TR3 Profiler
TR3 Rake – Profiler Option For Horse Arena
TR3 Rake – Profiler Option For Horse Arena
TR3 Rake with Profiler Option
ABI TR3 Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake – Profiler Option For Horse Arena
TR3 Rake with Profiler Option
ABI TR3 Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler

TR3 Profiler

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TR3® Rake with Profiler Option - Arena Drag

The “Profiler” is an option that mounts to the back of most TR3® Rakes. It adds the revolutionary Profile Blade technology that slices parallel to the arenas base material. This eliminates all ridging in a single pass and saves time and further protects the longevity of the horse. The standard TR3® Rake utilizes perpendicular scarifying teeth to power through all hard packed footing material, however alone it may take multiple passes and varying drag patterns to completely eliminate all ridging. The power of the TR3® Rake combined with the finesse and accuracy of the “Profiler” option “Team Up” to set a new standard in professional arena footing management.
TR3 Rake Arena Drag -  Profiler
TR3 Rake Arena Drag -  Rake Basket

'Rolling Basket' System

The “Rolling Basket” is an ideal option for those that need to repack the surface after grooming or to breakup significant dirt clods. Most commonly those partcipating in speed events such as barrel racing, roping and other rodeo events find the benefits of this basket the most useful. The rolling basket stabilizes, breaks up clumps of footing, resets the arena below the surface and keeps the top few inches of footing loose to give horses the “grip” they need for speed. This basket is NOT a standard lightweight basket found on many competitors tools that can bounce, clog and plow rendering them ineffective. This is also NOT a roller or packer found on many tools that pack can only roll the top surface. Both the standard basket and roller/packer, found on competitor’s, equipment have fundamental flaws that this design corrects. The rolling basket has twisted 1″ rods. Unlike competitors straight rods, the TR3 rolling basket’s rods are twisted and keep the basket rolling smoothly, preventing the basket from clogging, bouncing and plowing material. This design also allows the basket to firm the footing 1 – 2″ below the surface, not on top, giving the rider the ideal amount of cushion and stability.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag -  Toplink

Hydraulic Top Link

This option is a must for operators that will use the TR3 for land reclamation and landscaping applications. This cylinder takes the place of the traditional turn knuckle and gives the operator the ability to change the position of the TR3 without getting off the tractor and manually making adjustments.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag -  Rail Blade

Rail/Edge Blade

The rail blade attaches by two bolts to the leveling blade. The shovel cuts into the built up material around the rail or wall of an arena and pulls the material into the leveling blade to be redistributed throughout the arena. This eliminates hours of back breaking work. Works great to push back grasses and weeds that begin to overgrow into gravel roads and ball diamonds. Also pulls displaced material back into the road.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Teeth

Blade Teeth

The blade teeth are used mostly in the landscaping industry and mount below the leveling blade. They extend 2 inches below the grade. The teeth allow loose sand to flow through as 2″ and larger rocks and debris collect in the blade.

Extra Long Scarifier Shanks

The standard 9″ scarifier shanks can be swapped out for 12″ shanks; this enables the operator to rip 9″ deep. This may be needed to prepare for some barrel racing events. Every discipline has varying requirements. Always know how deep the arena footing material is.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Tank Tough

Patented 'Tank Tough' Design

The TR3® Rake is truly the most versatile 3-point ground preparation tool on the market. It was invented by Kevin Keigley to combine multiple tools into one. Not only does the TR3 do the job of multiple tools but it can do them all at the same time due to its innovative angle. This design allows three ground engaging components to work the soil all at the same time to level, loosen & rake on every pass! This design holds two U.S patents. The TR3 had it’s birth in the commercial landscaping business so it was designed to handle hours of daily use with minimal to no down time. We like to say the TR3 is “Tank Tough” as it will power through the most demanding of jobs. From horse arenas, gravel driveways & commercial contractor applications, the TR3 is battle tested and shows up for work everyday. For most of our customers it never leaves the back of their tractor!

