes with no tools required! Loosen and prepare hardpan, maximize seed germination, aerate established turf, and more… all with the same machine!

Kohler Command Pro EFI

The ABI Force is now equipped with ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION. An EFI system utilizes advanced computer controls teamed with a high-pressure fuel delivery system to provide peak power and fuel efficiency. The ABI Force now starts like a car with no carburetor issues, has increased fuel efficiency, and starts easily in the cold!

  • 23 horsepower
  • EFI V-Twin OHV
  • 4-Cycle Air Cooled
  • 5 Gallon/18.9L Capacity Unleaded Gasoline
  • EPA Compliant

Purpose Built From The Ground Up

Designed By ABI Engineers To Advance The Game


Speed & Precision

The ABI Force is a ZERO TURN chassis that provides industry-leading efficiency and control, making maneuverability and ease of use second to none. The ABI Force features a Stand-on design to enhance precision control, visibility and operator comfort. The operator no longer has to look behind to “drop and drag” an attachment. The ABI Force positions the operator at a top-down perspective, looking down and forward to see and make adjustments as needed, ensuring enhanced visibility and monitored engagement of attachments.

Responsive Variable Force Technology

Responsive Variable Force Technology

The heart and soul of the ABI Force, ZTV is it’s patented Responsive Variable Force Technology. This RVF technology enables a small footprint zero-turn platform to do the work of much larger and heavier equipment, with a fraction of the otherwise required tractive effort. Located at the mid underbelly of the ABI Force, the patented RVF Technology hydraulically controls mid-mounted ground-engaging attachments with lift, variable down pressure, and pitch adjustments.


Speed Lock

The Speed-lock feature prevents less experienced users from operating the ABI Force faster than a facility manager establishes. This feature provides improved safety and ease of use for all operators.



The Depth-lock feature prevents mid-mount attachments from going any deeper into the infield surface that intended. This feature makes it easy to ensure consistent preparation from field to field and operator to operator.


Fingertip Hydraulic Command

Up & Down Control

The ABI Force Spring and Rocker Arm design allows for unparalleled down pressure of your mid-mount attachments. The patented spring system up to 1,000 lbs of down pressure, but builds in forgiveness, so the Force can power through some of the toughest jobs.

Pitch Control

When utilizing the Mid-Mount Attachment, the pitch control allows you to properly control and engage the attachments into the ground. Swap between a pocketed attachment to the multi-function rake for combing or sifting use. Run your attachments separately or together, utilizing the pitch control.

Hydraulic Rear Lift Control

The optional Hydraulic Rear Lift Control features a swivel based design, allowing all rear attachments to mimic the movement of the machine, increasing tire and tight turn coverage. The design allows our attachments to pick up from the front, similar to the feathering done by hand, eliminating large piles upon leaving the infield surface. Change the pitch of your attachment, with a center mounted top link, adjustable for certain conditions or playing surfaces.


Commercial Grade Construction; Professional Grade Results


Kohler Command Pro EFI

The ABI Force is now equipped with ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION. An EFI system utilizes advanced computer controls teamed with a high-pressure fuel delivery system to provide peak power and fuel efficiency. The ABI Force now starts like a car with no carburetor issues, has increased fuel efficiency, and starts easily in the cold! – 23 horsepower

  • EFI V-Twin OHV
  • 4-Cycle Air Cooled
  • 5 Gallon/18.9L Capacity Unleaded Gasoline
  • EPA Compliant

Heavy-Duty 2-Stage Air Filter

Every ABI Force Z-23s comes standard with a Heavy Duty 2-Stage Cyclonic Canister Air Filtration System. No longer located near the engine, the Canister Air Filter has been relocated for ease of access. A 2-stage filtration system makes sure that your engine pulls clean air, acting as your engine’s shield in dusty conditions. Keep the filter clean to see improved engine performance, fuel efficiency, and extended engine life.


No More Broken Belts

Typically, machinery of this size runs off Hydraulic Drive System geared to a belt and pulley drive shaft. The lifetime of a belt can be unpredictable as belts break, and unfortunately, your machine is temporarily stuck. Not anymore! Each ABI Force is plumbed standard with Dual Stacked HydroGear Variable Displacement Pumps and Fixed Displacement Wheel Motors. The benefits are significant compared to typical belt-driven systems.


Standard Air Tires

The ABI Force comes standard with a commercial grade tire. The Standard Air Tire is a beefy traction and performance-based tire that gives the ABI Force a high stance while establishing crucial ground contact for maintaining traction.



The Premium never-flat Tweel® offers additional benefits not found in the standard air tire. The full-width poly-resin spokes flex when in operation, providing increased tire-to-ground contact. This added ground contact enables significantly more traction, more torque power and excellent lateral stability during material grading. The unique design of the spokes also helps to soften the ride for enhanced operator comfort.

Operator Experience

Take a stand


Precision Control In Hand

We all know that handwork is precision work, and tradition has shown us that handwork yields the best results. So, what do we do when handwork level results are expected, and we face budgetary, workforce, time, and weather constraints? The answer is the ABI Force, which empowers the operator with precision control and incredible visibility, turning labor-intensive and time-consuming handwork, into precision mechanized efficiency.



