ABI Force

For Landscape Contractors
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For Landscape Contractors

The ABI Force® is the zero-turn multi-task vehicle with available attachments for start-to-finish grass seeding, plug aerating, granular fertilizing, and baseball infield grooming. All this for less investment than you would expect! This one commercial-grade machine can do it all with blazing fast zero-turn efficiency and the precision as if you did the work by hand! The ABI Force’s versatility will quickly earn you larger profits by allowing you to bid on more types of jobs, get the work done more quickly, and by having fewer machines to purchase, maintain, and haul on your trailer. Change configurations in minutes, no tools required!

For Landscape Contractors

One Machine Does It All


With the available hydraulic seed spreader, standard mid-mount hydraulic scarifier rake, and rear cultipacker, the ABI Force is a one-man crew for start-to-finish seeding jobs. This configuration is a complete seeding system with the capability to take a rough graded site to planted seed with blazing speed and efficiency.


With the ABI Force there is no need to buy a separate ride-on aerator machine! By simply swapping the mid-mount hydraulic scarifier rake for the available 40″ plug aerator head, the ABI Force transforms into a world class plug aerator capable of 80,000 sq. ft. per hour output and plugs up to 3 1/2″. Add a drag mat to breakup aeration plugs on the same pass or simultaneously overseed with the available seed spreader!


The ABI Force continues its versatility even after seeding and aerating are complete. Equipped with the available hydraulically controlled granular seed/fert spreader, the ABI Force can apply granular fert to turf areas with rapid zero-turn efficiency. This spreader holds up to 120 lbs. of material, with an adjustable 4 – 25′ spread pattern. The side deflector keeps fert out of landscape beds and the operator panel is home to the application rate dial and on/off controls. The foot-operated locking front caster wheels allow fert application in long straight lines and along hillsides. Spreader must be factory-installed.


By swapping out to available mid and rear mount attachments, specifically designed for infield surface maintenance, the ABI Force ensures major-league performance on every infield no matter the soil’s moisture, sand, silt, and clay ratio..or top conditioner.

The Machine

The Force’s Zero-Turn & Stand-up Design enables a new level of efficiency to the contractor. From the stand-up position the operator has exceptional Control and Visibility of ground engaging components, and 360°-degree control to maneuver the vehicle. Paired with Speed Lock & Depth Lock limiting controls, the Force makes professional results available to any user! The Hydrostatic Drive System is powered by two commercial-grade Hydro-Gear brand pumps and 2 Parker brand wheel motors. Maneuvering in tight spaces and right up to the edge is intuitive and efficient! The operator platform offers an Easy-On-And-Off step-through design for operator freedom. For comfort, a compression spring floor, knee pad, and comfort grip controls are provided.

18 HP (570cc) Vanguard Commercial Engine

This engine is design-engineered to dependably take on the most demanding commercial applications. From powering commercial mowers, utility vehicles, and specialized equipment such as the ABI Force, this quick-start engine is truly a powerhouse. It features a number of advanced technologies and integrated components that are proven to elevate the reliability standard, which reduces downtime and increases efficiency. An advanced debris management system ensures a clean-running engine even in a dusty environment. The V-Twin (4-cycle) engine offers smooth, efficient power for daily infield maintenance, renovation work, and other turf work. EPA Compliant.

Quick-Swap Attachments

The ABI Force’s Quick-Swap Attachments offer a truly game-changing advantage, enabling the machine to be configured for both dirt and turf management work! No matter the jobsite requirements, the ABI Force can be configured with both mid-mount and rear-mount attachments that enables unprecedented small-space power, versatility, and speed. Most attachments can be fully swapped in just a couple of minutes with no tools required! Loosen and prepare hardpan, maximize seed germination, aerate established turf, and more… all with the same machine!


Mini-Box Blade

A game-changing addition to the innovative ABI FORCE, the new Mini-Box Blade attachment gives the Force extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. The Mini-Box Blade easily mounts to the Force’s unique mid-mount attachment system with drive-over capability and easy spin-on locks. With finger-tip control of the powerful hydraulic & spring-loaded arms, users can quickly and effectively carry material, remove loosened debris & rocks, grade, and level with finesse-all while moving forward and maintaining perfect visibility! Skip the hand work and quickly level and grade in the tightest of areas or on surfaces where a light footprint is necessary. Available with sifting teeth or a solid edge.


Laser Force System

Adding the optional innovative Laser Force System to your ABI Force upgrades your machine to “the best finish tool on the market”! Ideal for precision install jobs at sports facilities, parks & recreation departments, and high-end residential locations, the Laser Force System allows users to perfectly level surfaces for sod, seed, infield material, and more! Paired with ABI’s Mini-Box Blade, the Laser Force System enables the Force to automatically cut and fill material, quickly creating a perfectly level surface. The Work-Sight Gauge allows all workers to see the current grade, allowing rough grade attachments to work in tandem with the finesse of the ABI Force. Get more work done quicker–and now more precisely–with the ABI Force, which has the most brawn-per-pound of any tool in the industry!