TR3 Rake Arena Drag Level Blade

Auto Leveling Blade

Even though many competitors claim they have a leveling or grading blade, the reality is they don’t. Simply smoothing out hoof prints will never bring an arena back to grade. A tool must have the ability to move dirt from one part of the arena to another to claim it can level an arena. Many drags can smooth, few can actually level. Unlike the competition, the TR3 has a significant ground engaging blade capable of moving a significant amount of material if needed. Not only that, it has an industry exclusive patent that enables the TR3’s leveling blade to “float”, when desired, to auto level the arena. In the floating position this blade will catch high areas and drop that material into lower areas automatically. If the arena is already level it will not dig holes or create high spots. This means, in an undamaged arena, no skill is required to achieve or maintain a level grade. The news gets even better! The leveling blade may also be locked down to act like a box blade for rough grading and spreading material. This enables the TR3 to not only maintain an already level arena in great condition but also renovate an arena filled with waves and inconsistent footing. The TR3 Rake is the only 3-point tractor tool in the world that can do all this in one tool.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag Rippers

Adjustable Scarifiers

The scarifying teeth loosen the ground to eliminate hard spots and easily penetrate compacted arena footing. The depth of these teeth are controlled by the gauge wheels to protect the base of the arena. Many equine disciplines require different footing depths and every footing material is different. To account for this the TR3’s teeth are adjustable from 0″ – 7″ to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth. The TR3 is not only limited to the horse arena. If fact, because the teeth are “fixed”, not spring loaded, they make breaking up hard pan soil or gravel a breeze. Many customer use the TR3 on gravel driveways, for landscaping applications and many more jobs around the farm. The tips are replaceable for easy maintenance.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag Rippers

Bolt On Scarifier Tips

The scarifying teeth can handle nearly any ground condition from horse arenas to gravel driveways. Unlike many drags, the TR3 has replaceable bolt on tips on the scarifying teeth. This feature not only ensures affordable and easy maintenance, of this wear part, but it also ensures peak ground penetration no matter the ground condition. If the tips wears to the point that performance is diminished simply replace them and restore the performance to like new! Many competitive drags require the owner to grind off the worn parts and weld on new ones.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag Finish Rake

3/4in Hardened Steel Finish Rake

The final point of contact with the ground is the finishing rake. This rake is made of 3/4″ thick hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in one foot sections. The purpose of the finish rake is to pulverize and break up clumps of material and leave a beautifully smooth signature finish behind. But that is not all, the rake also enables the user to push backwards to move dirt into dug out roping boxes and jumps! Additionally, push backward outside of the arena to slice through the ground, like a knife, to rip out vegetation or move material to fill in washouts and accomplish other light land clearing jobs. When driving forward, the design of the rake effectively grooms the material, but does not over compact it, leaving an ideally prepared surface for horse arenas and landscaping seedbeds.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag Wheel

Foam Filled Stabilizing Wheel

All 3-point tractor implements move in the opposite direction of the front tires of the tractor. If the front tires of the tractor go up the 3-point goes down. This causes most 3-point implements to dig holes and cause waves in horse arenas. This problem is solved with the “never flat” stabilizing wheels. These wheels prevent the TR3 Rake from undulating with the tractors front tires, keeping the scarifying teeth from loosening any deeper than they are set and preventing the leveling blade from digging holes. The wheels control the depth of the loosening action, create consistent level travel to eliminate wash boarding and eliminates gouging and stalling of the tractor while pushing backward by supporting the frame. Additionally, these wheels support side-to-side “dipping” while cornering. These wheels are the secret to maintaining level grade.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler - 3pt

3-Point Hitch Connection

The TR3® Rake has a variety of sizes to fit most any tractor with a 3-point hitch. For small category 0/1 tractors we recommend the 5.5′ TR3. For standard category 1 tractors ABI offers a selection of 5.5′, 6.5′ 7.5, & 8.5′ to fit the tire width and horsepower of the tractor. Large category 2 tractors will need either the 8.5′ or 10′ TR3 Rake. These larger rakes feature additional reenforcements as well as CAT II 3-point measurements. Speak with one of our product experts to have a TR3 Rake sized to your tractor and needs. The TR3 is compatible with standard quick hitch adapters as well as John Deere iMatch systems.

TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler Blade

Profile Blades

The profile blades are at the heart of the TR3 Profiler Option. Because of this unique concept the desire to loosen footing without creating ridges can finally be realized. Similar to a sod cutting blade the new profile blades cut parallel to the arena grade. So, instead of ripping through footing with perpendicular teeth these profile blades slice through the footing in quarter inch increments and loosen the footing as deep as 7 inches. Now with every single pass of the tractor the TR3 Profiler Option will be loosing 100% of the footing! This saves an enormous amount of time on the tractor because the driver no longer has to make two or three passes over the same footing with different patterns!

TR3 Rake Arena Drag - Profiler

Floating Finishing Comb / Rake

The final point of contact is the adjustable floating comb allowing for customizable pressure to be applied depending upon the consistency of the footing material. Every footing is different but by adjusting the comb you can get the same results. Breaks up dirt clods and produces a beautiful signature finish. Constructed of 1/2″ wear resistant hardened steel.

Architectural Grade Powder Coating

Not all powder coating processes are created equal, but you can rest assured that the multi-step powder coating process used on ABI products is second to none. Proper material selection, roofed-storage, innovative cleaning & preparation, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry leading “trade-secret” techniques enable ABI to offer a true architectural grade powder coating on all products. The benefits of this architectural grade powder coating includes better rust resistance, a fantastic finish and a longer service life. UV inhibitors are applied to resist the damaging affects of the sun.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Profiler Only 6.5' 7.5' 8.5' 10'
280 lbs. 340 lbs. 420 lbs. 500 lbs.


TR3 Profiler
Product Type Horse Arena Drags
Connection CAT I 3-Point, CAT II 3-Point
Power Range 35 – 60 h.p. Tractor, 60 – 75 h.p. Tractor, 70 – 105 h.p. Tractor
Tow Vehicle Tractor, Compact Tractor, Utility Tractor, Large-Utility Tractor
Size , , ,
Other Attributes Hydraulics Optional, NO Hydraulics Needed, NO PTO Needed

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  1. Pat From Illinois

    I was so excited the day before my tool came. My husband said, ‘Pat, nothing ever lives up to the sales pitch. I can tell you, this far exceeded the sales pitch. I couldn’t be happier with my TR3 Rake. I was a bit afraid that the tool might be more than I can handle. At my age (72), I was a bit afraid of its weight. But it has been nothing but easy to adjust. I’ll tell everyone I know that this is the tool they should have.

  2. Paul From Maryland

    I have a stone dust and sand mixture as riding material and the TR3 is absolutely amazing, it works perfectly and I wouldn’t ever use a different drag.

  3. Mark From Texas

    I have had no problems with my TR3. I really liked it when I bought it and now I know I made the right decision buying this product.

  4. Nancy From North Carolina

    We are completely happy with the TR3; it is a great addition to the farm. Both my husband and I can use it easily with no problems. We couldn’t have purchased a better tool.

  5. Audrey From South Carolina

    My TR3 is working just like you guys said it would. I use it every day. We have no rain down here and its extremely dry but even with the heat and lack of moisture it still works perfectly, I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Vicky From Tennessee

    The TR3 is wonderful, we love it. I use it every day and even if my arena doesn’t need it I still drag just because it’s amazing. We use it on so many other things around our farm that we didn’t even know we could salvage. It is the best tool we have ever owned, we couldn’t be happier.