We stand up when we witness greatness, and we stand when we do our best work. So in designing the new ABI Force, we knew standing up would empower our users to get their best work done; like never before. Traditional seated drop-and- drag style bunker rakes have poor visibility, making precision work an uncomfortable and challenging task. It’s time to leave behind the old bunker rake and take a stand for great work!


Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Quick-Swap Between Attachments To Get Work Done

The attachments have been designed by leading industry professionals. As a result, ABI Sports Turf has reimagined attachment design to ensure that all three phases of proper infield maintenance can be achieved with just one machine. Now you can quick-swap between attachments that groom, prepare, and renovate to maintain the most pristine playing surfaces or reclaim long neglected, weed-covered fields.

PowerKohler® Command Pro 23 hp EFI V-Twin OHV (17.2kW) | 747cc | 4-Cycle Air Cooled | Gasoline | Model ECH740
DriveHydrostatic zero-turn | HydroGear variable displacement pumps & fixed displacement wheel motors
SpeedForward 0-10 mph; Reverse 0-4 mph
BrakingDynamic braking via hydrostatic transmission | Integrated parking brake
Air FilterHeavy Duty 2-Stage Cyclonic canister air filtration system
Fuel6 gallon/22.7125 liter capacity with fuel gauge | Unleaded gasoline
Electrical20 amp Regulated alternator | 350 CCA at 0 degrees - battery
Tires & WheelsFront (Air): 13 x 6.50-6, Rear: 24 x 12.00-12 (Air or Optional Tweel)
Frame ConstructionRugged tube steel
Operator ExperienceCushioned knee pad & spring cushioned standing platform | Cushioned zero-turn steering levers | Dash indicator lights | USB power port | Cup holder | Machine mount assistance bar
Mid-Mount SystemIndependent hydraulic lift & pitch controls with adjustable & lockable spring-loaded down force with Responsive Variable Force (RVF) technology.
Rear-Mount SystemHydraulic lift control with articulation
Towing Capacity2" receiver - 2,000 lbs. towing capacity at slow speed on flat and open ground only! Never tow anything on an incline!
EnvironmentalEPA & CARB compliant
Base Unit Weight1,300 lbs.
Dimensions93" L x 56" W x 57"H | 72"-84" With optional rear attachments
Limited Warranty36 month machine and accessories/3-year unlimited hour commercial warranty (refer to manual)
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.


The ABI Force from ABI Attachments has been a complete game changer, at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium, here in Oklahoma City, OK. Being able to laser grade our infields whenever we want and how we want has been an absolute blessing! We are now better able to not only control where our water travels from our infields, but we are also better able to control our moisture throughout the days, weeks and months of a softball season. The ability to pitch our fields in different directions almost on command has changed the way we take care of our softball fields. This machine has also saved us time and labor! Being able to operate multiple attachments at the same time makes the work much more efficient and less strenuous on our personnel. We essentially have gained more man power without having to hire more workers. This machine is a BEAST!
With the ABI force I gotta say it's a one in a kind of machine with it is anyways, but with what it can do it's priceless for a grounds crew . I have 10 fields I mostly use the ABI force for and with the ABI and myself I can get all 6 fields spiked leveled and groomed all in 4 hours. The district I work for didn't have a groomer they used a bobcat to do it's work in the past this is something I pushed for and sold my boss on getting and we did. This has replaced 4 guys. The ABI is a huge time saver for me now I have those four guys mowing other areas in the district and helping.
We have been using our ABI Force Z23 for just over a year now, and it has become an indispensable piece of equipment. From the obvious use on our districts Baseball and Softball field, to maintaining our clay running tracks at the middle schools. We also use it with our grounds team to spot aerate, overseed, and fertilize smaller turf areas with challenges rather than blanket treat all turf areas. This has been saving the district hundreds of dollars twice a year. My athletic groundskeepers at the high school also asked to use it to widen the base paths on our varsity and JV fields to allow a more normal path of travel for the 6 foot wide attachments. Our coach and Athletic Director were thrilled with the results. This never would have happened if it required a sod cutter, tractor bucket, and days of raking to prep the ground. I highly recommend this over any other piece of grooming option!
In my 40 plus years of working on fields as a player, high school coach, collegiate coach and now maintaining the fields at the Softball Hall of Fame I have never had one piece of equipment that has made as much of an impact of maintaining fields as the ABI Force. The Force is such a versatile and agile piece of equipment that performs a multitude of jobs for us that we never were able to do or it performs these jobs so much better and efficiently for us than in the past. The greatest impact the Force makes on our facility is our ability to laser weekly after each tournament event. We are now able to maintain our surfaces on a weekly basis by managing and replacing our material, preventing low spots in our infield due to heavy play. This provides us with a safer surface that is manageable both in dry and wet conditions. I give the Force my highest recommendation for an infield grooming machine.