ABI SpeedMaster

The Ultimate Speed Events Arena Drag

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    The High-Performance Choice For Speed Events

    Designed for use in barrel racing, roping, and general rodeo events, the ABI Speedmaster allows faster run times and helps protect both horse and rider from injury. Offering ultimate control, The ABI Speedmaster is the only speed events arena drag that features independent hydraulically-controlled loosening, leveling, and adjustable grooming components!

    The High-Performance Choice For Speed Events

    Fully Loaded

    ABI SpeedMaster

    Ground-Engaging Components




    Min Tractor H.P.


    Limited Warranty

    36 mo.

    The Speedmaster features independent ground-engaging components arrayed and designed expressly for speed events. The hydraulic leveling blade allows users to expertly re-level footing from the seat of the tractor and the hydraulic rippers quickly and powerfully pulverize compacted areas. The PTO Water System allows operators to knock down dust along high-traffic areas without using a second piece of equipment. The Grooming Rods re-integrate the freshly groomed footing and create an even and consistent depth. The Rolling Basket and Finish Rake are the perfect 1-2 punch for knocking out any remaining surface inconsistencies and creating a picture-perfect finish. The result? Quick, professional arena grooming that inspires confidence in every competitor.


    Independent Ground Engaging Components

    For ultimate control, all of the ground engaging components are independently adjustable, enabling you to get the perfect footing, base and finish for any discipline.


    PTO Water System

    The ABI SpeedMaster features a watering system that maintains footing moisture levels and knocks down dust created by the drag during operation. This 110 gallon system uses a powerful PTO pump and brass flood nozzles, which are adjustable, making it easy to apply water for specific applications, such as the barrel pattern. Event facilities that drag frequently during events will appreciate this system’s ability to apply more water more quickly than competitors. The SpeedMaster’s PTO water system allows you to continually add water between runs, maintaining footing shear strength and stability, and controlling dust throughout the facility for horses, competitors and spectators alike. For additional water application needs, ABI offers a variety of water trailers perfect for any arena!


    Hydraulic Rippers

    The ABI SpeedMaster features several independently controlled ground engaging components allowing for 5 points of control over the arena footing material. The double row of offset hydraulic rippers provides variable loosening action ideal for speed events. To enhance material flow and reduce large dirt clods, ABI’s exclusive double row of offset ripping teeth have more shanks per foot for increased consistency. With hydraulic control from the seat of the tractor, the operator is empowered to precisely control footing conditions with ease. Each shank has replaceable bolt on tips, for easy and affordable maintenance.


    Leveling Blade

    The ABI SpeedMaster brings significant advancement in performance drag design with the game changing hydraulic leveling blade! This innovative feature is exclusive to ABI! The SpeedMaster’s leveling blade moves independently from the frame so the operator can level an arena without lifting the 3 point connection and disengaging the drag’s other components. This precision hydraulic control is crucial for properly preparing footing for speed events!


    Grooming Rods

    The ABI SpeedMaster features custom made rods designed specifically for grooming horse arenas. These two offset rows of replaceable grooming rods condition every inch of the footing to ensure ridge free consistency. The one inch diameter rods may be adjusted to properly condition the footing material after it has been loosened by scarifiers and leveled by the blade.The rods are strategically spaced and set at the ideal angle to allow for exceptional material flow and grooming results.


    Rolling Basket

    The rolling basket on the ABI SpeedMaster does much more than simply leave behind a rolled surface. This uniquely designed basket functions to control the drag’s operating depth and helps to prevent the drag from following tractor undulations. It pulverizes footing clods with ease as it packs the loosened material creating a stable footing ideal for speed events. The innovative rolling basket leaves behind a small top coat of loosened footing material to provide proper cushion and grip in the footing profile.


    Finish Rake

    The finish rake is the final ground contact point and creates the ABI SpeedMaster’s signature finish. This rake is adjustable and can be locked down or allowed to float. This customization enables the SpeedMaster to create the perfect finish in nearly any footing material composition or moisture conditions. The rake is constructed of 1/2″ thick laser cut steel that is replaceable in one foot sections and is split in the middle for easier handling and consistent ground contact.


    Manufactured Right Here

    You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

    ABI Speedmaster8'
    Working Width8'
    Min. Horsepower70 h.p. 4WD
    Unit Weight2,165 lbs.
    Total Width96"
    Total Length86"
    Total Height48"
    Leveling BladeHydraulic Control 2" x 8" Cylinder
    Laser ReadyYes
    # of Grooming Rods23
    Grooming Rod Spacing8" Center Per Bar 4" Space Between
    Grooming Rod Gauge1"
    Grooming RodsAdjustable & Replaceable
    # of Scarifiers9
    Scarifier SystemHydraulic Control 2" x 8" Cylinder
    Scarifier TipsReplaceable Hardened Steel
    Hydraulic Ports Required2 Sets of Ports (2 In & 2 out)
    Hydraulic HosesIncluded - #8
    Hitch TypeCAT II 3-Point
    Designed UseHorse Arena Only
    FinishRust Resistant Black Powder Coating


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