Broadcast Spreader

With an adjustable spread pattern of 425 feet, this commercial-grade independent hydraulic spreader is ideal for precisely broadcasting grass seed and fertilizer. The hopper holds 120 lbs. of material and has a side deflector to ensure clean application lines along edges when needed. No matter the application rate desired, the Force can deliver with zero-turn maneuverability.


Scarifier Rake

The hydraulic mid-mount scarifier rake incorporates a 1/2″-thick laser-cut hardened-steel rake and adjustable scarifiers to prepare soil for seeding. The hydraulic system controls the rake allowing the operator to raise and lower the rake with the ground, pitch forward to only engage scarifiers, pitch backward to only engage the rake, or pitch for simultaneous scarifier and rake action. The rake is spring-loaded for continuous downward force and safety relief if an immovable object is struck. Easily prep soil for seeding in small yards, near buildings, around irrigation heads and landscape beds, between sidewalks and curbs, along fences and trees, and more!


Versa-Drill Cultipacker

After loosening & raking, pulling a cultipacker while using the broadcast seeder creates optimal seed-to-soil contact. Our cultipackers use 9.5″ packer wheels with a solid 1 3/4″ steel packer wheel shaft. The 1 3/4″ agricultural-grade pillow block bearings are grease-able. These units are also equipped with two pneumatic tires for easy flip-over transport.


Plug Aerator

The available 40″ plug aerator, mounted to the mid-mount hydraulic lift system, enables 80,000 sq. ft. per hour aerating output. With hydraulic down-pressure and additional 400 lbs of weights, this machine produces a 4″ x 8″ tine pattern, 3/4″ round plugs, and up to a 3 1/2″ plug depth. The floating aerator head design is steerable around landscape beds and trees, while the tines are still engaged, up to 30 degrees left or right. For zero-turn maneuverability the speedy hydraulic lift system can disengage the aerator head in under 2 seconds. Add a drag mat to breakup cores on the same pass!


24-Month Chassis / 36-Month Engine Warranty

At the core of the ABI Force is commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship. This chassis is designed for daily use and is built tough enough to take on the demands of all seeding jobs. And just to prove how much we believe in the quality of this tool, ABI backs it with a 24-month (or 1,500 operational Hours) limited warranty on the Chassis and the Vanguard engine is back by a 36-month warranty. This warranty covers commercial use and is a leader in the landscape industry! See warranty documentation for details.

EngineVanguard® 18 hp (13.4 kW) V-Twin OHV, 570cc (34.78 cu in), 4-Cycle, Air Cooled, Gasoline, Model 35000
DriveHydrostatic Zero-Turn, Hydro Gear variable displacement pumps; Parker Wheel Motors.
SpeedForward 0 - 8 mph; Reverse 0 - 4 mph
BrakingDynamic breaking via hydrostatic transmission, Plus parking brake
Dimensions90” L x 66” W x 55” T (w/Rake & Rippers)
Base Unit Weight1,100 lbs. (w/Rake & Rippers)
Multi-function Rake66" Raking Width (1/2" Hardened Steel)
Ripper Teeth48" Loosening Width (7 Casted Shanks & Replaceable Teeth)
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.
Hydraulic Spreader120lbs. Capacity, Adjustable 4 - 25' Spread Pattern, Side Deflector
Cultipacker48" (4'), 272 lbs., 21 packers, 9.5" Diameter Packer Wheels (Cast Iron with Crushing Knobs)
Plug Aerator40" (3') width, 400 lbs., 4" x 8" tine pattern, 3/4" round plug, up to 3 1/2" plug depth.
Extreme Duty Drag MatGalvanized Steel, 6' wide by 3' long, 70 lbs.
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.


We have been using our ABI Force Z18 for just over a year now, and it has become an indispensable piece of equipment. From the obvious use on our districts Baseball and Softball field, to maintaining our clay running tracks at the middle schools. We also use it with our grounds team to spot aerate, overseed, and fertilize smaller turf areas with challenges rather than blanket treat all turf areas. This has been saving the district hundreds of dollars twice a year. My athletic groundskeepers at the high school also asked to use it to widen the base paths on our varsity and JV fields to allow a more normal path of travel for the 6 foot wide attachments. Our coach and Athletic Director were thrilled with the results. This never would have happened if it required a sod cutter, tractor bucket, and days of raking to prep the ground. I highly recommend this over any other piece of grooming option!