Finish Landscaping Projects Faster Than Ever With ABI Attachments

Mini SR landscaping. Landscape trend 2024

The right landscaping can vastly improve the value of a property. And it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about improving the health and quality of the property, too. As a contract landscaper, property owners trust you to have the best equipment to make their ideal landscape a reality.

 Another season brings a new influx of clients, each looking to reinvent their property beyond the conventional grass lawn style with different landscaping trends. In such a highly competitive market, getting your landscaping work to stand out can seem impossible. Empower your crew with better, faster, and easier means to take on all types of landscaping work with ABI Attachments. Let’s take a look at the new landscaping trends you can do by pairing ABI equipment to your outdoor equipment. 

1. Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Outdoor Kitchen landscaping trends 2024

Outdoor communal spots have become a favorite landscaping trend for more social property owners. This isn’t limited to installing a nice porch or pool; rather, it’s expanded to make backyards into a second home space. Having family and friends gather in a more comfortable and personalized environment helps homeowners not only reconnect but enjoy their time outdoors even more. Additionally, these outdoor spaces give homeowners more room to entertain, play, and stay active than with just a lawn. Contract landscapers are noticing an increase in homeowners requesting projects such as: 

  • Outdoor Kitchens 
  • Fire Places 
  • Larger Patios 
  • Outdoor “Living Rooms” 

2. Increased Color & Reduced Symmetry  

meadow lawn landscaping trend 2024

As the upkeep of mowing and watering green lawns lose their appeal, more and more homeowners want to turn their landscape into unique flower beds to cut down on lawn space. While this trend is popular for its minimal maintenance, this style of landscaping has also encouraged property owners to rethink what kinds of flowers they want in their yard.

Orderly flower beds are being replaced by larger swaths of “meadow lawns” that boast bright and beautiful native flowers closely packed together, rather than more traditional flower beds with widely-spaced rows. The call for more native flower beds has been a landscaping trend for years. Ideally, landowners hope to create a unique, lively look on their land where native wildflowers can grow freely. Aside from promoting natural growth, this style of landscaping can better support the local ecosystem by encouraging the use of native plant life. Depending on the region you live in, certain plants may bloom earlier or last longer than others, so seasonal changes should be considered before final installation. 

3. Low Maintenance Lawns

Among the current landscaping trends, many homeowners still just want a well-manicured lawn. However, balancing out the right amount of water for lawns can be hard to manage for homeowners — and that’s without accounting for droughts or heavy rainfall. It’s this demand for a traditional yard paired with more sustainable, predictable upkeep that has surged interest in low maintenance lawns, such as ecolawns and xeriscaping. 


Ecolawn landscape trend 2024

Ecolawns are a turf-like ground cover that uses drought-tolerant grasses to mimic the traditional lawn look without needing as much water, fertilizer, or mowing. Best of all, these grasses tend to stay greener throughout the seasons than conventional lawn grasses, meaning homeowners benefit from a better quality lawn using less resources. Some drought-tolerant grass alternatives being used for this landscaping trend include: 

  • Clover
  • Dwarf perennial ryegrass and hard fescue mix
  • Water warden
  • English daisy
  • Roman chamomile
  • Alyssum


Xeriscaping landscape trend 2024

Xeriscaping is a landscaping practice that eliminates the need for irrigation on a property. By ensuring proper drainage and utilizing stone in the landscape, xeriscaping helps homeowners reduce their water usage and preserve their limited water supply. In certain regions that suffer from drought, xeriscaping makes a great fire-proof lawn alternative for homeowners struggling to maintain their grass in an environment prone to potential fires. 

For Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Creating any one of these places to host people outside requires making room in the landscape. As a contract landscaper, you are likely already equipped with a skid steer or compact track loader to roughly grade the ground on similar projects. To help you get the best quality level and grade on every property, ABI offers the SR1, SR2, and SR3 Rake attachments to pair with your skid steer or compact track loader. These powerful SR attachments come featured with:

  • Heavy-duty finishing rake to rip up grass turf with ease
  • Adjustable scarifiers that de-compact the ground between 0-5” deep
    • SR1 scarifiers are manually adjustable
    • SR2 and SR3 scarifiers are hydraulically adjustable
  • SR3 attachment features a 3-in-1 design, allowing operators to engage the hydraulic scarifiers, finishing rake, and auto-leveling blade components all at once

For Eco Lawns and Xeriscaping

Transforming a lawn into a colorful meadow needs both precision and power to create a good seedbed. In your inventory of landscaping tools, you may already have a mini skid steer on hand to make a rough and ready garden area, but not the right equipment to manage this type of landscaping trend. Cater to all different sizes of flower beds quicker and easier with ABI’s Mini SR Rake. Like other attachments in ABI’s SR line, the mini SR offers:

  • A compact yet commercial-grade design that’s perfectly suited to go where large equipment can’t reach
  • Heavy-duty finishing rake to rip up turf or other vegetation from the soil
  • Adjustable scarifiers to help loosen the ground and create better quality soil
  • Leveling blades for greater earth-moving power in the tightest of spaces

For Lawn Installations 

Lawn installations are a key part of any contract landscaper’s services. For large scale projects requiring a complete lawn removal and installation, you may typically rely on your compact or utility tractor to handle the brunt of the work. Whatever type of installation you do, trust the TR3 Rake to remove old turf and prep the soil for new grass roots right away. Made specifically for professional landscape contractors, what makes the TR3 rake such an ideal landscaping attachment are its features such as: 

  • Adjustable scarifiers that help reduce compaction and loosen the soil
  • Finishing rake which easily rips through turf, old weeds, and stubborn roots
  • Auto-leveling blade that gives a smoother finish to the ground surface
  • 3-in-1 design, giving it the ability to rip turf, grade, and finish the soil by engaging all three ground-engaging components at once, allowing you to achieve the best grade with each pass

Keep Up With Landscaping Demands Using ABI Equipment

Every new season brings new landscaping trends and requests. Contract landscapers know that means more work and opportunities to expand business. All you need is the right equipment to help you quickly and effectively complete each project.

Want to find the right equipment for your services? Explore our landscape rake page or call one of our Product Specialists at (877) 788-7253 to learn more.