ABI TR3E Trevor Brazile Edition Components

The TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition has up to 5 ground engaging components that groom, properly prepare, and renovate roping arenas and the box. These adjustable components provide proven innovation that helps keep your horses performing to their maximum ability!

Hydraulic Finish Rake

Pivot into a variety of finishing and grading positions

The hydraulic finish rake is a game changer for ropers. The roping box is critical for getting the best times in competition. The TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Editon is the first and only arena drag that is engineered to work inside the box with ease! The rake rotates 120° to get the ground engaging components into the back of the box to loosen compaction. With precision control, the rake lowers to create a consistent finish between the box and the arena. If the box needs filled, the hydraulic finish rake can also push material back, or it can collect displaced material and pull it into the box. Outside of the box, the hydraulic finish rake can pivot into a variety of finishing and grading positions to optimize material flow, pulverize clumps, and expertly create ABI’s famous signature finish!

Grooming Rods

Break up slight compaction

Many arena drags on the market today incorporate grooming rods into their design. The problem is, is that they count on these grooming rods as their primary loosening tool. Not with the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition! Our grooming rods serve several very important functions.

  1. The first is to give a second loosening action after the drag bar. Anytime you pull a blade with material on it, the footing will tighten up some. So, our grooming rods are positioned behind the blade to break up the slight compaction from the blade. The primary loosening of the arena footing comes from the profile blades or ripping teeth and not our grooming rods.
  2. The second function is to add a little “texture” when wanted right about the base of the arena. In many disciplines, the horse needs a little “grip” right above the base for traction. This helps with barrel racing and jumping specifically. You simply lower the grooming rods below the profile blade and you get the best of both worlds! With the profile blades you get a consistent footing with no compaction clear down to the base and with the grooming rods you get the “grip” desired for some traction.
  3. The last purpose of these grooming rods is to relieve any final compaction from the stabilizing wheels.

These grooming rods are adjustable and can wear 6″ before needing replaced!

Ripping Teeth

Easily penetrate compacted arena footing

The ripping or scarifying teeth loosen the ground to eliminate hard spots and easily penetrate compacted arena footing. The depths of these teeth are controlled by the stabilizing wheels to protect the base of the arena. Many equine disciplines require different footing depths and every footing material is different. The TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition ripping teeth are adjustable from 0″ – 7″ to enable the perfect amount of aggressiveness and loosening depth. The TR3 E Series is not only limited to the horse arena. If fact, because the teeth are “fixed”, not spring loaded, they make breaking up hardpan soil or gravel a breeze. Many customers use the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition on gravel driveways and for light property maintenance.

Because the ripping or scarifying teeth can handle nearly any ground condition from horse arenas to gravel driveways the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition teeth have replaceable bolt on tips. This feature not only ensures affordable and easy maintenance, of this wear part, but it also ensures peak ground penetration no matter the ground condition. If the tips wear to the point that performance is diminished, simply replace them and restore the performance to like new! Many competitive drags require the owner to grind off the worn parts and weld on new ones.

Stabilizing Wheels

Find the perfect position for general grooming, preparing or renovating

The TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition frame is stabilized by our U.S. patented stabilizing wheels. Located in the center of the frame, these wheels provide positive depth control to all of the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition components. With 3 height adjustments, its easy to find the perfect position for general grooming, preparing or renovating.

All 3-point tractor implements move in the opposite direction of the front tires of the tractor. If the front tires of the tractor go up, the 3-point goes down. This causes most 3-point implements to dig holes and cause waves in horse arenas. This problem is solved with our floatation stabilizing wheels. These wheels prevent the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition from undulating with the tractors front tires, keeping the loosening components from going any deeper than they are set and preventing the leveling blade from digging holes. The wheels control the depth of the loosening action, create consistent level travel to eliminate wash boarding and eliminates gouging and stalling of the tractor while pushing backward by supporting the frame. Additionally, these wheels support side-to-side “dipping” while cornering. These wheels are the secret to properly preparing your arena footing.

Optional Equipment

Profile Blades

Loosen footing without creating ridges

The optional profile blades are a major differentiator between the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition and its competitors. Because of this patented concept, the desire to loosen footing without creating ridges can finally be realized. Similar to a sod cutting blade the profile blades cut parallel to the arena grade. So, instead of ripping through footing with perpendicular teeth these profile blades slice through the footing in quarter inch increments and loosen the footing as deep as seven inches. Now with every single pass of the tractor the TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition will be loosing 100% of the footing! This saves an enormous amount of time on the tractor because the driver no longer has to make two or three passes over the same footing with different patterns! The profile blade cleans the base of compaction and lifts the footing material to add cushion.

Rail Blade

Eliminate hours of back breaking-work

The optional TR3 E – Trevor Brazile Edition rail blade eliminates footing material buildup along the rail of a horse arena. This option saves hours of labor by eliminating the need to manually rake out, tractor accessible, arena edges. The breakaway shear bolt, edge wheel, and edge marker stake pocket all contribute to assist the operator with damage free operation near wood fences, walls, and rails. (Driveway Marker Stake not included, available at local hardware)


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