  7. Tom From Texas

    I love the TR3 and the Profile Blade Technology. I have already made $300 just from doing my neighbors arenas. They love it just as much as I do and they are waiting to get one pretty soon. I have people ask me all the time where I got my TR3 and I haven’t had one person complain about the arena after I finish dragging. My horses are sound and haven’t paid one vet bill since. Right there is worth the amount of money I paid for the TR3.

  8. Kara From Saskatchewan

    I am very happy with my TR3 Rake, and have used it in both my indoor and outdoor arenas. I have used it at various settings and I’m please with it’s performance.

  9. Don From New York

    The TR3 is a Great machine. I probably bought one of the first ones ever made back in 2001. Then I moved to a smaller place so I sold it. I just moved to a ranch and I regretted selling it. This November I just purchased a new TR3 and I couldn’t be happier. ABI had great service and friendly employees. I will recommend this to all my friends and ABI can use me as a reference if anyone has doubts.

  10. Tim From Kansas

    The TR3 is great and I have zero complaints. The TR3 met my expectations and I recommend it to everyone.

  11. Kim From Pennsylvania

    Wow! What a tool! We drug the indoor with the TR3 and it is amazing. We would drag the area before and it would compact again overnight without anyone even riding. Now we raked it 3 days ago and we’ve had a full 3 days of lessons and the footing is still fluffy! We are very happy! Thanks so much for taking the time with us to make sure we got the right tool for the job!

  12. Susan From Indiana

    I love the TR3, it works for everything around my farm. The TR3 can be used for so much more than any other tool on the market. One of the reason I love the TR3 so much is because it is so easy to maneuver and adjust to the specific way I would like it. I use it on my gravel roads and arena and sometimes even my pastures. There just isn’t a better tool for a farm!

  13. Richard From Oregon

    I am very happy with my TR3, I use it for trails and paths in my woods. My neighbor also has a TR3 but she uses it for her indoor and outdoor arenas and it does a great job. My neighbors arena looks professionally done.

  14. Erik From Tennessee

    The TR3 works extremely well. I haven’t had any problems with it and always gets the job done. It is exactly what I was expecting.

  15. Ricke From Oklahoma

    I own a TR3 and it works so well my neighbors use it just as much as I do. I can hardly keep my son off it. He uses it for both the outdoor and indoor arenas. He also makes trails for riding through our woods. When I bought the TR3 I bought more than one tool.

  16. Lisa From Wyoming

    The TR3 Rake works great. For its size you can’t get any other tool that’s as heavy duty as the TR3. I haven’t had one problem with it. It’s just an all around great tool.

  17. Denise From Nebraska

    The TR3 works great. There hasn’t been one problem with it. My buying experience with ABI was perfect. The thing I love about the TR3 the most is it works the way I want it to and does everything ABI said it would.

  18. Mark From Pennsylvania

    The TR3 is an incredible piece of equipment. It is easy to use and does its job perfectly. There isn’t a better tool on the market.

  19. Cheryl From Mississippi

    My husband says the TR3 Rake is the best piece of equipment that he has ever bought! And believe me, he has bought a lot of equipment! As a matter of fact, he hooked it up to our Ford tractor the end of March & it has not been unhooked yet! He uses it for everything!!! I think he just likes to play around with it to see what all he can do with it!!!!

  20. Glen From South Carolina

    I love the TR3 Rake. The way it works is like nothing else on the market. It gets the job done and is very easy to use

  21. Mona From North Carolina

    The TR3 is working great. It’s a simple tool that just gets the job done. It’s not trying to be fancy it just dose what it’s supposed to and what I was told it did.

  22. Mike From Illinois

    The TR3 works great. We love the way it conditions the arena. It looks amazing and feels great to ride on.

  23. Nancy From Texas

    I love my TR3. It works just like I want it to and is easy to manipulate.

  24. Jim From Oklahoma

    My TR3 is great. I use it almost every day and it works perfect for my arena. ABI is a great company. I had to speak to Carl Tribble about parts and he never got frustrated or upset with me because I didn’t understand. That shows he has great character and passion for his job.

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