From the inventors of the TR3 rake, the world’s most popular and effective arena drag, comes the TR3 E-Series. An arena drag unmatched in its results and function, an arena drag with patented technology that specializes in arena footing and is built upon the power, performance and legacy of the original TR3.

The TR3-E Series was designed with a subcompact and compact tractor in mind, and is offered at a price point unmatched in the industry for its quality and multipurpose capabilities. We understand you may not be a professional equestrian, but your horses still need to have footing that keeps them safe, performing to their maximum mobility, and partnering with you for as long as they possibly can. So as we look at the TR3 E-Series, keep in mind that ABI also makes arena drags for the professional equestrian and event centers.

You can be assured that we have included many of the same technologies found in the DragMasterSpeedMaster, and Classic TR3, but we’ve engineered them for the compact tractor and the everyday equestrian and their horses.

The TR3 E-Series offers functionality you will not find on any other arena drags. All arena drags can smooth out hoofprints. If you use box blades and disks, you can renovate and regrade an arena. But nobody, nobody but ABI offers arena drags the will properly prepare the footing throughout the entire profile of the service. By properly preparing your footing, your horses will stay sounder, perform better, and last longer. This is why ABI Equine is indisputably the world’s leader in arena footing maintenance. So with a TR3 E-Series, you now have an arena drag that will groom, properly prepare, and renovate an arena, all with one tool designed for the everyday equestrian. The TR3 E-Series is quick hitch compatible, available in six, seven and eight foot widths and is designed for use with category one tractors with a three-point hitch.

Our stabilizing wheels control the frame of the TR3 E-Series. Taking away the need for a highly skilled operator, these stabilizing wheels have three settings which allow for easy adjustments to accommodate a variety of footing materials and conditions. These wheels give the TR3 E-Series positive depth control, which is critical for consistent footing depth and the protection of the base of an arena. So let’s take a look at the individual innovative ground engaging features of the TR3 E-Series.

One of the most sought after features of the TR3 Classic is its patented floating drag bar. So how could we design the E-Series without it? The patented leveling blade floats to automatically catch high areas and drop material into lower areas without changing the overall grade. This is an ideal everyday feature for frequent preparation of horse arenas and grading driveways. This feature is perfect for the everyday equestrian as it takes away the skill needed to keep an arena level. Without this patented feature, it would take a very skilled operator to keep the footing depth consistent. However, if more aggressive cut and fill grading is required, the blade may be locked down like a box blade to move larger amounts of material.

Keeping the right amount of moisture in your footing is important for cushion, purchase, shear strength, and of course, dust control. However, when you have moisture in your footing and as your horses travel throughout the arena, they compress the footing to the point where there are hard inconsistencies that you cannot see, but your horse can feel. Simply grooming with a harrow, our s-tine drag, only smooth out the hoofprints and does not address the real issue below the surface. It’s the inconsistent hard spots that keep a horse from giving itself to training, and that causes many of the soundness injuries that bring on expensive vet bills.

One of ABI’s most innovative arena drag features are the patented profile blades that can be found on the DragMaster, and are options on the Classic TR3. The profile blades were designed to completely eliminate these hard spots with every single pass. These blades slice through the footing right above the arena base, breaking loose the compaction and eliminating all the ridging that can be felt when using a drag with perpendicular loosening teeth. These revolutionary profile blades have literally changed the way arena footing is maintained all over the world. But make no mistake, these profile blades are not just for the arena. These blades are heavy duty. And when using the TR3 E-Series for gravel road maintenance, make sure to use them after using the ripping teeth to loosen the gravel. This powerful combination will make you believe your gravel road is brand new.

One of the features found on the TR3 E-Series, but not found on the Classic TR3, is the two rows of grooming rods. We know that not all footing, horses, or disciplines are the same. Some equestrians want to put a little grip or texture just above the base for disciplines like barrels or jumping. Others want a smooth base with no grip for sliding, or for when you’re footing is very shallow, as in training or dressage. These grooming rods, in conjunction with the profile blades can give your footing any feel you and your horses want or need.

You can run the grooming rods just below the profile blade to get a little grip and still eliminate the hard spots, or run the profile blade below the grooming rods for a perfectly smooth base. These grooming rods can also be used without the profile blades when you have an arena with more sand and less moisture or excessive vegetation. The TR3 E-Series will give you exactly what you need for your arena and your horses.

The last point of contact with the ground comes from the adjustable finish rake. This finish rake provides the signature finish known by thousands of equestrians around the world. Again, we know that not all footing is made from the same material or has the same amount of moisture. By making this finish rake adjustable, we’ve eliminated any potential for material flow problems and the adjustability of the rake, makes it work in any type of footing. In addition to leaving a beautiful finish, the finish rake can also be used to push a loose material backwards. This function is perfect for rough grading an arena or filling in holes on a gravel road.

At ABI, we know that you have a busy life. You’re maintaining jobs, families, and the horses that you love. You make sacrifices that the non-equestrian can’t even imagine making. So we don’t want to just sell you an arena drag. We want to provide you a product that will make your life just a little bit easier, your horses are a whole lot safer, and make the partnership you have with your horses last as long as possible.

So here it is, the TR3 E-series, The arena drag that will groom and properly prepare and renovate your arena. An arena drag designed for the subcompact and compact tractor. And one that is engineered and priced for the everyday equestrian. We want you to have the TR3 E- Series from ABI Equine. To find out more about the TR3 E-Series, its current pricing, and monthly payment options, contact one of our knowledgeable product specialists by calling 877-788-7253.